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  1. What are the adverse reactions to the other vaccines? Moderna , Pfiser I was concerned about Moderna for dh with his shellfish allergy..They watched him for 30 minutes but it did not give him a neg reaction. I assume we should stick with what we had if a booster is required..
  2. We had both cards for many years: Royal BOA and Celeb BOA(?). The Old Celeb card morphed into a non Celeb rewards card so we used up our remaining cruise points, now rarely if ever use it. We have enough unexpired points on the Royal BOA card to reduce costs for our next X cruise ( if it happens) and also some OBC. When all the cancellations started we did not use it very much..As mentioned, by Jazzbeau, our cash back card is a better deal and not limited to cruise rewards.
  3. Curious about the authors of the letter and their interest in cruising. Do the authors of the letter serve on a Committee that relates to CDC or Cruising issues.? Are there any cruiseports in Ct..the area one of them represents? Is Congress holding hearings,,?
  4. We hope Constellation stays in the fleet.,..gets upgraded and cruises from Tampa as a home port. We had to lift and shift a Connie booking. We were disappointed but are now booked on Reflection..newer ship.
  5. Thanks.. the chart was easy to follow. Seems like alot of steps needed to be covered in a compressed time frame
  6. Thanks for posting but will it fall on deaf ears!
  7. Looks like this may be going on for awhile..... & there may be more cancelled cruises ahead from US ports.. Wondering if we could lift and shift to Nassau or Barbados and use up our fcc...
  8. Oops i better read the info again...sorry. ----------' Yes you are correct.. I was trying to see how other vacines are doing and mixed them up,
  9. This is unfortunate. We travelled on SW Air when masks, spacing and empty middle seats rules were in place. Felt fairly safe in our bubble. Return flight a few months later on SW was after the spacing rules expired. No vacant seats on board...felt cramped and more at risk despite having our shots by then. I know airlines need to make money but some spacing would be a good safety idea for awhile
  10. If balc table is a decent size and height, outdoor dining might be an option. Def nice for breakfast
  11. Thank you.. Lots of info to digest esp if this is not ones area of knowledge..Qe gad Moderna which is what I hope dtr gets when its her turn
  12. They used to also quietly seek out E plus guests and assist them off long lines in the hot sun when entry into the terminal was delayed.. also provided extra waters.. Now most perks go to suite guests who are paying top rates .
  13. Recent report on line Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on raised the possibility of a need for a third dose of the vaccine, possibly at the six- to 12-month mark, as well as a possible need for annual shots against COVID-19. Wonder if this would be same rec for Moderna? . We'd need a much better appt and delivery system than exists now .. drug stores and super market pharmacies seem a good choice fir mass distribution?????
  14. Glad they have the opportunity to depart...we'd take advantage of it and then plan further from St Maarten.. Good job Royal C for sending a rescue ship in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy! Hope all on board stay healthy. No US Ports are involved so no CDC!
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