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  1. can well recommend Dorset day trips with Daren and his VW camper van Snowy had a great time touring all over Dorset with cruise port pick up and drop off book with him directly-unfortunately trip advisor trying to squeeze extra money out of local operators by asking extra to book via them and implying they are recommended way to go http://dorsetdaytrips.co.uk/
  2. you need to visit Venice for a day to see if it is worth a return visit personally we find the place over ated but if we had not been would have always wondered the joy of cruising for us is visiting several destinations for a taster to see if we would return some have been surprises-both pleasant and not so
  3. personally have never felt the urge to climb tower-apparently inner steps not easy being there first thing before crowds descend and getting photos of outside then off to rest of sightseeing would be my vote
  4. yes that approach is what we do for all ports but especially St Petersburg we have visited twice first time we used Anastasia for 3 of us second time TJ for 5 of us-both times went with the company most responsive to our mobility needs
  5. shorebee are a third party operator ie they don't run tours themselves but contract with local companies so quality may be variable the "water taxi" I think refers to a local boat operator who runs largish boats from jetty at Fira over to Oia transport back usually by bus to top of cliff so you have to take cable car or walk down donkey path They don't leave until they have a full boat so you could be waiting a while if you are one of first ones on
  6. rang Cunard today original flight was Virgin 9pm flight but premium economy fully booked however they offered us alternative flight on British Airways at same time and £250 pp for upgrade to premium economy or world traveller plus decided was worth it for chance to actually stand a chance to sleep on overnight flight in more comfortable seat with foot rest of course if they decided to upgrade us at no extra cost to business class with the lie flat beds I wouldn't object!!!
  7. I'd recommend Corfu taxi tours for a trip over the centre and to the other coast for some dramatic scenery However that could take up most of the 3 hours What do you want out of the beach stop? To sunbathe/go in water that is going to eat into your time and waste of money when you are paying for the taxi time by the hour I presume you have a decent amount of time in port so would suggest being dropped off at a local beach at end of tour
  8. thanks we booked direct with Cunard on their telephone line I need to ring anyway to check they received the wheelchair assistance forms for my husband
  9. we have include air back to uk presently at 9pm from JFK to Heathrow 9pm economy on virgin atlantic cant see online option to upgrade do we have to ring them?
  10. https://www.hittheroadmadeira.com/ Slyfox this is the company we used
  11. taxis on rank at Heathrow aren't keen to take short journeys either it took the 4th taxi inline to take us 10 minute journey to our daughter in Staines and that was a minimum rate of £35 Apparently they refuse a lot of local journeys as they are hoping for higher fares to London itself
  12. never sailed with Cunard before in July we will be sailing Southampton to New York and plan to fly to Indianapolis same day either JFK or La Guardia will there be transfer options or shore excursion visit New York with drop off at airport? we are familiar with NCL where this is commonly offered but no shore excursion info available as yet on cruise planner
  13. they cant accompany you on to sites they can tell you details on way and liase to pick up local guide at sites eg Pantheon it depends how much detail you want do you want qualified guide at extra cost who can answer every question or are you happy to wander through with a guide book and bit of pre knowledge from travel company?
  14. thank you all for your input its much appreciated have several options open and will be discussing with USA friends
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