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  1. I think the concept and implementation have been excellent. False positives are going to be an issue along the way...and cruising will probably never be Covid free. If this ship cruised from the US we would take a chance..totally loved how it looks. Fresh and modern but not over the top in any way. Classy and Classic. Hope Celebrity takes note! Would like to hear more about evening events and other activities. How is the food? Enjoy...enjoy...enjoy!!!
  2. Recently did a Lift and Shift from Connie Jan 2021 RT Tampa TO Reflection Jan 2022 RT Ft Lauderdale. It went smoothly... We were not comfy with cruising in Jan 2021 to begin with, were not sure the cruise would go, or if Connie might be put into storage without upgrade or sold. Final pay was not far off and we wanted to switch while good options were available, we consulted the Chart but called in to make the request. Posted this elsewhere : If you do a " lift and shift" into 2022, they list some longer itins if that's what you have already booked... Same price, same perks, same category. In our case we chose a diff ship..Reflection instead of Connie... Slightly diff itin but same # of nights, same category, aft suite...hope it is not changed! "
  3. If you do a " lift and shift" into 2022, they list some longer itins if that's what you have already booked... Same price, same perks, same category. In our case we chose a diff ship..Reflection instead of Connie... Slightly diff itin but same # of nights, same category, aft suite...hope it is not changed!
  4. Hopefully, once the rollout starts and the vaccine is a success, it will be available to all like the flu shot. The governor of our state N,Y., believes that the state gov should be in charge but i do not think that's how other vaccines like flu, shingles,pneumonia distribution work in the U.S.. We get them at the dr or local pharmacy either covered by ins or self pay. Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies have a list of what is covered. If the Covid is no cost, then not sure how it will be distributed???
  5. Love the design and decor of the ship! Thanks for sharing photos and your experience!
  6. Agree..the more entities that touch your luggage, the more possibilites of who lost or damaged it, and who will be responsible. Once had SW Air try to shift blame for a broken suitcase onto TSA...nice try but in our jurisdiction that did not hold up.. airline had to repair. We try to never lose sight of our luggage but recently, walking off from Celebrity is way too popular (obvious reasons). There are long lines, crowds, people with huge suitcases they cannot manage well, etc. We have gone back to letting Celeb take our luggage off and are greatly relieved when we have retrieved it all. Seems the consensus on the thread is that OP did not make a good choice and X will probably not pay!
  7. Maybe I was confused or confusing...sorry, We did the lift and shift for Connie cruise Jan 2021 TO Reflection Jan 2022 ( our best option after looking at the L&S chart). We then cancelled APEX for Jan 2022 because the dates were too close to the Reflection dates. In our Summit case, we were quite past final payment for a May cruise. X was dangling us along ( this was early Covid time) and we just pulled the plug to end the stress. The offer ( with a short deadline) at the time was for a 50 % cash refund and a 50% FCC. Those who waited for X got full refunds after Celeb cancelled the cruise. We should have waited but were very nervous we would have to take the cruise or lose more money. In your case, if final payment is not paid, and you can get all your money back, that's what I'd do, unless you will be comfortable cruising in June 2021, if the cruise is not cancelled. Why make final payment and then have to deal with full or partial FCCs if cruise is cancelled, some folks do that to get an enhanced 120% fcc, but that's not what we'd do, You have time til Dec 21 cruise...likely a "go",
  8. Surprised thread is still active. Seeing it reminds me of the half dozen or so Celebrity cruises we cancelled. First one was early on in this Covid situation, a dream itin on Summit . It was our choice to cancel so we are still holding a very large FCC...Others who waited it out had the cruise cancelled by X and got refunds, including their ins costs which we did not receive, The rest of the cancelled cruises took many phone calls to arrange and long waits to receive refunds, and the need to file several credit card disputes,. Now we have done a lift and shift for a remaining cruise and have another cancellation pending b/c of date conflict with the L &S. Upside is that we used the travel money for new furniture, other home improvements! But we hope cruising resumes safely by 2022!
  9. Seems it is a First post.. But posting here will not help with Celebritym eso so long after the fact.. OP should have flown as scheduled and dealt with lost bag issue afterward, esp if airline would not put them in a later flight. The bag had its tag and would have caught up.I am sure this is not the first lost bag situation for that airline, or Celebrity or the bag transfer company. Unfortunate situation..,..
  10. We lifted and shifted from Connie /Tampa 2021, to Reflection/ Port Everglades for 2022...nice itin, nice suite.( first time!) If they change us..hope they honor the price and perks and our FCC..
  11. Hoping at some point, the mask requirement will be removed, despite it being a huge safety factor at present. Very uncomfortable and makes breathing difficult after awhile. We are hopeful our lift and shift into 2022 will get us beyond the masks. If not we will live on our balcony, use up our FCC and not book anything else
  12. Will Miami let her dock? When is the first cruise scheduled?
  13. Hi Bo Maybe no successful Class Action relief, but State Attorneys General have wide investigative and prosecutorial powers that can bring about change..no cost to Consumers,
  14. Good advice! And the time frame for return to the ship is WAY TOO CLOSE!
  15. In my opinion( non political), CDC has not had an impressive record in connection with handling of Covid 19......but it still has the authority function as a roadblock in the U.S.. If the recently proposed legislation succeeds, the regulatory role for cruise health issues may go to other entities which are solely focused on ships, port safety and cruising.
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