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  1. I have a Nov 2021 and Jan 2022. I will only book an earlier one than these after the the sailings begin and I know what the protocols will be. If I can't deal with the new protocols ..... well I guess I will cancel my two sailings (one refundable and one is not). e
  2. I'm hearing rumblings that Carnival will be pulling it's ships from San Juan and no longer will be offering 7 day Southern Caribbean cruises. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks e
  3. Can this be done? 1. Purchase a low price cruise in Nov or Dec 2020 (say on one of the older ships). 2. Then lift and shift a year out to either a new ship or the original one. 3. Have price protection. By the way .... if the older ship is sold or scrapped then you would be placed in a newer ship. Thanks.
  4. I finally cancelled my Thanksgiving 2020 cruise (before final payment) .... took my deposit in a FCC and plan to apply to a cruise booked for the first week December 2021. I didn't lift and shift because the 2021 cruise fare is substantially lower than if I were to lift and shift plus I would have to L&S cruise almost on top of my current 2021 cruise.
  5. Relax everyone ..... I just received an e-mail from RCL selling me drink packages, internet, dining etc. on my Nov 29, 2020 cruise. Why would they do that if they are cancelling the cruise? Ha!
  6. Four questions: According to the RCL Website you can cancel up to 48 hours before sailing any cruise booked before September 30, 2020 and received a FCC. 1. Does this include cruises in 2022? 2. If you cancel a cruise before September 30, 2020 and use the FCC to book a cruise in 2021 or 2022, can you cancel this new cruise within 48 hours of sailing at get a FCC? 3. If you L & S into next year, can you cancel the new cruise within 48 hours and get a FCC? 4. If you cancel a cruise before September 30, 2020 and apply the FCC to an already existing booking in 2021, can you still cancel within 48 hours of sailing and get a FCC? I am being told all kinds of different things? Can anyone help with this?
  7. With final payments becoming due shortly for many November and December cruises in 2020, what does the Cruise Critic universe think about making these payment? I feel that there will be no cruises in November and December cruises seems highly unlikely. I realize RCL needs the cash flow - but I believe they know there will be no cruising this year and to take our money on cruises that will not happen seems they really do not respect their customers.
  8. Well ..... from the previous posts on this topic it certainly appears that there will be not be cruising anytime soon. Perhaps an anti-body test and only let cruisers with the anti-bodies onboard due to their supposed immunity to the virus. One last thought .... I find it hard to believe that flying to a cruise departure port would not be a major risk in catching the virus just prior to boarding. Sure, I know the airlines say it is safe but REALLY: baggage claim, eating at the airport. TSA lines, restroom breaks (especially on the airplane) and the close quarters on the airplane.
  9. Just an idea. Because one of the main problems with COVID-19 is the asymptomatic person spreading the virus unknown that they have the virus. It is my understanding that older folks are very seldom (if ever) asymptomatic so they would be the easiest population of cruisers to identify pre-cruise. All the cruise line would have to do is test (perhaps even daily) the crew. What do people think?
  10. I am considering booking an Infinite Veranda on the Edge next year but have been hearing rumblings that these cabins are very difficult to cool when in warm weather. I've been told that you must block out all the outside light in order to properly cool these cabins. Has anyone had experience cooling problems with these cabin? THX
  11. You know, this constant guessing game about whether the cruise will sail or not is no way to treat your customers. I realize RCL is in a very bad place financially and to a major extent has no control over when the ships will sail. For Americans and those wanting to sail out of a US port it is the CDC that is dictating much of the confusion. However ...... hear this RCL management: I think you should only charge a final payment for a cruise when you are 100% certain it will sail. Even if this means charging the final payment a week before the cruise. No more free loans from your customers.
  12. With L & S ending August 1st and final payments for cruises sailing the last three months of the year due after L & S expires, I'm wondering what everyone thinks is the best path to take at this point. With the CDC preventing cruising until October it is probably reasonable to assume that even if RCL gets the green light to sail, not all ships will go at once. A dilemma for sure.
  13. On one of the You Tube blogs I heard that the old Celebrity Horizon is being returned due to the bankruptcy of the Pullmantur Cruise line. I have sailed on her and she is a great smaller ship. Lets hope Celebrity refurbishes her and deploys the ship .... perhaps a more adult oriented experience .... without all the bells and whistles of today's mega-ships. What does everyone think. tp
  14. CDC can only ban cruise ships from using US Ports ..... if the cruise lines want American passengers and they board outside the United States .... of coarse they can do it. Only problem would be if Mexico or the Bahamas bans Americans from entering their country
  15. One important question please. If you booked your cruise with a TA can only the TA call the cruise line to L & S or can you call to set it up. Thanks ....'
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