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  1. What exactly can you use OBC for? I assume gratuities, drinks, Spa. Can it be used for steakhouse and/or specialty coffees? How about fun shop purchases such as liquor & smokes? We were given a substantial amount for a 5 day cruise and want to make sure it all gets used.
  2. Sorry. I really don't want to scan 171 pages for an answer to my question. If your bid is accepted, and they don't let you know until 6pm the day before sailing, how can you present an accurate boarding pass/ luggage tags? I will not have access to a printer. Scratch out the cabin # and tell the porter to give different tags?
  3. We did it independently and had a blast. We are not spring chickens either, Yes, we came in last, but not by much. You get lunch at the end and everyone gets a participation prize. Make sure you have lots of fluids because it does get hot. Taxis were really easy. We did have to remind them about departure time.
  4. On Carnival & Princess, we generally charge our onboard account to play the slots. I called HAL today to find out if there was a service fee for doing this (no charge for slot play on either lines we usually use for slots). I was told by the HAL rep that you can no longer charge funds, that you need to use cash, or cash funded accounts. Does anyone that plays in the casino know if this is now the case, or did I get a rep that did not know what he was talking about? Really don't want to carry that much cash.
  5. Thanks. One other question. Do they still have Freestyle soda machines? That was actually my main question!
  6. It has been a really long time since I have cruised on the Rhapsody, and have a few questions. Just a few simple ones. I see there is not a Johnny Rockets on board. Besides Izumi, are there any specialty restaurants? Is the Park Café still open, or have they closed it? There used to be a smoking area outside the casino (I think) on deck 5. Is that still open? Thank you in advance.
  7. Departure time is 6:00pm for this sailing. My boarding pass says 5pm for final embarkation. We plan on getting on something like 3pm or so. This will be my 32nd cruise with Carnival. More with other lines. Yes, I can get on and my room is ready, so we don't have to haul my things around. When we board early, we eat, then head to the casino to smoke until muster. We vacate the tables in the Lido as soon as we are done so other people can eat. Not interested in hanging by the pool. Not interested in casino specials. We arrange for off ship massages for a way cheaper price. I don't drink , so Cheers sales pitch not for me. Art is also not my thing. Once muster is over, I am on vacation. We will not be arriving into Port Canaveral until the afternoon. We are driving, so we can come whenever.
  8. We are diamond, and we have decided to get on our Nov 2nd cruise late. No sense getting on and sit around for hours doing nothing. My question is, how will they scan our luggage. Final boarding is 5pm. we plan on boarding around 4pm. I know there will be no porter service, so we will just wheel our luggage on, but they will be full sized luggage.
  9. Most of the larger, newer ships give "Free play" or whatever you want to call it, and your smaller ships give cash. We have been both last year, and the size of the ship seemed to be the deciding factor. When playing slots, it really does not matter how much money you play, but how long your butt is in the seat playing. I have put $200 in a machine, played $.60- $2.00 per spin, and played the entire week on that $200, and got my 1,500 for free drinks within 2 days. Spend a lot of time in casino, and get $500 in Free play/cash every time. My husband puts the same $200 in, then more, and he gets $100 because he wont continue playing. One thing we do is use the free play first because you can't cash it in. Requires a little math, but say you sit at a dollar machine and you are going to play $1 a spin. Put $50 in, and spin 50 times. after the 50 spins, cash out. Everything you won will go into your "cash fund" that you can cash out and spend elsewhere. Pretend after 25 spins, you have only hit for $15 and you want to switch machines. $25 will go back to Free play, and the $15 you won will go to your cash amount. We do it this way so we can see exactly how much winnings we get off Carnivals money. One last note, when playing with Free play, you do not collect points towards free drinks, or if you are on a premier or ultra, you will not earn points towards drawings or slot tournaments. (You now need at least 100 points to be eligible for drawings).
  10. It has been a few years since we have traveled with Royal Caribbean, and I just don't remember a few things. I'm sure I could spend hours looking through posts for answers, but I figure what the hey, I'm sure someone will respond and help. 1- Every other time I have cruised with RC, I have had a "Boarding Pass" with both travelers name, and a "Sail and Sign" sheet that were individual. I got a notification today that my cruise documents were available, so I went in and printed everything, and saw there was no boarding pass. Just the 2 sail & sign documents. I have looked everywhere. Has boarding passes been eliminated? If not, can someone maybe direct me in the correct direction? 2- We are at "nobody" status, so what is a good time to get to the port? We will be leaving on 7/27 out of Galveston. 3- Can we bring can sodas aboard as carry on? I think that's it, and thanks in advance.
  11. They have Medicoolers for insulin. You can get one at Guest services. First come first served. They will charge your Sail & sign card $7 per day, but they reverse the charge when you return. Really compact. You could also get a collapsible igloo lunch pail and some zip lock baggies. You cabin steward will get you ice daily, and you just pour the water in the sink. I mostly use this option.
  12. Been a long time since I have cruised with Royal Caribbean so I have a few questions... Leaving again in a few days on the Oasis and I have a few packing and general questions. 1- Do the interior rooms have minifridges? If not, will my cabin steward bring ice daily if requested? 2-I know the last time I cruised on the Oasis, we never saw or met our cabin steward I left some notes that went unanswered, one of which was a request for a sharps container. After day 3, I left 1 capped unused syringe on the desk with another note. When we got back to the room we had a message from Guest relations asking me not to throw syringes in the trash, but to request a sharps container from my cabin attendant. I never got one, and that was the first & only time I removed auto-gratuities. 3- Is luggage delivered to room, or do I have to retrieve it. I do remember collecting it on Oasis before. Just wondering if that has changed. 4- Dining room attire (no popcorn please). Can men wear shorts or will he be sent back to change. ? Thank you
  13. We sailed on the Breeze for B2B sailings 12/1-12/14. As usual, I got the nasty "cruise Crud" as I do anytime I sail more that 10 days. After day 9, started feeling wiped out, coughing and congested. Dayquil & Mucinex is my old stand by relief. Got home, continued to feel terrible, went doctor's office when I got a sore throat. Turns out I got a case of Strep Throat. Well aware you catch all kinds of stuff on cruise ships, I just thought I would warn anyone that thinks they just have cruise crud that is taking a while to clear.
  14. Got my original cabin assignments 12/23 for this sailing. (2 cabins booked). Had a slight issue with them (nothing I could not deal with). Called HAL and they assigned me 2 different rooms on a different floor. I don't think it's that overbooked, or they would not have changed that easily.
  15. Still whining. Guess I am being stubborn and thick headed, but Holland appears to be penalizing those of us that are booked on deck one, like steerage class. detroit70 stated activities are in full swing at 11:40am. I cannot partake in any of them, because I am not supposed to board until 3:30pm. Maybe I want to see where things are on the ship. I am not 4 stars, so I don't get to board at my leisure. I am not getting any kind of rate reduction because I can't participate in lunch or activities. I called Holland today about this, and I was told the changes were made to prevent terminal congestion. My hotel offers a shuttle to the port, but the last one leaves at noon. So now in order to use what I have prepaid, I get the pleasure of sitting in a cruise terminal 2-3 hours fuming. I am in agreement with those saying the boarding procedures should have been communicated when booking. I would have had a choice.
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