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  1. Those dangerous, fire hazard kettles?😵 We cruised from Sydney to Seattle several years ago. We booked it as one cruise but it could also be booked as two cruises. A lot of the Aussies booked Sydney to Hawaii. We enjoyedjoyed the kettle in the cabin until we docked in Honolulu. Suddenly the kettle disappeared. I inquired at guest relations and the response was that kettles were not allowed because they were a fire hazard. Funny, they didn't seem to be a hazard in the southern hemisphere.
  2. I've been calling it that for years, and you are welcome to use it anytime. 👍 I also call the buffet the Foodjammer (Windjammer) when we cruise with Royal Caribbean. She Who Must Be Obeyed just rolls her eyes and tolerates it.😁
  3. We cruise to enjoy the ocean and the ports of call. We do not cruise to be on a floating county fair with upsell barkers at every turn. We do not need to keep an alcohol buzz on all day or spend the day on the Melanoma deck with the chair hogs being blasted with too-loud music to have a good time. A cup of coffee, a good book, and a deck chair on a real promenade deck does it for us. My barometer for cruise food is compared to my long motorcycle trips where I eat MREs warmed up on the transmission for dinner after I set up my tent. Small local diners serve as a breakfast stop, and lunch is a granola bar or two alongside the road somewhere. Cruise food is a real luxury after that. Regarding cutbacks, it's a science to how much you can cutback and cheapen your product without driving off your consumers. Look at what airlines have been doing for years. As long as the ships sail full and the upsells work, the cutbacks will continue.
  4. Every mass market cruise line that we have used (HAL, RCI, Celebrity, NCL, and Princess) has cutback. The question is, how much cutback pain are we willing to bear to remain loyal to a particular brand? For She Who Must Be Obeyed and me, it's down to the itinerary and the per person, per day cost. Beyond that, we'll take advantage of every OBC we can garner and try to avoid every upsell attempt as possible. As long as we can enjoy being on the ocean, enjoy the ports of call, find enough palatable food to keep body and soul together, avoid the deafening loud venues, we are good.
  5. Love it. I've always said "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me"
  6. My preference is to book early and select my own cabin with passengers above, below, and across the corridor. Mark it "no upgrades." Then watch for price drops. The cruise line idea of an upgrade may put you above a nightclub or right below another noisy venue. We haven't been disappointed yet, but cruise friends who take their chances have been.
  7. Gives one a whole new way to look at their Save The Waves campaign.
  8. I am a first time poster here on the World Cruise forum as I am working my way down my bucket list and want to tick that one off in 2022. When should I start looking for the 2022 schedules for HAL, Princess, or MSC? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  9. Just completed a survey from Princess about the Medallion - what I had heard about it, from where, what features I was aware of, etc. Several times they stressed that the medallion would work just like a proximity fob for a car. Is that so? In the comment box, I reported that my car does not automatically unlock as I approach it. I have to click the unlock icon on the fob or touch a certain spot on the door handle or tailgate. I also asked what positive action would I need to take to lock my cabin door on the ship if the door would unlock when the medallion is in proximity. I asked what would happen if I walk by my room on the way to somewhere else and I do not intend to enter my room. Those who have used the medallion - how does this work? How do you lock the door when you leave and what keeps the door locked should you linger in the corridor to talk to someone or if you walk by your cabin on the way to somewhere else?
  10. The best bet is passenger cabins above, below, and across the corridor. That white space may be a storage area for cleaning carts or a scullery. No sense in taking a chance.
  11. Waving the black card around or sailing in a big suite and flaunting speaks to the need for validation that person has. I keep my card in my pocket and don't mention what class of cabin I'm sailing in (inside if it's just me - standard balcony if She Who Must Be Obeyed is sailing). If someone is rude enough to ask in a way that I perceive is a qualifier for social status, I'll say something like "I'm a guest of the Captain this cruise" and let them chew on that one. If the same type of person asks what do you do as another social status qualifier, I'll say I'm unemployed ( true since I'm retired) or I'll say I'm in the witness protection program.
  12. The only thing to be proud of is that they spent a lot of money to get their status. So what?
  13. And what did you touch after you washed your hands in your cabin? Hand railing? Elevator button? Serving spoons/tongs in the buffet line? Did you grab the bottom of your chair to pull it in when you sat down? Touch that salt or pepper shaker? For all of these reasons, and to protect ourselves from the unwashed masses, we sanitize our hands again after we have gathered our meal and are seated. We do not unroll our silverware burrito and place our eating utensils on the table. Almost 40 cruises and we've never had a GI issue on board and are rarely sick on land.
  14. We often book excursions through our big box warehouse club's travel department. Same local tour operators that the cruise lines use, less expensive, and they offer a return-to-the-ship guarantee.
  15. Ha ha 👍 My outlook on life nowadays is not to get in a big toot over most things and not to get in a big hurry to get anywhere. I look at technology as a tool to be used, but only when it's a convenience to me. A few extra minutes in line at the pier when I'll be cruising for 7, 14, 21, or more days is inconsequential - especially if I don't have to deal with a wonky app or website in order to be "Ocean Ready"
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