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  1. Yup...I agree. The mini buffet in the Cocktail lounge on Oasis was so awesome, we enjoyed that more than going to the mdr some nights! X is not the same but some goodies, on special event night like the Cap Club parties...there will be more and better goodies and music, Nice party.
  2. Sorry to date myself.. with a walk down memory lane Yes there was a Cap Club lounge in Michaels for Elite "lite breakfast", and a pm get together with drinks and snacks in Michaels for a long time on M and S Class ships...til they took the space away! We still miss it and have finally booked a suite on Constellation to get back in! Hope it is still nice. The numbers of Elite now could never fit once upon a time it was a great spot! There was also a very nice Diamond Lounge on Royal C ships (Radiance Class).. it was a nice cozy place with bagels, snacks, magazines and a Concierge on duty. It too was taken away for a suite lounge...a few yrs ago, we enjoyed the Diamond breakfast lounge and evening cocktail party on Oasis..,,one of the few plusses for that vessel. I expect on Summit the nightly Cap Club will be upstairs or on ones card???? On EDGE they had a set spot to gather ( most times at the CLUB) or a gen bar option. we did not go so not really sure,
  3. I would ask to see the wine poured if brand source was an issue As for "Kids Sail Free"...no brainer that he cruise would attract more children than if they paid reg pricing and that cabins would fill to max capacity. We experienced a cruise like this once on Royal C out of Miami over Easter/ Spring break...marauding children and teens..absent parents. Could not wait for it to end!
  4. Explains it all quite concisely! Booking cruises used to be easier....I can buy a car to my specifications online faster than booking a cruise these days!
  5. We have thought about Azamara as it gives us Celebrity E+ perks. We have not booked because the stateroom we can afford seems smaller than X staterooms, which are small enough. The ships themselves are also smaller, and we recall that the older, smaller X ships used to a bit unstable in big seas and storms.There was also something about the deposit system we also did not like, The dining program and spa look nice. Maybe in the future if they are back to Cuba would be a good time for us to try.....
  6. Are the items at the end of the bed possible for use as footstools if outdoor ones are not provided?
  7. Hoping better chairs will be added, esp to the balcs on Connie Heard that many of these S2 balcs are small so maybe no room for anthing else?????
  8. very nice review with photos, thanks for posting it Where did you buy these? Do you know their weight? Looks like the deck loungers were situated very close together along the walking path...kind of tight. Wonder how folks get in and out, and manage to have a drink and beach bag with them,? They should move some to the balconies,
  9. We would not be interested in LPC...either cartoon version. Menu choices , although not as comprehensive as Q sine are not the reason, but the pics and videos posted of LPC make me cringe. We like to dine at our own pace and the cartoon requires more of a group mentality. We are hoping once the novelty wears off, something better will come along. Esp for M Class which has fewer specialty venues to being with...
  10. We are booked on Connie after the reno...Hope it stays Q sine as a restaurant with the old menus, where you can order from many choices and eat at your own pace. After seeing recent photos and video of this cartoon dinner, we would not attend. The more limited menus ( 2 versions) do not look bad, but the cartoon for us is a non starter. Who knows, if people tire of it before we sail and bookings drop, it could be something entirely different in the future.
  11. We like those as well..Hilton Honors perks and points are useful! We also have a Marriot card but mostly use Hilton..just what we are used to. Also found a route going north via I 75 that does not involve the Skyway bridge,
  12. Checked further.. Embassy Suites and a nearby Hampton Inn look okay and affordable if we book early...maybe us Honors Points. Both have parking which we need...
  13. hcat

    Suite ??

    Are there any afternoon snacks served there?
  14. Not interested! Hope there will be continued offers with booking perks like Alcohol ( classic okay for us), OBC, grats which are built into the price. Unfortunately, those who are willing to pay for the Premier package, will get priority boarding. Wonder if they will board with the suite guests, Zenith and high level gambling members from the suite only waiting area. That will put non suite Elite Plus, Elite, etc, AQ class , Concierge guests further behind in the boarding process. UNFAIR!
  15. Yes..we could not register for the Connections party successfully after many attempts.. Whatever they suggested worked on the first try, I will try to find the e mail instructions but may not have saved it,.
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