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  1. Luckily, I have discovered a $4.99 Revlon do it yourself haircolor kit at the grocers It came out great. No more need for $75 trips to the salon for the same thing anymore! Dh is getting a bit of hippie hair..won,t let me try to buzz it off a bit.,Eek!
  2. See Link below to an Interesting article on Cruise Critic main pages about an Asian lines new approach... Some of it sounds ok, but most seems not practical or affordable ; and also sounds very antiseptic like a hospital. Or a "bleach cruise!" https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5257/?et_cid=3324627&et_rid=16760876&et_referrer=NULL
  3. Just looking at the paint job.. Not sure when changes were made other than when we re-visited Century for a short Carib cruise, and discovered they had removed the T pool to add more space to the spa ( used for couples massage) and added a barber shop. It was a bad move!
  4. Interesting concept...that we could gift our cruise to someone else..
  5. JBare Loved both posts I prefer Century the way she was,,...great ship! And the second photo is really awesome... intetesting perspective and colors!
  6. Bermuda is very careful ...not sure they will be open to ships ???? Or maybe just at the dockyard area???
  7. Would hate to lose Connie, esp now that she will port in Tampa. Hope to be on her in 2021!
  8. Many snowbirds are hanging around trying to figure out when to come home,.,. Airlines are adjusting flight schedules so some will be down there longer than anticipated. We came home in early Feb this yr and will cancel our usual June visit. .Hope to return again in Nov!
  9. Op Our Cruise Care insurance cost was not refunded... the Cruise With Confidence Cancellation program did not offer that but we paid less for that coverage. Try your ins co...Are they giving you a refund or future cruise credit?
  10. We recd updated info on cancelled APEX. Has not yet processed but rep gave us the 3 odd amts that will equal the dep amt
  11. That's me! Had it as a child and then as an adult when my child had it. Hope my shingles shot works well but we need the upgraded one.
  12. Some cruisers have chronic situations like diabetes which might become a permant bar???? What about C Pap users? We are sadly winding down our future cruise expectations, but would like to get a refund for our large future cruise credit if we cannot use it. If they did that, someone is welcome to take our place.
  13. And will those with Future Cruise Credits be able to cash them in if they are not fit to cruise?
  14. Interesting lists... I am still not sure of the difference between chronic and severe? Esp going forward... Will they weigh us at check in or ask drs to calculate our bmi? I also saw liver disease...will we all need lab tests ? Many people have fatty liver disease? Or is it something more serious, hopefully
  15. "The realness of life".....person should not be in Customer Service. hope you reported this, so no one else is stuck with them...esp after waiting on hold so long...
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