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  1. We are booked on Patrick Watts tour and been very pleased with his handling of communications. And past reviews have been good..
  2. we are touring the Falklands early December, and had researched options. Decided to go with Patrick Watts after reading reviews here on CC. He has been very responsive and is much less that the cruise line option. Will update after our cruise his email pwatts@horizon.co.fk
  3. Is it possible to do private tours for flights to see Nazca lines other than cruise excursion ?
  4. Recommendations for seeing penquins and Falkland Island? With our cruise can go to Bluff cove for penguins, or Port Louis Farms at Seal Bay or can book with Patrick Watts o Volunteer Point who everyone raves about.
  5. that is an interesting-good idea.. we have a cruise in 2020 for over 3 weeks so will look into that. Was surprised that flying out of GSP was cheaper than CLT on American this fall .. altho have to have another leg but with coming home on overnight flight from SA, be glad to be closer to home this trip. Thanks for idea!
  6. Unfortunately do not live in CO anymore.. but SC, so flight from Greenville is $250 pp since not one of their cities..then add on the custom air of $175 pp. Have driven before to Charlotte with cruises with Regent but is 2 hours and hate leaving car for over 21 days..( is really $850 not $875--typo) . Today the rates for flight booked personally was $3099 and we get credit of 3000$ for cruise and get first class on connections domestically..risk of delays/cancellations/missing cruise is factor to consider..
  7. Found cheaper to do my own since not one of their cities so end up paying with custom air $875 for 2 of us , and teh credit is $100 more per ticket plus get first class for domestic connections.. My TA saying I have such risk if flights cancelled and getting other insurance.. I book my own flights on personal travel so think the risk while there ,is not worth the extra money to fly with them. Do you do flight insurance separate form cruise insurance?
  8. I agree.. TA just sent us options and looked close.Had been on voyager which had both so was confused and glad to hear need ot specilfy shower only..not tub opion..Thanks for post..
  9. love your pictures .. we are thinking of goign Jan 2020 and was so disappointed when saw the single included excursions which were basically bus trips for most ports.. Excited now seeing what you did..thanks
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