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  1. We were on the same cruise. HD Michael Landry was the host and in addition he presented a great talk on the history and future of the company. 270 is an excellent venue for such a function. R&D
  2. We were on Ovation's first Alaska cruise, 11 nights, that ended in Seattle. Solstice was docked next to us. The taxi line was a one hour wait. Both ships disembarked to one taxi line. Uber, Lyft, and other car services were a good 3/4 mile walk dragging your bags. Appears that the ship's bus to the airport would be worth looking at.
  3. We were on MJ many years ago and the head waiter came by to chat. She, Janet, told us about a new venue was coming soon. It would be called "Compass Deli", and run as a trial for a deli type venue on the coming big ships (Oasis and Allure). MJ actually did the ground work for the Park Cafe.
  4. We were on the 5/13 Ovation cruise and had dinner with Michael, and he was going on vacation after this cruise.
  5. Long time ago. Ship awarded the points but were denied when the bag of beans reached Miami. We're over it now.
  6. We had a medical emergency and got off early. No points awarded. RCL said, "You have to complete the cruise to get points". It depends on who is counting the beans that day.
  7. Did you three top cruisers couples have dinner with John Denton?
  8. Here is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Annapolis, from the deck of Grandeur headed south. Deirdra and Rick
  9. We were told when we were shut out of dinner on GR at 8:45 that the Baltimore crowd liked to dine early. Yes, seriously. We went to Park Café and had some nibbles for dinner. Live 40 minutes from Baltimore, never saw early dinner crowds. Sailing on GR in August, was hoping that WJ time was changed by now. Rick and Deirdra
  10. Need some advice on this property. Transfer to pier? Restaurants nearby? Thank you. R&D
  11. Have tried Explorer, Edge, Firefox. Nothing works.
  12. The original D+/PC dedicated line was very good. Someone special in Miami or the US Northwest would pick up and help you. These seemed to be a group that was extremely experienced on the RCCL brand and of great help. Now days, anyone from 4 continents can pick up when the #9 lights up and there is nothing special about them. Just not what it used to be. R&D
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