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  1. Never book the 4 perks as I have more internet than I could use and I don't drink enough to justify the cost. That being said, I do select the pre paid gratuities and the $150 OBC. I have 17 past Celebrity cruises since 2008 and 2 cruises booked for 2021. Looking forward to sailing Celebrity again. Have been sailing Royal for the past 3 or 4 years. No comparison. I missed the great service and always smiling employees on Celebrity. Let's hope the virus goes away soon, and very soon as both of my 2020 cruises were cancelled.
  2. Have been part of a large group (roll call) in Blu. Yes, it can be done but as posted you may disturb others who are there to enjoy a quite dinner. We were ok when they seated us toward the back away from the windows but when they seated us just as you walked in it was disturbing to other diners. We did not have the large group every evening as some of the group wanted to eat at specialty restaurants some evenings. I would say only you know your family and how they would handle the situation.
  3. The Connie was built in 2002. I have sailed her 4 cruises and am booked for April 2021. Sad the revolution had to be put off but as posted her crew has always been outstanding and I hope the virus goes away so I can go to Tampa and sailaway.
  4. Were you on the ship? How do you know they were lied to? I try to look at the whole picture and not believe everything I read in the newspaper or see on TV. I find it difficult to believe the crew members were DELIBERATELY lied to.
  5. Another vote for Bistro on 5. Went there multiple times on every cruise.
  6. A Caribbean cruise should have Caribbean bands....steel drum.....used to have them all the time.
  7. Yes, when they cancelled my April cruise travel insurance was refunded automatically.
  8. FINALLY......Received my cancellation notice for Brilliance June 12 sailing at 3:07 pm today, May 20, 2020 and submitted my request for REFUND at 3:55 pm today, May 20, 2020. I was assured by Air2Sea that I will receive a full refund for refundable air too. Today, I am again one "Happy Camper or Cruiser." As soon as refund arrives plan to rebook for 2021 on Celebrity Reflection for basically the same cruise in 2021. Happy Sails to All.
  9. We are booked on Brilliance June 12 sailing from Amsterdam and it HAS NOT cancelled. If you visit the US State Department site and then check the Netherlands COVID-19 information you will see under Q & A that the Netherlands has extended until June 15, 2020 their travel restrictions for all-non essential travel. Citizens of Canada and the United States are non-essential for leisure travel. We are scheduled to arrive in Amsterdam on June 10 and will be required to remain airside and must have confirmed reservations onward and will not be permitted to go to a hotel and then the Brilliance. If I read my calendar correctly we are supposed to fly from US on June 9, three (3) weeks from today. If this makes any sense, I fail to understand and need someone to explain. C & A working from home in Guatemala has no understanding or explanation. By the way, I am only looking for a $8,601.38 refund and not even in a suite this cruise. Sorry if there are spelling errors but I am not a happy camper now.
  10. Are their protests by crew members on any other cruise line, or just Royal?
  11. I seem to recall you too are on Brilliance out of Amsterdam. We were/are scheduled to fly to Amsterdam June 9 arriving June 10. Original flight was TPA to AMS direct but a week or so ago I received an email changing the flight TPA to ATL to AMS and returning via ATL June 30. On Amsterdam site it states if you arrive at AMS airport you are not permitted to depart airport thus no way to join a cruise in June 12. Waiting for RCCL to bite the bullet and cancel so we can make alternate plans.
  12. How are we supposed to get to Europe for the June 12 cruise? I don't know how to walk on water and most airlines are not flying from US to Europe. In addition, many states are still under lock-down either totally or partially. Not interested in a future cruise credit.
  13. I canceled the dining on April 26 and the excursions on April 29 but did not receive any notification as to when refund would be on my Visa. We plan to switch to Celebrity Reflection for 2021 British Isles cruise if cabins are still available after we get our refund. I prefer Celebrity to Royal. I still wait patiently for June 12 to cancel.
  14. I always find the excursions in my Cruise Planner.
  15. You can imagine how we feel. I looked first thing this morning and still no cancel email.
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