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  1. You don't hear much on CC about the Vision cruising out of Bermuda? Has anyone booked cruise on the VOS this summer? I wonder how booking are going ?
  2. I would not really enjoy a cruise with these protocols. The masks requirement for a vaccinated ship is ridiculous. Either the CDC wants to break the cruise industry ( to get them to flag the ships in the US so they can unionize with US unions and be under more control of the US government) or they have the unrealistic goal of keeping 100% of COVID off all ships. In any event it doesn't look good for cruising from the US. So ..... let us start booking airfare to the Caribbean and Europe and tell the CDC no thanks to US departures. Also .... thank you CDC to allowing the airlines to continue b
  3. Need a little information on the Obstructed OV on the Star. Which cabins have the least obstruction? Do all the cabins have the bed under the window? It looks like the horizontal cabins may have the window free from the bed (but are these cabins extremely obstructed)? These are basically all on Deck 8 --- do they all have pictured windows? Thanks a million. e
  4. I can't seem to find the Air2Sea or Choice Air website anymore. Did RCL eliminate the ability to check airfares on-line? Must we now have to always call an agent? THanks for any insight into this situation. e
  5. Thank you all for your input. So .... would it make more sense to to get the extended balcony not in the recess section in the middle of the ship but forward where the balcony is not recessed?
  6. Has anybody ever considered that RCC is only booking many of these cruises to a 50% capacity? If they go much over this level and the CDC restricts capacity then some bookings will have to be transferred or canceled (this would really be a mess and a PR nightmare). Therefore, I can see where the fares are rising in many of sailings so the early cruises are turning a profit.
  7. Can anyone describe the difference between the regular and extended balcony on the Carnival Spirit? I am not talking about the aft balconies but the balconies on the sides of the ship. Is the regular balcony really small? Thanks .... e
  8. Does the Cheer's Package include sodas, coffees, juices and alcohol in the current promotion expiring today? Do you have to pay gratuities when the package is bundled into the cruise fare? thanks .... e
  9. The science .... everyone wants the science to dictate the protocols. Well, if I'm not mistaken, recently the CDC issued a statement that COVID can not be contracted from surfaces so why is everyone getting ready to cruise and in fear of touching anything. Open up the DL .... maybe move it to a larger venue so when one removes a mask to eat or drink they will be socially distanced. We now know that COVID is contracted from close personal interactions not surfaces.
  10. Cheers package cost. What is the current Cheers Package cost? Do they ever go on sale? Is it cheaper to buy before the cruise? Thanks.
  11. Let's get back to the topic please (we all know summer begins the last day of school for those folks with children - those without children it can be summer year round). IMO the CDC will begin to feel the pressure of the the major Cruise Companies moving away from US ports. This appears to be the motivation for a little movement on the CDC front. Sure, when things quiet down and sailing can resume the cruises will come back but I don't think they will ever forget the treatment of their industry by the CDC. The Cruise Lines have learned a very valuable lesson - the CDC is not their
  12. Does anyone have any experience (or opinions) on NCLs latest Free Air for 2nd guest promotion. I assume you book the first air through NCL but can you search for the best airfare (price and non-stop instead of connections etc) or will NCL choose the airfare price and the air itinerary and then the 2nd is free but maybe not necessarily better than you can do on your own. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. e
  13. I think we better be careful about expressing eliminating the D, D+ lounge. Many cruisers enjoy the lounge, not only for a few before or after dinner drinks but the breakfast and happy hours snacks are a big plus. Also, the coffee machine available 24 hours must not be eliminated. Now, those people that don't drink saying we should get rid of the lounges are being short-sighted ... well, I sail in OV cabins mostly so I never use the $100 D, D+ balcony discount on 7 night cruises ..... maybe we should get rid of that perk ( I don't think we should but I think everyone gets my point)
  14. OK .... If what you say is true ..... then what is the CDC's plan to begin cruising. Perhaps they are deferring to see what happens in Europe as cruising begins this June and July. They apparently have not even given the cruise companies a schedule of procedures that must be implemented to begin.
  15. IMHO the CDC's main objective at this point is to bring the cruise lines to their knees to get them to flag their ships in the US. It galls the Federal Government that the three largest cruise companies have their headquarters in the US but are able to avoid many US rules, regulations and taxes. With the vaccines rollout, it is pretty obvious that the vaccines along with the protocols that have been working in Singapore and Europe should be sufficient to begin sailing. Instead nothing from the CDC. So therefore, we have to look for, another motive from the CDC, other than t
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