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  1. Very lovely..Congrats!
  2. Is traditional dinner seating on Summit on the upper or lower level or mixed in with Select? One group of MDR tables we sat at for lunch in Infinity was basically a huge table across the rear. They were allegedly all tables for 2 but were one long row. Once the person across from you was seated there was no way for them to escape.. Made it awkward when someone needed to use the restroom or did not want to stay for dessert. We do not mind sharing a table but will refuse to get hemmed in like that..It .also affected the way the meal was served.
  3. At least it did not leak in your luggage. We lost some of our Tequila small sampler bottles that way...but not ALL! Nothing was ruined fortunately...
  4. Interesting We used to cruise on both lines almost equally. Decided to stick with X to move up in the loyalty program but still enjoyed Navigator, Radiance etc. Then Royal started with the much bigger ships. Tried Oasis but just not a good fit for us from dining to needing tickets for shows and events, although we did like the cocktail hour buffet. Other than a special itin of family vacation with kiddos, doubt we would go back to Royal. We liked EDGE but hope the newer and bigger E Class shops are not overly Royalized!
  5. Interesting names but very diverse.. I can see a connection among EDGE, APEX and BEYOND.. and even ELEMENT but VENUS? Maybe that,' s where the Edenists will end up for an ultimate love fest??? Definitely hope the art collections remain high caliber!
  6. Just curious..why are so many Royal Diamonds crossing over these days? And what ships are they sailng?
  7. The future will tell the story. But let's not forget, for better or worse LLP is a Royal C trained person and inevitably that's the way things will go with the ships, as well as programmatically with a few extra upgrades on X As for pax there are now many Diamond crossovers plus others from Norwegian, Disney, Princess etc. Celebrity no longer has a sep signature identity . We still enjoy X but will see how the new ships go. We did enjoy EDGE.
  8. OP inquiry is sincere, but hope such locked bags do not become a new way to chair hog...bad enough with the books, towel clips, flip flops and old magazines!
  9. In St Lucia, our tour to snorkel near the Pitons was booked through X but stopped at two sep resorts to pick up others. It slowed things down and crowded the boat for the last leg but we did get a glimpse of the resorts...one of which was Sandals. Suggest OP check out their excursion on the CC port board...seems like a long day..Hope you can relax! If you are still concerned maybe cancel and go with an X excursion.
  10. Oh..I apologize...really blew that. So sorry! Thanks for catching my b,under.... Yes, breakfast and dinner, never lunch
  11. Good info about the mdr. Do you know? if we have Select Dining and make res for each night, will we expect to dine upstairs or down in the main area. ? We used to enjoy upstairs along the rail but sounds like there's one area for fixed and one for Select. Coming from AQ this will all be new to us on Summit. Enjoy your trip back to port ...and the next Sailaway!
  12. To OP BLU is only open for breakfast and lunch...unless there is a very special closed event
  13. Perhaps they will be more like the newer Big Royal C ships...the lines keep blending more and more after each X build! Wish they would have left X as the relatively smaller ship cruiseline of the brand, with Modern Luxury as its signature.
  14. Thanks for finding and sharing all these nuggets of info about APEX. But EDGE will always be your fav E Class ship!
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