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  1. Sorry, another question! The fine print says that the shareholder benefits are not valid if your cruise is fared under a "reduced rate". So for example, if you book under a promotion, like View and Verandah, is this considered a reduced rate? Or how about the casino rate, which we have attached to our name for some unknown reason? 😉 Thanks! Cindy
  2. Great idea! And...if we book a B2B ( two 7 day segments under separate booking numbers), we would get the shareholder benefit for each?
  3. If my husband and I purchase a total of 100 shares of CCL stock in a jointly held account, we are eligible for the OBC as a couple, is that correct? I assume for each of us to be eligible, we would have to purchase as separate shareholders? Or is the OBC "per cabin" regardless? Thank you! Cindy
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