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  1. CDC can only ban cruise ships from using US Ports ..... if the cruise lines want American passengers and they board outside the United States .... of coarse they can do it. Only problem would be if Mexico or the Bahamas bans Americans from entering their country
  2. One important question please. If you booked your cruise with a TA can only the TA call the cruise line to L & S or can you call to set it up. Thanks ....'
  3. We have to think out of the box to get the CDC's attention. 1. San Diego to Ensenada, MX - around 90 miles Buses could shuttle to the port in Ensenada 2. Ft Lauderdale to Freeport - 3 hour boat shuttle Or people could fly in Those cruise lines could build their cruises around their Private Islands and not be so dependent on countries opening and closing ports at a moments notice. We do need a few early cruises to see how things would operate.
  4. IMO if the CDC continues to punish the cruise lines by not moving forward with guideline negotiations to get the cruise industry sailing from US ports, I feel the cruise lines could begin and end cruises say in the Bahamas or Cozumel. Europe may be a little more dicey for US cruisers as an embargo of US tourists is in the works for the future. What does everyone think?
  5. What to do about RCL stock? The only reason at this time to own RCL is for the OBC that can be applied to a shareholder's reservations. Plus only own 100 shares ... the minimum to get this benefit. The sock is way to risky now as an investment. So: 1) If you own 100 shares and plan to sail a RCL cruise line in the future, hold on. 2) If you do not own at this time, do not buy until this COVID-19 mess is over. You will not be taking any cruises in the near future and there is a real risk of a reorganization of the company possibly hurting the value of the stock (maybe even zero). Finally, there is also a possible;ity that RCL will eliminate this perk.
  6. Can you then use your FCC for part of a final payment for a cruise that has already been booked for next year?
  7. Has anybody noticed that many of the more popular future cruises are 25% higher than normal? Makes you wonder the value of the FCC. e
  8. OK ... you have a cruise with a non-refundable deposit that may not sail and it is the final payment day. What would happen if you do not make the final payment and also do not cancel the cruise ... and then I assume RCL cancels your reservation and then RCL cancels the whole cruise..... would you get anything back. As I see it, it makes no sense to cancel a cruise with a non-refundable deposit.
  9. Does anyone have any insight or thoughts as to whether the around the southern tip of South America cruises will sail? I hesitate to purchase airfare (as it is quite expensive) and be stuck with non-refundable air without a cruise to board. Of coarse, the longer I wait to book the air the more expensive. e
  10. Has anyone Lift and Shifted outside the eight weeks parameters? tp
  11. I have a 7 night cruise this year the Sunday after Thanksgiving out of San Juan and want to keep the same ABC island itinerary. The only cruise that fits is the same week after Thanksgiving in 2021 but I already have a RCL cruise booked for this time period. There is a cruise the week after Christmas but this week is not eligible and the next is a little into January. My TA said that RCL said to bad .... can't L & S to an ABC cruise. Will another RCL agent perhaps allow a L & S for the Christmas cruise or a January cruise? Any ideas.
  12. Here you go .... Las Vegas Sands is investigating the Oura Ring https://www.cnbc.com/video/2020/06/18/oura-ceo-on-how-wearable-devices-can-be-used-to-help-detect-coronavirus-symptoms.html
  13. The important factor is does it work. If it does, I think JT1962 is correct the price will come down. Also, an individual buys the ring once and can use it on multiple cruises as well as airplanes, theme parks, sporting events etc. I think the price would well be worth it.
  14. The Oura Smart Ring may be the answer to COVID-19 for RCL and all the other cruise lines. At lease the ship's crew should wear the ring and perhaps even the passengers. If the ring can really predict COVID-19 a few days before the person is contagious .... Well there you go .... a perfect solution.
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