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  1. Have a Central Park Balcony booked on Harmony for November 17 for my son and his girlfriend. The paperwork I printed says. "Dine.Drink.Discover Perks" Complimentary lunch for two at Jamie's Italian, Sabor or Johnny Rockets. Complimentary bottle of red wine. Casino gaming lessons. These perks have been in effect since Nov. 5, 2016. The Boardwalk Balcony perks on Oasis substituted soda package for wine and rock climbing wall for casino lessons when we sailed her.
  2. When we sailed Oasis there were instructions in our cabin. NO you do not make reservations for Johnny Rockets, if that is your restaurant. That was ours. I believe you also get a bottle of cheap wine. We were in Boardwalk and got soda packages.
  3. I rent from Scootaround. When I rented at Port Canaveral I picked scooter up in the terminal and did NOT have it waiting in the cabin. It was less expensive to pick up in terminal. I did not need both hands to drive the scooter I rented and the nice feature was it had variable speeds not like grocery stores which have I speed...very slow. You could adjust the speed for her. Can't remember if Allure is sailing out of Port Everglades or another port. I have not had good success with wheelchair service at Port Everglades; I will be renting from Scootaround for my November Harmony cruise from Port Canaveral. Hope your mother enjoys her cruise.
  4. Spoke with a lady whose luggage was dropped in water as it was being loaded by porters/loaders onto the ship. Luggage went sailing away and never made it to ship. Would never pack anything of value into checked luggage.
  5. I cashed 100,000 points toward my November Harmony cruise and was told it would show up after final payment date in August. It did.
  6. Truer words were never written. Never had an issue getting unopened cans of beer or soda. Exchanged bills for cans.
  7. Spa services used to be my favorite part of every cruise. No longer book as I can get 2 at my local salon for the price of 1 on ship. Never been able to get the price they post for booking via cruise planner. Must by like the car dealers, they had 1 car at that price and sold it when door opened in morning.
  8. You are beyond belief. They should pull the contractors from Hurricane destroyed islands to clean up Mother Natures deposits. How much did you contribute to the Relief fund? Bahamian citizens lost their homes, their loved ones, and every one of their possessions and you are so selfish or uninformed you can't understand. Having lived in FL for almost 60 years and experienced Mother Natures wrath I only wish I was able bodied enough to go to the Islands to help. RCL has been sending ships to Freport almost every day with food and supplies as have other cruise lines. I believe that is far more important than cleaning up the beaches for you. Bless You.
  9. No. They did not have the M before Grace as my first name and my passport does. I have a double last name which includes my maiden name and my married name and I just use a space. They had M as my first name and Grace as middle name. When I changed my name I opted not to use a middle name. The agent did not want to allow me off the ship. Was quite strange as all names were correct just not in the same order as on my passport. Maybe it has his first day on the job. Friends traveling with us were wondering what happened to us.
  10. Apparently name on manifest must match name on passport. Got held up for about 1/2 hour one time returning to Port Everglades because Celebrity did not enter my correct legal name as it appears on my passport on the manifest. Not an issue leaving port but on return. From then on I insist my name appears on ship manifest/records exactly as on passport.
  11. Just read pages 1 thru 6 of this thread. So sad to see the negative, bashing attitude of some posters. Many of us who have lived in FL for years are quite well aware that it takes time and patience to even begin recovery efforts following such a disaster. I was living in Orlando when Andrew hit Miami and wiped out some of our friends. It took some time to get organized but many businesses collected items to send to Miami. I went to Publix and bought boxes of non perishable food items and donated them as did many others. I saw on TV the other day that donation stations were being set up in South Florida but I have not seen or heard of any in my area. From the reports I have seen on TV it does not look like any buildings survived the storm. Boats were relocating people to other islands and a ship was transporting injured/sick people to areas where they could receive help. Prayers and patience are needed for these wonderful people. When Irma blew thru FL in 2017 it took me 4 months to get all of the tree limbs removed from my yard but I didn't moan and complain I knew with time it would be gone and was thankful there was no damage to my home. It took Miami friends a year or more to rebuild their home after Andrew. Please stop the posts on tax deductions. They serve no purpose and they certainly do not help the poor souls who lost everything.
  12. Confused by your issue. I always stay on the phone with my computer open to my email account and insist they email me any and all additions or cancellations to my account. No matter if it is C&A or my CVP or someone from another department, they have never refused to email the information I request. I then print a copy for my records. Hope you never have to go thru this again.
  13. Great news John. Been pulling for you to be ok. Wonder what your beach will look like.
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