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  1. It has been a few years since we have traveled with Royal Caribbean, and I just don't remember a few things. I'm sure I could spend hours looking through posts for answers, but I figure what the hey, I'm sure someone will respond and help. 1- Every other time I have cruised with RC, I have had a "Boarding Pass" with both travelers name, and a "Sail and Sign" sheet that were individual. I got a notification today that my cruise documents were available, so I went in and printed everything, and saw there was no boarding pass. Just the 2 sail & sign documents. I have looked everywhere. Has boarding passes been eliminated? If not, can someone maybe direct me in the correct direction? 2- We are at "nobody" status, so what is a good time to get to the port? We will be leaving on 7/27 out of Galveston. 3- Can we bring can sodas aboard as carry on? I think that's it, and thanks in advance.
  2. They have Medicoolers for insulin. You can get one at Guest services. First come first served. They will charge your Sail & sign card $7 per day, but they reverse the charge when you return. Really compact. You could also get a collapsible igloo lunch pail and some zip lock baggies. You cabin steward will get you ice daily, and you just pour the water in the sink. I mostly use this option.
  3. Been a long time since I have cruised with Royal Caribbean so I have a few questions... Leaving again in a few days on the Oasis and I have a few packing and general questions. 1- Do the interior rooms have minifridges? If not, will my cabin steward bring ice daily if requested? 2-I know the last time I cruised on the Oasis, we never saw or met our cabin steward I left some notes that went unanswered, one of which was a request for a sharps container. After day 3, I left 1 capped unused syringe on the desk with another note. When we got back to the room we had a message from Guest relations asking me not to throw syringes in the trash, but to request a sharps container from my cabin attendant. I never got one, and that was the first & only time I removed auto-gratuities. 3- Is luggage delivered to room, or do I have to retrieve it. I do remember collecting it on Oasis before. Just wondering if that has changed. 4- Dining room attire (no popcorn please). Can men wear shorts or will he be sent back to change. ? Thank you
  4. We sailed on the Breeze for B2B sailings 12/1-12/14. As usual, I got the nasty "cruise Crud" as I do anytime I sail more that 10 days. After day 9, started feeling wiped out, coughing and congested. Dayquil & Mucinex is my old stand by relief. Got home, continued to feel terrible, went doctor's office when I got a sore throat. Turns out I got a case of Strep Throat. Well aware you catch all kinds of stuff on cruise ships, I just thought I would warn anyone that thinks they just have cruise crud that is taking a while to clear.
  5. Got my original cabin assignments 12/23 for this sailing. (2 cabins booked). Had a slight issue with them (nothing I could not deal with). Called HAL and they assigned me 2 different rooms on a different floor. I don't think it's that overbooked, or they would not have changed that easily.
  6. Still whining. Guess I am being stubborn and thick headed, but Holland appears to be penalizing those of us that are booked on deck one, like steerage class. detroit70 stated activities are in full swing at 11:40am. I cannot partake in any of them, because I am not supposed to board until 3:30pm. Maybe I want to see where things are on the ship. I am not 4 stars, so I don't get to board at my leisure. I am not getting any kind of rate reduction because I can't participate in lunch or activities. I called Holland today about this, and I was told the changes were made to prevent terminal congestion. My hotel offers a shuttle to the port, but the last one leaves at noon. So now in order to use what I have prepaid, I get the pleasure of sitting in a cruise terminal 2-3 hours fuming. I am in agreement with those saying the boarding procedures should have been communicated when booking. I would have had a choice.
  7. Sorry, but I am going to be the whiney jerk on this one. So I can't board until 3:30pm. Like someone said before, guess I will have to shell out $$$'s for lunch. I finally get on the ship, and I now have to go to muster. OK, so muster is over and it's 4:30pm-4:45pm. I guess my suitcases will not be available to unpack until way later. Guess that means I will have to eat in the Lido, because I certainly would not want offend someone by wearing shorts in the dining room. Oh wait, they are prohibited. Oh, the food cost savings HAL will have. Guess the dining room will need less staff, because us on deck 1 will be denied the Dining room day one. Hey, why can't those staff help with cleaning rooms. I know, I know, put clothes in my carry-ons. May as well carry my own luggage on so I can have the privilege of the dining room. Oh, but now they won't need as many porters. HAL is charging me for day 1, yet I somehow feel my vacation wont start until day 2. I totally agree with 4-5 star Mariners/ suite passengers getting priority boarding, but to make Deck 1 wait until3:30pm is ridiculous. I forgot, I can pay $100 a day and take advantage of Club Orange. Let see, on the 1/3/19 sailing, which is 9 days, that's $900 just to have a meal on day 1. That's more expensive that my fare. My lowly 3 star status really gets me nothing, and I am loosing a vacation day. Guess I will see how other cruise lines will treat me with my hard earned money.
  8. They load funds onto your S/S card . When you go into your balance at a machine, you have a choice of cash/ or promotional cash. You cannot "cash out" casino cash. It must be played. You can cash out winnings off it. What we do is hit the dollar machines, calculate the number of spins it will take to use up the casino cash. ( Pretend they give you $100- if you play $2 a spin, you will play 50 spins). After the 50 spins, cash out whatever funds you have left. That remaining amout is what you can actually get $$$$$s for. Be advised, you do not collect points while using casino cash.
  9. We are traveling on the Breeze Nov 3rd, and I got an e-mail Friday, from Carnival, stating our rooms would not be available until 1:30 due to the large amount of D/P passengers. (14 day Journey). We are currently Platinum level. Part of the problem I see, is where is everyone supposed to wait? Since they encourage everyone to go enjoy lunch at the Lido, chances are no one is going to vacate a table once they have one. That means the dining tables will not be available for those boarding later. I know it sounds stupid, but before we turned platinum, we boarded the Triumph at 12:30pm, lugging our stuff. There was not a table to be had, nor was there anywhere to sit out by the pools. At that point, we made a decision to travel exclusively with Carnival to get Platinum status. (we did not have that far to go, day wise). When we board, we drop off our stuff, have lunch, then leave so others can eat. The Lido area is not designed to have 3,000+ people sitting and waiting. For someone who is traveling Carnival for the 1st time, their first meal will be a nightmare. Carnival is the only cruise line that I know of, that does not have rooms ready when you get on the ship.
  10. I got an e-mail from Carnival yesterday stating that because there are so many D/P on my Nov 3rd cruise, that we will be unable to access our stateroom until 1:30pm with everyone else. I guess they need to change their loyalty program.
  11. Next Monday we will be boarding the Fantasy for 10 day Panama Cruise sailing. We do not depart Mobile until 6pm. (Paperwork says 5pm final boarding). I know muster will be sometime after 5. with that being said, any idea how dinner is handled? Those with early seating will miss their time due to muster, and if crew is doing muster with us, who's cooking?
  12. Have your TA contact the Players Club rather than the regular Carnival 800#. 866-766-7730). They will sometimes waive the cancellation fee, and jus apply to your deposit.
  13. Having a real brain fart right now. In December we will traveling to St. Thomas and I am trying to book a fishing trip for my spouse. I know daylight savings time is over, and I know we stay on "ship's time". If we are to arrive at 11:00 am ships time, is it 11:00am S. Thomas time? For some reason my rain just can't figure it out !
  14. The were just a special treat. Kind of like a light sweet yeast roll with orange marmalade in the middle, and an orange. Servers walked around the decks with napkins and warm buns. They even placed trash receptacles for the napkins. Guess it's a HAL thing.
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