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  1. 100 percent agree the whole thing is shameful, what NCL did was and is wrong. In the end NCL will be the ones that lose. They are gaining a big reputation for scamming their customers. Everyone needs to keep fighting this and do not give up. NCL is wrong and needs to do the right thing.
  2. This is exactly what I was told, get out there and start filling out those guest relations forms people.
  3. Very well said and you are 100 percent right!
  4. Exactly, some people do not seem to understand this. NCL needs to make this right.
  5. Actually that member re-posted saying that they called NCL back again and was told that was incorrect. So no they have NOT been transitioned in.
  6. Read through the thread plenty of people have stated why and with good reason. I'm not going to sit here and argue with some cheerleader. CYA!
  7. So well said, NCL owes it to these people to make it right. It sickens me that this is how they treat their customers. The people that cancelled under the peace of mind 48 hour cancellation offer should receive the same current offer it is only fair.
  8. NCL should do right by those who took the March 10 peace of mind offer and cancelled 48 hours out. It is not fair to those customers especially if they have a chronic condition that just a few days later a better offer comes out. Some of these people had no choice but to cancel. NCL do the right thing and extend this offer to them!
  9. Here is a tip for everyone, mind your business and tip as you wish.
  10. Everyone should just mind there business and tip what and when they want. I'm actually a very big tipper and worked in the service industry in the past so I do get it, but I if someone feels they should not tip someone for some reason then so be it. We can not keep trying to control what others should and should not do period.
  11. LFK all the way, the place is awesome. I did a lot of research on this place before going and the animals are taken care incredibly well . The place is pure Paradise, go you will not regret it. Bodden's tour is fun too but we enjoyed LFK much more and will return again.
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