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  1. Jim..hope weather clears and no more migraines. Are there any triggers you can avoid...? Wonder if acupuncture could help or if it is even offered on board? A former colleague suffered from " optical migraines" very debilitating and zapped her energy. Feel better!
  2. Sun gets through wherever u are.. We never leave home without it..even in the winter, we take Vit D supps to offset... we also wear sun hats and sunglasses Good point made abt quality of sunscreen..allergies too. Use what your dr recommends, ones on ship may not be the best or induce allergic reaction.
  3. What a great bf.. love the dresses! I say try and make it work..u should be able to cancel the day pass. Also try to get X to fork over a bit more OBC so you can get your gf a nice b day gift! And then do an extra day in Miami pre or post cruise to fit the airline tix. Prices will be higher if u re book. There are great hotels, ( book asap) restaurants and clubs in Miami...party all night long! Nasau has paradise Island..casino etc. Never been to Bimini. Life has been rough this past yr..so go with the flow and enjoy your cruise.! Let us know the outcome..
  4. On our EDGE cruises, we immediately asked for the dusty "Hoppen clutter" to be removed. We had no use for a vase that says it is not made to hold water, or a sculpture that looks like dead bleached out coral. The niche for the coral was perfect for a beautiful flower arrangement . We also managed to stow a few of the excessive pillows. Hoppen design reminds us of a dorm room gone bad! Plus awful chairs.
  5. Also use sunglasses.. protect your eyes!
  6. Some good news.but SW woes started before Covid, vax issues etc.. Would only trust them with a non stop..but that could be cancelled too! Travel near holidays is usually expensive, fully booked and iffy...SW uses a hub system,,,for the birds! Good luck
  7. X usually has some items in the liquor shop..limited..or cosmetic shop or spa.. Does this ship have the little shop with sun glasses and sun products on the pool deck?? We always bring some small sizes just in case not available on board and supplement in port...
  8. Its fairly noisy..so if they have it, hope sound is somehow muffled or contained. At our Fla community, the sound of the ball striking travels far and wide...Happily the Courts are not near the residential areas..but they do add sound around the pool areas.... cruise ship is not as spread out
  9. Sometimes folks luck out. Frontier had great prices even witj luggage. Left on time..arrived early. Worst was being abandoned in Baltimore by SW Air..no food, no local hotels available. Rented a car at 11 pm and dh drove us to NY. Sw has become unreliable..flexibility of changing res was always worth it but not recently
  10. Actually, it needs a complete re do. Has for many yrs. X does not invest enough $ towards functionality/ reliability. Most efforts seems to go towards sell sell sell!
  11. Sometimes there are cards on a bulletin board but not sure they are doing that for any mtgs or get togethers. Maybe try your roll call...
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