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  1. No ESTA, no entry into the USA under any circumstances..............period!!
  2. Thank you for your input. The ESTA has replaced the I94 and is required whenever entering the USA from the UK! Maybe not from Germany though!
  3. Thanks Hattie! We do NOT require one!!
  4. I keep getting conflicting reports as to whether or not we will need a Visa to enter Canada in October. Scenario - we fly into JFK from the UK for a few days (we have valid ESTA's) and then leave for Canada on QM2 to Quebec and back to New York. Do any of you experts know please? Thanks.......
  5. I can't remember I'm afraid but it's a while since and I am sure that it wasn't 'Cruise Director'......
  6. Amanda Reid has been around for many years yet her title had changed on our last cruise..... She is very professional and has always epitomised Cunard, yet not to everybodys liking sadly in this day and age of cruising.
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