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  1. From post # 51 by Shipshape Sam: "Surgeon General Jerome Adam recently stated that having the vaccine will not stop you from spreading the virus. So..... what does that mean? It means whether you have the vaccine or not, you should per (questionable standards/SCIENCE) still wear masks and practice social distancing. It also means that they do NOT know if you can or cannot get the virus infection if you are vacinated, thus they advise to act as if " So why are we all going nuts to get the vaccine??? Are we the ongoing test group?
  2. So far, have not heard any announcements about theme park workers getting priority. Fla counties are struggling to stretch available doses to vaccinate those over 65 yrs, nursing home & assisted living residents, health care workers, bus drivers ? and some minority area residents at pop up events or at churches, As to gen discussion...there are many folks who are not interested in the vaccine..even among health care workers which to me is surprising. So I guess they may be cruisers!
  3. We have been reading news reports in some states about special vaccination events which essentially let certain folks " jump" the line. Probably not fair but anything to get the task done is better than inertia! I am praying the vaccines do what they seem to promise..I think we are all guinea pigs at this point.
  4. . Bills can be sent elsewhere but often note the property service address. I think seasonal residents should be able to scrape together enough proof.... a lease, local cable bill, etc. Can't wait to get our next promised shot before the fed gov has a chance to mess with things !
  5. Great post..many X long time X loyalists can relate!
  6. We, like you have homes in diff states. We go back and forth including spending time in Fla during summer months when many "Florida residents" & snowbirds head north. Have done so since the 1980s and do not consider ourselves outsiders or "vaccine tourists" Hope you get your shot soon but pleae do not begrudge others who also want the same thing. We are all looking for a healthier future. Good luck! Stay safe.
  7. Yes..that was helpful. Makes it less scary! Moderna #1 we had sore arm pain, tiredness, some slight muscle pain..2 to 3 days. Had taken Benadryl and ibuprophen ahead. Will do the same for shot #2 and expect a few extra days to recover!
  8. Just need a deed, or snowbird lease 30 + days, or car regis, fl driver's license, utility bill, hoa fees, library card etc. So " permanent resident" for the required period. We are in Florida for extended stay this yr although I used to go back and forth to NY every few weeks for work.....job still closed. We are set up for second shot already but will still bring all our proof.. the Rules are clearly set out. (And those who already had the 1st shot wil be okay for shot no. 2) Idea is to vaccinate those who are living here even seasonally to protect them and other
  9. If you were given the first shot in Fla and they registered you, today's news reports said you will get shot no 2 without any proof of residency. Rules requiring proof apply to new appts. Check the news Maybe you should check with Publix or County where you got the shot..hang on to your 1st shot vacination card..ours has our next appt right on the back side,
  10. Don't mind reserving this thread for the more " scence" oriented posts, but hope those posting offer plain language explantions of what these studies and conclusions mean ...for those of us who are not in the know. Thanks
  11. So many are piling into Florida now that the State has imposed a residency req, Any new appts will only be given to those who are fulll time or bona fide seasonal (Snowbird) residents. Proof will be required. We have proof of home ownership, car regis, local utility bills, etc.but for the second shot, not required as I understand the rules. Hope we get the vaccine on date promised and big gov does not get in the way! Counting down til then. Hopefully, folks will start seeing greater distribution by states in coming days so no need to cross borders.
  12. As per local newsfeed: "The U.S. mask order for travel being implemented by Biden will apply to airports and planes, ships, intercity buses, trains and public transportation. Travelers from abroad must furnish a negative COVID-19 test before departing for the U.S. and quarantine upon arrival. Biden has already mandated masks on federal property. Although airlines, Amtrak and other transport providers now require masks, Biden’s order makes it a federal mandate, leaving little wiggle room for passengers tempted to argue about their rights. ....." Guess we'll
  13. Interesting itin from TPA...wonder if Connie will be updated by then??
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