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  1. WE have done a few Platinum behind scenes tours and there were children there-youngest was about 6
  2. if you book with one of the well known private tour companies I wouldn't worry about that if they failed to turn up their reputation would be in tatters and we would certainly have heard about it on here or trip advisor so I would be pretty sure it has never happened most don't require payment up front and they have work to do in preparing the visa waiver forms which are emailed to you -they will be out of pocket if they don't turn up! Also print outs with company name on will be required by Russian Immigration to get you through to the other side where you will meet your tour guide So they would be in a lot of trouble with Russian immigration if they failed to turn up
  3. definitely second private tour in St Petersburg even though will cost more my husband struggles with distance due to arthritis small vehicle means can get close to sites so less walking for places like Peterhof gardens Catherines palace and Hermitage the tour operator[TJ in our case provided a wheelchair
  4. the taxi rank in port area is manned by port employees who keep the line running efficiently and will direct you to a larger taxi if you make your requirements known I'd ask at your hotel to arrange one from there to airport
  5. why are you on cruise critic on your birthday-should be out celebrating!
  6. just a word about the train-we did this last year pros cheap and if you are up to lugging your suitcases you pass through countryside and small German villages on the way cons regional trains with lots of stops and involves change of train in Rostock you will be sharing with lots of locals wit their bikes and if you attempt to stay in the bike compartment with your luggage you will be glared at seats are literally upstairs and difficult to negotiate with large cases no reserved seating and its a free for all boarding at Berlin we ended up sitting on our cases for the first hour as despite we getting to station early people just pushed in front of us as train came in
  7. KeithJenner tipped me off about price reductions but when I priced up our British Isles cruise on Spirit in July it was pretty identical under all inclusive we booked and what price is now under new scheme so obviously depends on sailings
  8. agree with John Bull the roads up to summit are only accessible by a 7 seater or less van the strenuous description probably refers to the walk up you will have to do from the caves area as bus cant go any further than that go for a taxi tour-preferably arranged in advance and get off ship ASAP so can be ahead of crowds
  9. ship may get back into Barcelona 5am but customs officers may not be there that early to clear the ship! usually self embark starts about 7am so even first off ship is pushing it to get to airport the recommended 3 hours prior for flight back to USA
  10. The UK is not part of Schengen
  11. interesting remember you from previous cruise-hope to sail with you again
  12. I would describe as useless wall and we have found noise issues with sound transmitting throughthe air gap around door frame the balcony dividers are supposed to be closed on all ships described as for safety reasons
  13. I liked the premium package as it made things simple but obviouslyenough people complained to change their mind I read it that the DSC will need to be paid in addition again-I actually liked it being included as prevented the old reducing DSC arguments the "free" perks in USA of UBP and Dining package attract an additional cost of 20% of value of package if purchased outright whereas presume paying £99 covers it all how to complicate a simple situation lol as the expression goes cant please all the people all of the time
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