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  1. Thanks for the heads up,,,,what was the one offered on demand? Did you inquire about this? So sad... they have either not re-started the program again ( maybe it takes time) or have totally reneged. I will contact the Celeb One Touch rep who was handling our orig complaint...and then wrote us when the program was allegedly restored. Seeing movies in the theater is nice but just not the same. BRING BACK THE IN ROOM MOVIES OF DEMAND!
  2. Glad they will not ruin the Sky Lounge on Silhouette, as it remains our favorite ship. Interesting news about converting to 4 new suites in lieu of the Family Verandas. Some will be disappointed, others pleased but it will be adding a few more people to the suite areas. Hope Vigo went well,
  3. Sounds like that is a good compromise...drinks look interesting!
  4. Depends on the ship, the itin and the cabin offered... We usually cruise AQ Class...reg size balc, which comes with BLU dining which we enjoy, and access to Persian Garden ( interior on M Class, much nicer on S Class with heated loungers.) We booked our first( and likely only) suite, an S 2 on Connie out of Tampa for a great rate and promotion....Expecting a possible partial obstructed view and having the high bathtub/ shower combo..But we are giving it a try.. If upgrade is not too much $$$, you may as well try it knowing you will get suite perks ( Michaels, Luminae, other priority treatment) but maybe not a great cabin location. Let us know how it works out!
  5. Menus are a bit different..seems fewer items now but more appealing to us..if we ever went back!
  6. Same for BLU.....a small venue not suited to large group dining. At best they can handle a max of 2 large groups at a time..usually 2x per night, staggered. The best plan is for them to be seated towards the rear, but it can still be more noisy, and requires more staff attention. Most others who are offered seats nearby refuse...so it skews all the seating away from the groups, causing more crowded seating up front. Not much can be done but it does affect enjoyment.
  7. That makes one less place for lunch on the first day...and even if it wasm the menu lately is not that great..More for convenience these days Guess the card players will be happy!
  8. We enjoyed reading there during the day when it was Gastrobar. Bar service and food for lunch started fairly late, and we were told it would take a long time because kitchen was not nearby...Menu was odd anyhow so we passed. It did fill up at times when games were on the TV..then very lively and loud. Place would need something better to really catch on like music. We liked it much better as a wine bar...very cozy space...
  9. We were disappointed with CR after in replaced Steiner. Had expected a better level of services ..and not crazy about their products. On the EDGE, the spa is administered by a new Stenier related entity..def not CR..I had much better basic services, booked with port pricing and there was no hard sell after massage or facial. I did buy one item I had been looking for but things are better priced on the Elemis website
  10. K...okay! BLU was offered to suite guests subject to availability when there was no Luminae , and many suite guests felt neglected. Never thought access would continue after Luminae was created...but it does. And never calculated that cabins would be converted to AQ Class...adding to the eligible cruisers Hope changes re Luminae access for friends and family does not extend to BLU...
  11. If you book as soon as the itins come out, the prices and perks are usually good. Sometimes they go down but most often these days they increase by a fairly large amount. If the new round of prices are too high compared to what we believe is reasonable, we'll look around or probably take a lesser category or shorter cruise,
  12. Some of us prefer BLU for simpler food prep, less fussy food, low salt, less gravy and sauces, and personal service. The more that pile in, the less pleasant it gets as space and staff are limited. Later hours are not a big issue, but we dine early for health reasons and it does fill quickly.. Suite guests like to dine there to change things up and out of curiousity ..Not BLU snoot..we just like it the way it was originally created!
  13. Sorry to hear about service issues in al Baccio...seems that way on ither ships sometimes. Maybe folks can read , sit, & enjoy in the truncated upstairs lounge..? Is the bar up there open during the day? Reflection is a crowded ship generally...more people, less space...for us it was a one and done, Hope the Carib cruises are fun!
  14. Hoping to hear about the mdrs as well as replies to related thread focused on the Specialty Dining Raw on Five. BIstro, Rooftop Grill, Dinner on the EDGE.....
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