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  1. Just for absolute clarification for CVS results. You will get a text with the results without having the CVS app? Can you have multiple tests sent to the same phone? Can you also get an e-mail? Can you wait to get a hard copy from the testing site? Thanks ....
  2. I deleted and can not find my RCL e-mail I received a few weeks ago offering me to Royal-Up. How can I put in a bid now without the e-mail? Thanks .... e
  3. For food - an expiration date is the last day it can be sold (not safely consumed). For the COVID test everyone is assuming the expiration date is the last date it can be used. Does anyone know for sure if this is true? e
  4. One more question please. What is CVS charging for the Rapid Test? Can us oldies on Medicare charge the test to Medicare? Thanks .....
  5. Yesterday I received an e-mail from a Colleen Oliverio, VP, Guest Services notifying me that my cruise on the Breeze has been cancelled. A phone number was supplied in the e-mail for me to call to indicate whether I wanted to cancel and get a refund or move the cruise to another date and get some additional on board credit. I was on hold for over two hours this morning and no one picked up. This is an insult. I booked directly with Carnival. I called the reservation line also and they picked up almost immediately but could not help in this matter. Does anyone have an idea how to handle this without staying on hold all day?
  6. Thinking of booking one of these cruises but have a few concern (2022 Tahiti in Feb): 1. COVID testing prior to flight from US to Tahiti ... if you use O flights you are at the mercy of the flights O books and will not really know when you are going until just before departure. Makes planning the COVID test problematic. Does anyone have any opinions on what the flights would be? 2. Mask wearing for what could be close to 24 hours if the flights are such. Does anyone have any concerns as such that would keep them from taking this cruise? 3. I'm hearing that Tahiti may be restricting cruising in the foreseeable future. Any thoughts on this especially tours that must be so called 'bubble tours" from the cruise line? Any other thoughts or observations would be greatly appreciated. e
  7. Let's say you take the at home COVID test two days before your cruise and you test positive. Now what? Do you notify RCL and tell them that you can not cruise because of the test. Will RCL refund your cruise cost or give you a FCC? Or because it will be less that 48 will you not be able to cancel pursuant to Cruise With Confidence and you lose everything?
  8. Let's say you have a Florida departure on Sunday and live on the west coast .... can you take the test on Thursday on the west coast at 10:30PM which would be early morning Friday in Florida?? e
  9. By December the protocols could be radically different. Check with RCL constantly and be ready to adjust if needed.
  10. If you have you airfare booked through RCL Choice Air and you cancel your cruise after final payment pursuant to Cruise With Confidence (both cruise and air paid in full) will your receive only FCC for the cruise fare and the air fare charge will be refunded or will you get a FCC for cruise and air fare or will you have to deal with the airline penalties? e
  11. Just be thankful you do not have a cruise departing on the Sat after Thanksgiving. No testing done on Thanksgiving so you have only one day (Friday) to get test.
  12. How about .... Will shareholder OBC show up on the RCL website planner if you booked your cruise through a TA? e
  13. For everyone's information .... CVS is open in my area on Labor Day but it is not doing testing. The folks at my CVS said they assume the same will be true for Thanksgiving (no testing).
  14. I appreciate all the insight and actually agree that RCL doesn't give a hoot if someone's particular circumstances make it a challenge to get a test in the three day window. So for those of us that don't live close to a cruise port ... well that is to bad. I know why not fly .... well how do you think the Delta variance got into the US (airlines can fly all over with minimal to no testing). Now more than ever it is nuts to fly ... fully vaccinate yet asymptomatic and high contageous for the Delta and yet the CDC lets anyone fly.
  15. Question for the board? I have a cruise scheduled for Nov 28th. Three days before this date is Thanksgiving .... we are leaving by auto from the Midwest to Florida for the cruise ... so how does Royal expect us to get a test three days before the cruise when everything is closed Thanksgiving. Any thoughts how to accomplish this?
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