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  1. Thanks for all the input but I'm still not convinced. Since RCL has not cancelled any May 2021 cruises at this point none have been L & S to May 2022 .... so I still stand by my original statement .... no more L & S after April 30, 2022.
  2. I thought you could only L & S through April 2022. Are you sure you can L & S into May 2022?
  3. OK .... Just talking about the mainstream lines (CCL, HAL, Princess, RCL, Celebrity, NCL, MSC), Which cruise line or lines have the lowest drink package? With all the new promos, it is virtually impossible to know. Some include everything, some charge gratuities, some don't include coffees, soda .. a real hodge-podge. Please help!
  4. Let's face it ...... Royal (and most of the other cruise companies) needs the final payment cash flows to pay for cruises canceled months earlier. As long as cruiser keep making final payments then those cruises that were canceled will have the funds to return to those that request refunds.
  5. Let's say you don't want to cruise until the almost certain new protocols are ended (no masks etc). You have cruises with deposits in May, Oct and Dec 2021 all with Non-Nonrefundable deposits. Can you cancel the Oct & Dec cruises get the deposits as FCC and apply these funds to the May, 2021cruise that will the almost certainty be cancelled and then you can get your money refunded as cash? If by some miracle the May cruise goes .... then you can cancel up to 48 hours before sailing and get everything as another FCC. But the probability of the May cruises going are pretty much zero.
  6. Can someone please explain the following statement from RCLs Cruise With Confidence: "If you opt into the Cruise With Confidence 100% Future Cruise Credit, you do not qualify for any future Future Cruise Credit offers or refunds to our Global Suspension of sailings."
  7. After reading the description of the NCL Drink Package, it seems to omit specialty coffees and juices. Is this true? And if it is ..... what is a caffeine addict to do on an NCL cruise?
  8. IMO it appears that the CDC is determined to push the cruise lines (especially C, R & N) into bankruptcy reorganizations. This happened to to all US airlines (except SW) and it was the shareholders and creditors that lost money. I see the same happening to the cruise industry. Not sure what would happen to FCCs and deposits but feel that they would be protected. No cruise line has the financial ability to purchase another at this time. So sell your stock ( and bonds if you have any) and hold on for a rough ride.
  9. What are the Canadians on the CC Board hearing about current the slow down of the Vaccine availability in Canada?
  10. These rules are ridiculous. They will destroy the cruise industry. We would all be better off watching re-runs of LOVE BOAT. And here is the kicker .... those who cruise when it starts up again will be paying more for a much less enjoyable experience. And for those that think the vaccine will be the answer ... the CDC already has mandated mask wearing on all forms of transportation after one gets the vaccine .... so that isn't the answer either. As long as the CDC wants 100% COVID free cruising .... we should all better be prepared for these rules well into
  11. IMO the CDC (for whatever reason) is in the early stages of fundamentally changing the cruise industry (and not for the better). Example .... even after mass vaccination, the CDC is recommending mask wearing on all transportation. So, a fully vaccinated cruise would continue with these protocols. So, what is the end game .... for the CDC it is 100% no COVID ever on a cruise. So, again no thanks to cruising with these rules .... maybe things will calm down in 5 years but don't plan on cruising in 2021, 2022 or 2023 without a mask. e
  12. I agree Mary. Canada & the CDC do not to seem very interested in the survival of the cruise industry. Of coarse safety measures must be taken but the CDC seems to want sailings with ZERO possibility of the COVID-19 virus. Initially the cruise lines may have to consider (as you said) starting and ending (with no US or Canadian ports in between) outside these two countries. There is only so much time the cruise lines can wait before all funding possibilities end and they run out of money. They desperately need cash flow now! Barbados is a start .... perhaps some others.
  13. Last fall the Empress of the Seas had a few cruises scheduled to stop in St. Pierre & Milquelon but of coarse they were cancelled. When the CDC allows cruising in 2021 why not sail New England with the foreign port being St. Pierre. RCL must already have a relationship with this French territory. Come on RCL .... get creative. e
  14. Perhaps Alaska is gone for 2021 but perhaps O with their smaller ships can do a few New England cruises with the foreign port being St. Pierre & Miquelon. Let's think out of the box. e
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