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  1. I'll chime in with my two cents. I've only seen the one side angle and the (to me) damaging photos from the family lawyer. From his photos you can clearly see the distance from the rail to the window. If you go back to the video, if the child was sat on the railing, it would seem we would have been able to see her. Following that line of thought, she had to be extended past the railing to be not show up on the camera. I don't know what other camera angles caught, but there are cameras on the outside that can catch people jumping or throwing things overboard. So there has to be more footage, especially since it happened on the side facing the dock. I doubt anyone wants to see the innocent child's death, but surely they have the footage.
  2. how can i find the trip report? thanx
  3. Yes they provide robes and slippers in the Sky Suite.
  4. Date of Cruise: January 27 - February 3, 2019 Ship: Celebrity Edge Cabin #: 8308 Deck #: 8 Cabin Category: S1 Sky Suite Cabin Location: aft (starboard corner) Bed Position: bed by bath on starboard wall Balcony Type: large sunset verandah Balcony/Window Size: large Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: no Balcony Overhang?: no Magic Carpet Issues?: No Noise Issues?: No Wind Issues?: NO Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: No Suite Details: Excellent amount of floor space. Plenty of storage. Wonderful trough sink with dual faucets, toilet separate behind frosted door, roman tub with door and shower curtain, make up area, and full size toiletries. Two chairs, one lounger, and small table on balcony. Had a comfy rocker that was removed on last day. Advantages/Problems/Comments: water leaked under the door of the tub, not major but something to be careful of when getting out of the shower. If you don't want to walk this may not be the location for you. Would You Book It Again?: Yes Photos or Photo Links:
  5. Here's the room without the chair. I also pushed in the desk and moved that chair over to the now empty spot. This is a corner aft S1 Sky Suite.
  6. On Edge now and they are removing the rocking chairs this evening. Supposedly it's to give us room to pack, but they're coming to get it while we're at dinner and bags need to be in the hall by 10 p.m. Plus, we're already packed! In fact I had already overheard talk that they were getting rid of them, but didn't really think much about it as I only heard a partial convo with no context. My immediate thought was we'll see. Now here we are with the butler asking if he can take the chair. It's a shame I really enjoyed it. It goes to show that while they do listen it always seems the negative voices are the loudest and most prolific. If you like something you should praise it loudly as well.
  7. Here are the prices in my cruise planner
  8. Looking forward to your review. I saw the name pop up in comments on IG and wondered if it was you since a lot of us have been going back and forth for photos and info. I really wish I had thought to do a B2B (ok, more so that I could afford it). Enjoy your trip!!
  9. On Carnival in June keys were waiting at your stateroom where mail is left, I have seen videos of Royal Caribbean and they had the same set up, so it's not unusual. On Carnival they had some "receipt" that had your folio #, for purchases or to start using your beverage package. There was no insert your key entrance on the gangplank all the check in stuff is done and the receipt gets you on the ship.
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