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  1. LOBSTER for breakfast, LOBSTER for lunch, LOBSTER for dinner. Would work for me.
  2. At times it does not get there and you must go on a hunt for it.
  3. I thought I read there were 2 shows on Harmony. Saw aqua show on Allure in 2011 and loved it. Forgot to go when on Oasis. Was told not to miss Fine Line on Harmony in November. Sorry to hear it is not great. Is there another aqua show on Harmony?
  4. Have frequently had issues at GS breaking a 20 for 4 $5. They keep telling me they do not have $5 and I tell them to buy them back from the crew. Crew members have lots of $5 and $1 and probably would rather have the $20.
  5. The TUBS in JS and GS are my least favorite. Give me a nice big shower like Celebrity Aqua Class. Extremely difficult for those of us who are super seniors or have mobility issues to use tubs in the suites. Big negative for me.
  6. Usually wear jeans first and last night of cruise and smart casual the other nights. I'll bet dress jeans will not be given a second glance by employees. This is FL and the Caribbean and thus quite casual.
  7. But it did help me become a real Diamond. I was Diamond on my first RCCL cruise because of Celebrity Elite status. Will have to hit FL lottery to earn enough points to Diamond+
  8. DH ordered it on Enchantment last November and did not care for it. Waitress said it was not Maine Lobster. He thought it was tough and not so tasty and not worth the upcharge.
  9. 150 is my favorite but was not certain there was one on the ship she is sailing. Thought 150 is only on Oasis class or Quantum class ships. Thought Liberty is an older/smaller ship.
  10. Since the recognize your name in CK maybe you can answer my question. How difficult will it be for me to book reservations for party of 10 in CK? Eight of us in GS's and 2 in JS. We will be on Harmony sailing Nov. 17, 2019. Hope you had an awesome TA
  11. Very happy you were finally able to resolve your issue and hope you have a wonderful holiday. Best wishes to your wife for a painless, quick healing without complications.
  12. Not certain but I have done Chops more than once on a package. YES Not familiar with ship you are sailing but have found most restaurants on dining packages fairly good. Not as good as Celebrity.
  13. How do you get someone to answer the phone in "customer service" on day one? If there is no table set up to sell/help when I board I do what Bob suggested, go to a specialty restaurant.
  14. Since sailing RCCL I wear black slacks and a "smart casual" or sort of fancy top every night except 1st and last. Those 2 nights I normally wear jeans (never starched) and a casual top. Always dressed up on formal nights on Celebrity. As Bob posted no one seems to care thus the relaxed atmosphere. Hope they enjoy their cruise
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