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  1. Saw this on the way into a restaurant recently:
  2. I quit packing "formal" wear when the maitre ds stopped enforcing any semblance of a dress code and it became "suggested". I do however pack a black sport coat and several black and white ribbed T-shirts. Those over a pair of black slacks (which weigh less than jeans BTW) and I'm good on whatever the cruise line chooses to call the suggested evening attire. The old saying "clothes make the man" still applies, especially when applied to the guy who shows up in shorts, a wife-beater, and his ballcap on backwards.
  3. Thanks. If there was a plastic bottle leftover, I might try to fly it home, but not glass.
  4. She Who Must Be Obeyed doesn't drink, so a drink package just doesn't make sense for us. I thought I'd order a couple of liter bottles of scotch for delivery to my cabin (it's a long cruise). Does anyone know if the bottles are plastic or glass?
  5. We always, and I mean always, use 2 1/2 gallon plastic zip lock bags for packing. We fold our clothes nicely and place them in the plastic bags with the zip lock partially closed. Then I sit on the bag to squeeze out the air. They save room in the suitcase, prevent wrinkles, and keep out things dry. We once arrived in Hawaii after a plane change in Atlanta during a thunderstorm. The bags coming off the conveyor were dripping wet. People were mad and upset. One fellow pulled his violin out of a hard-sided bag and it was already warped. The only thing wet in our bags were not fabric items that we didn't pack in plastic. The suitcases dried out on our balcony while we sipped some wine and watched the ocean crash against the lava rock beach.
  6. How does the length of time to download the correct app and get everything loaded at home compare to just printing out your cruise documents and showing up at the pier? How does the check in time at the pier with a medallion compare to checking in with a paper document? If there is a time savings with a medallion or paper document, what percentage of the total cruise length is saved? What is the rush to get on board? Food? Alcohol?
  7. I'm with you. I can stay home and watch TV, but I can't stay home and watch the sea pass by from my deck.
  8. Thanks. I think layering will be the way to go. I'm an old Boy Scout, so I'll be prepared. However, She Who Must Be Obeyed is preparing for a trek across the polar snowcap. We'll see how it all shakes out when packing day rolls around. We may use Luggage Forward to send an extra bag of cruise-only gear to the ship.
  9. It cranks me up when it is apparent that a little yappy dog being pushed around in a baby carriage and fed from the table in the MDR or buffet. The owner is essentially thumbing their nose at the rules and extending a middle finger to the rest of us. However, I can complain to shipboard management and would encourage anyone who does want to tolerate it to do the same. Unless we all make our displeasure known, nothing will change.
  10. What sort of weather can we reasonably expect to encounter the first two weeks of October? Since we'll be flying and spending time touring on land prior, luggage space is a factor. Thanks!
  11. And you would only need to buy one beverage package. Could be quite a savings. 😆
  12. Yeah, it's like catch 22 all over again. Think about it. 😁
  13. Maybe you could order one with your Medallion app and have it delivered to your poolside lounger.....wait, that would tear the fabric of the space-time continuum.
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