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  1. EDGE CLASSIC MENU...same in all 4 mdrs all nights.( Subject to revision) Starters : Caesar Salad, Shrimp Cocktail ( order dbl), Escargots, French Onion Soup Entrees: Broiled Salmon w/Hollandaise sauce, mashed potato, veggies, Grilled Chicken Breast, garden thyme jus, mashed potato, veggies Grilled New York Sirloin Steak, mashed potato, veggies Noticeable lack of baked potatos!
  2. Grand Plaza Cafe is aleady gone on EDGE. Still not enough seats at prime time in that whole area but it did help quite a bit & was previously mostly unused as a cafe./ deli. Interesting about the other changes but nothing critical. The I lounge will be out of the gen flow on the corridor between Cafe Baccio and the stores and theater... It is most busy early on when folks are baffled about starting their internet minutes, and at the end for printing boarding passes. I think the photo gallery space will be smaller than it was, but just an impression. It is also not that busy until the end of the cruise when everyone makes their photo choices, Did you see anything about Luminae moving?
  3. You also get the everyday menus that are the same for all 4 mdrs and change in rotation, and the unchanging Classics.. There is an EDGE dining thread somewhere that shows them.
  4. We are booked for APEX..hopefully a better experience with our ressies
  5. Varies from hot to very hot. Become familiar with the settings and controls ahead of time. Some showers stalls still leak a bit
  6. No..we had a pre booked res in January for over a yr..we went to confirm a day ahead and learned they switched us to a later time " for our benefit", Really! The nasty officious maitre d woukd not give us back our tp res time, and then made a huge scene when we asked him cancel it., But we insisted so he had no choice! In Nov we passed on Finecut for dinner, They wanted $45 pp for lunch so we passed again. They have installed some plexiglass, I think, so hope not as noisy!
  7. The Infinite Veranda is not outfitted as a true outdoor space...the floor might warp...who knows? The window on our 7 day cruise was closed only twice that we observed. Once when the window washer machine came by, and the other was during a windy rain episode. We had no issues with AC... and kept the bi-folds open. We did not open the window very much except for photos or pulling into port. We liked it better than a standard balc...no wind, rain or sun to worry about . When we had the Sunset Veranda on the Nov 15th cruise, we could not sit out much or enjoy the lounger by day, due to hot sun and a small overhang ( deck 7) Too bad b/c our balcony was huge, We did have great sunrise/ sunsets depending in ship position and amazing stars at night and very early a.m. We have a SV booked on APEX , but would be fine with an IV if it did not have an obstructed view.
  8. Magic Carpet....sometimes it is magical.
  9. Such a nice space...varied menu....great value for the lunch upcharge!
  10. That sounds like a good plan...it should be early enough to get the times and venues you prefer. In general the early you can book, the better . We had one night when our excursion with dinner was changed to lunch and we had limited ladt minute choices for the early time we prefer. Managed to get in to Tuscan...one of our favorite spots
  11. Any updates would be appreciated? Was the music live or a tape,? Is there a glass viewing panel to see the fish?
  12. The restaurant is called Le Grand Bistro..same deck as Cafe Baccio...opposite side of ship. There was a bakery area, small take out deli, casual cafe looking seating area , and the larger dining area..sea views. I can post some photos later.
  13. Many menu choices..excellent food. Only one pasta dish was too al dente. What foods do you prefer? All beef and fish were nicely prepared, food was served hot...
  14. Thanks.. a bit confusing site. Photos are probably EDGE. Will they really use the same exact colors? ..that will be boring. When I click through to where it says deck plans..it dies.. Is there a more direct link to the Deck Plans?
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