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  1. You can always cancel the prepaid grats !!
  2. Just a FYI, here in the states I have never seen the price of the prepaid coffee card change. It is one item that never (or always) goes on sale !! Steve
  3. If you cancel them before RCI cancels your sailing you have a chance, albeit a slim one, to get them a bit quicker. I have seen mixed results... Steve
  4. you can go to https://cancellation.royalcaribbean.com/?brand=R&_ga=2.147352503.1643715719.1593099412-835253534.1580930366 and select Lift & Shift to see the sailings available to you.. put in your info and you will get a form with the ability to select 3 options. if you go to the drop downs for ships and dates you can see what is available for you to L&S to. Just don't select one and hit "submit".
  5. They will match up the OP's sailing with any 4 day caribbean sailing that is within 48 and 56 weeks from the original, regardless of ship or embarkation port. It does not have to be on Oasis!
  6. RCI has been known to allow husband and wife to "Pool" their FCCs to pay off a cruise. Once you get the FCC call them to apply and explain the situation. They should be able to work it out for you.
  7. BUT... It does have to be the same number of days !!!!!
  8. Nov 7 is a 1 night, non -revenue (no passenger) sailing from Port Canaveral to Port Everglades. Starting on November 8th, Allure will be doing a 5 night sailing.
  9. TAs have been told that your original FCC will be re-instated with the same expiration date, or a minimum of one year, whichever date is later.
  10. Once RCI announces the compensation for the latest round of cancellations (due on Tuesday), you will know what your options will be (the 125%, although likely, is not a given). In the past they have allowed TAs to put a long hold on future sailings for clients who were waiting for a FCC to be issued.
  11. Anthem left Mumbai early this morning and is now headed to the suez canal... Sorry, but that's all of her itinerary that I know (from marinetraffic.com)
  12. I was just on the TA version of cruisingpower with no issues. the consumer website (royalcarribean.com) has an updated message that basically says "be back shortly".. no time is given..
  13. I cancelled a September 2, 2020 sailing last month and it took about 3 weeks from the time I cancelled until my CC company posted the credit. Be aware that some CC companies take longer to post credits than others (i.e., Chase takes almost a week longer than Amex)...
  14. I do not believe the the balcony dividers on Explorer can be opened as the balconies of this ship (as well as Adventure and Voyager) are built into the hull and the sides are all steel.
  15. Regardless of what anyone says here on CC, although they are correct IMHO, I would check with RCI directly as they are the only ones who can tell you what is really needed. Steve
  16. No TA should be charging a cancellation fee for cruises that RCI cancelled due to the pandemic. They are receiving full commission from RCI, as if you actually sailed, so they are not losing a penny (as they would if you cancel). In my mind, it is just not good business !!!
  17. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Cruise Critic is a forum of fellow cruisers. Although we may provide some insight, we cannot do anything to get your situation resolved. You may want to send this to RCI's executive team at mbayley@rccl.com. They will address it and get back to you. Steve
  18. You can change an FCC that was issued due to a cancellation to a refund by December 31, 2021, or use it by that date to book a sailing that departs by April 2022.
  19. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason why refunds come quickly or slowly, although, I have noticed that the later cancellations are taking a bit less time than the early cancellations, probably because they automated the authentication for requests (the original system just created an entry in a database that they then had to retrieve and manually put into their systems, the later ones (3rd cancellation and later) go right into their system).
  20. I also have had it happen with clients who were in groups, especially those that have many agents/agencies involved. Apparently if you requested a refund and someone else in the group requested a FCC, the RCI CS person can make a mistake and apply FCCs to everyone in the group. It happened with my own cancelled sailing from April (I should be getting the money next week), as well as the other 5 couples I had in the same group.
  21. If they do the same thing they had done with past cancellations, here are the options (at least for the North American Markets, but I believe they were worldwide): 1- full refund to the card(s) used to pay for the cruise 2- 125% Future Cruise Certificate, to be used by December 31, 2021, cruise by April, 2022 3- "Lift and Shift" from your sailing to another that is the same basic itinerary (TA to TA) and the same number of days. Your pricing would be protected for the same category of cabin. This is available now without them cancelling your sailing !! I hope this helps.. Steve
  22. If you cancel the purchases before the cruise you should get the refund in about 2-3 weeks. deposits and cruise fare are taking anyplace from 3 weeks to 3 months.
  23. All of the tour operators are fully aware of the actual time the ship will be in port and tailor their tours to the time the ship will be there. If you are referring to Bernard's SXM tours I would recommend that you plan to stop at the shops (not many at the port itself) after the tour. (Not many of these shops are open before 9am or so). Steve
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