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  1. Thank you jags. Husband's family was/is from Jacksonville. Many months ago Bob aka Clarea gave me the information here on CC on how to go about arranging the Burial at Sea.
  2. Thanks Bob. Always do. Was just trying to save time as I have much to do when we board. Have to meet with the person in charge of Burial at Sea as we will be having burial for my husband who died in February. There will be 14 of us so it will require some planning/communicating. Also have to schedule restaurant reservations for the 3 night dining package for 12 of us. Was just looking for one less thing to do also need to find time for lunch. Grace
  3. Any idea which is muster for handicapped? I will have scooter and cousin will be in wheelchair. On smaller ships I have sailed out of Tampa and Port Canaveral it has been Boleroes.
  4. Sorry Ken but I posted what it said on the page I printed. I just stumbled upon the page and don't have a clue as to how I found it. Just searched and found. I wanted to know what ship choices I had sailing from FL ports. When I get "younger" I will try to do better. lol
  5. They had the Brunch with drinks on the Cuba cruise on Empress. May no longer be offered.
  6. Lived in Miami Springs next to the airport for many years. Not in my wildest days would I have tried to do what you are planning. What if ship docks late, traffic according to friend who still lives in Miami is a nightmare 7 days a week. Getting out of the port traffic to get to expressway could be a big challenge not to mention getting from LeJune Road into the airport and winding your way to your terminal/gate area used to be a major feat. Maybe you could book Marine 1 and make it.
  7. I miss that feature too. The other day I found "2019 - 2020 ROYAL CARIBBEAN FLEET GUISE." It does not give details you are looking for but it does give names of ships by class and date of maiden voyage. I printed it for future reference when booking. At bottom of page it says, "To learn more about our ships and Royal Amplified, visit LoyalToYouAlways.com/Royal/Amplified
  8. How about Hogs Breath and Hemingway hangouts. You escaped "The Rock" Ellen? Good news you remained in FL. Some really good seafood restaurants for lunch. Lived in Miami for 26 years thus Keys were always on to go list. Used to drive down just to buy Key Lime Pie.
  9. Remind her to look at all of the other shows being offered. Headliner show would be the last show I would book as at times they are entertainers who can't cut it in Vegas and are relegated to cruise ships. Have her check out the other offerings as from recent reviews some of the others are quite good. I will admit I have seen a handful of Headliners where I did not walk out after about 10 minutes and others where I sat thru and thoroughly enjoyed entire show. Hit or Miss many times.
  10. Basic Economics. As Bob said, some people are willing to pay more. Sailed Celebrity for years and they have priced me out of their market thus have been sailing Royal. I can still live with their prices. You get what you pay for. I don't feel that I get the same quality with Royal but I can no longer afford Celebrity. We have to make our own choices.
  11. With all of the your cruise travels, I find it difficult to visualize you and Laura on Empress. I loved her when we sailed her to Cuba but seem to recall a small casino and no CK. I know you are happy just to be sailing like I am. Hope your "ton" dropped in Tortola helped the local island economy and brought pleasure to you two. Happy Sails
  12. Love sea days and have been to most if not all of the ports. Do think it would have been nice for those who do enjoy port days if corporate had arranged another port but maybe no dock space was available. Seems to be some ports that smaller ships like Empress could visit. With current situations around USA and throughout the world planning department should be busy looking for Plan B.
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