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  1. Find it interesting that people want to be compensated for an act of Mother Nature. To the best of my knowledge, RCCL has no control over the weather and thankfully is interested in the safety of its passengers and crew.
  2. My vote is for Southern. My least favorite is Western, but mainly because I have been to Mexico many times.
  3. Mine arrived Tuesday for our cruise Sunday 11/17
  4. Not everyone cruising is going on a "simple vacation." Some need to make dining reservations for specific nights for reasons known only to them. Why are you judging others and how they plan?
  5. Suite concierge just booked 3 nights for me with 10 guests on Harmony. One night Jamies, one Chops, one 150 Central Park.
  6. Agree. See no reason to arrive early and fight the crowd.
  7. I called RCCL about this yesterday as I bought the Unlimited for my April 2020 on Brilliance. The rep said Rita's is no longer on Brilliance. I read or was told that the package could be used for the Galley Brunch (main reason I bought package) but rep said NO. Guess I will have to use OBC from my Visa if I want to try Galley Brunch. As Bob would say, " consistently inconsistent Royal." Right hand does not know what left hand is doing.
  8. The email I received last evening from the HARMONY suite concierge had the names Mohammed Sayeh and Elaine Santana. Will be sailing Harmony on Sunday, 11/17/19. The email address was hm_concierge02@rccl.com
  9. So glad to read you took action and sorry to hear they did not know what Miami is selling. Wish I knew how to forward your post to Headquarters in Miami.
  10. There was a recent thread by a HARMONY cruiser who had this dining package and he seemed to be eating at 2 or 3 restaurants each evening. Posted great photos of the food. I gained weight just reading his thread. Wonder what changed in less than a month.
  11. What did the ship's Restaurant/Bar Manager say? I bought the package for Brilliance in April and would love to know the rules. LOL.
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