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  1. Thanks.. price seems reasonable for the menu but I .guess that it won't work for dh...but we still hope to enjoy the MC area...maybe another time when it is not the special dinner! Thanks again for all the info and great photos
  2. Thanks for the updates...will make note of some of your favorites ( yum) as we will be in the mdrs next time on EDGE..
  3. I replied on your inquiry thread( pls refer back) ...Jenn was on a working cruise. But to be honest we did find EDGE a bit more dressy in the evenings ..but nice shorts and tops are fine for daytime..
  4. Thanks for a great mini review. What was the charge? Not sure we could do the shared food plating as dh is very allergic to lobster. We hope to spend more time out there on our return later this yr . In January we just sat out early in the day with drinks..great views..
  5. The author of that review was on a working cruise...with meetings, dinners etc. She had a lovely cruise wardrobe You will be fine going a bit more casual if that's your style . Nice shorts and tops are fine for daywear. We did find Edge was a bit dressier with the new ship vibe but not required..I wore dresses for chic night..one was my birthday celebration...and nice capris and tops for the others.
  6. We also enjoyed the buffet, and the lunches and breakfast we tried in the mdrs.. Twodaywonder is not an EDGE fan overall based on other posts
  7. Different strokes for diff folks... We enjoyed our EDGE cruise. In Jamuary .We will be returning to EDGE and also booked APEX! Sorry you did not enjoy EDGE..
  8. I'd stick with Equinox for a first Celebrity cruise. AQ class has nice perks and although solo you will meet people in BLU and around the ship. We prefer eastern to western carib ports but have done both.. Tortola and St Thomas have nice beaches. We usually stay on board in San Juan..Nassau so so. EDGE is a brand new exciting ship. With .amazing art, very good food abd dining options., possibly more lively at night but it is very diff than other Celeb ships. We liked the Infinite Veranda but it is not a true outdoor balcony. How big is the solo cabin? Cruise Critic's Jen has just posted a live from EDGE review last week of a western itin...with photos...Maybe you can read through and see if EDGE and western are more appealing for what you are looking for Not sure of the demographics of each ship over a Feb break????
  9. Not bad for a lovely Martini! We also pay extra now for my Baileys on the rocks...and some of dh,'s scotch.. mostly he drinks bud lite and I prefer Club Soda....so no reason for us to upgrade!
  10. The Black Forest does look decadent! Just noticed the 20% svc charge. We have the Classic package ....so would we pay the upharge plus 20%?
  11. Thank you...will be appreciated We never noticed those big round windows before!
  12. Also interested in the pink shirt....so you can laugh twice! Thanks for posting ALL those bar menus!
  13. I agree. Staterooms, other than suites, are generally small spaces and once you let it go..even for a day it can turn into a big sloppy mess! Keeping things orderly saves time...you can find things more easily and do not have a huge pile of rumpled clothes laying around... Guess not everyone sees it that way....
  14. There are 4 or 5 threads on this " hot topic"...hoping a few can be merged or left behind! The more I read about it...the less likely we would bid. We usually book early for the best cabin we can afford and usually stick with it.,.and see prices go much higher! Some cruisers have done very well with the Move Up Program but not for us...
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