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  1. We were on starboard side of the 4th deck on Nieuw Statendam. We loved the huge balcony, but even though we were all the way down to deck 4 we still had a lot of smoke. If you pick deck seven, I would make sure it is on the port side.
  2. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone on board. I haven't had the chance to read the entire thread, but hearing that 4 people have died is just so sad. I cannot imagine what those on board must be going through. I hope they can find their ways home very soon.
  3. I guess I really never thought about the economy and possible job loss. All I have been doing is hoping this goes away in time for my Sept cruise.
  4. I can only imagine how disappointing this must be. I hope you have a safe journey home.
  5. Prices went up for our cruise too. Was really hoping we were going to get a better deal. Oh well.
  6. We love cruising in an aft cabin. Our last cruise the waters were rough, but we never felt like our cabin was worse than any other parts of the ship. The only negative for us it that you literally have to walk the entire ship when you want to go somewhere that is forward.
  7. I cruise for all of the above. I love sitting on my balcony and everyday having a different view. I LOVE being pampered and knowing that almost everything is included.We really like being in the dining room and getting up and not having to worry about the check. I could go on and on and on.
  8. We also stayed at the Marriott and really enjoyed it. The hotel staff were the friendliest that we have ever encounter.
  9. We did a New England Cruise in June 2018 and the weather was in the 50's the whole time. We loved it since we are from AZ but others seemed to be miserable.
  10. I can see your point, but I know for myself I would be so grossed out. Wondering how clean that straw is. I have a hard enough time eating off of the silverware.
  11. No we never reported it just simply because we did not think they would really be able to do anything about it. But for our next cruise we have booked on the port side to avoid the smoking area.
  12. I do not know all of the smoking areas on NS but I do know that on Lido deck aft starboard. We were in Neptune suite 4211 and we could smell the smoke while in port and would find cigarette buds on our balcony
  13. Does anyone know where I can see copies of the dailies (sorry do not remember what HAL calls there daily newsletter) for any of the cruises that were for this past fall for New England? Or can you give me an idea of what types of shows they had? Currently, I am booked for a New England 2020 cruise on Amsterdam and I want to know what type of activities they have going on. I realize things can change by then, but if the entertainment is lacking as much as it was on NS in Europe, I will have to pass. Because I have only cruised once on HAL I am not familiar with the prod
  14. Was just wondering if the food has gotten any better on the Gem? Was thinking about booking a cruise on her for next year, but we were not impressed with the food in June 2018.
  15. That was our number one complaint on the surveys, lack of entertainment. I sure hope someone is listening.
  16. The additional dinner entree is not an entree that is on the regular menu. It is a special dish made just for the 1 night. The entree is not on the menu. You will be told about it at dinner.
  17. You had way more entertainment than we did in June on NS. We had a lousy comedian and that was it. I sure hope we have more shows when we cruise next year.
  18. I haven't cruised on NCL since June 2018 and that was on the Gem. And the food was HORRIBLE. We normally cruise with NCL and previously we would be ok (and just ok) with eating in the specialty dining restaurants, on this trip even the food in those restaurants were bad. The steaks were nothing but fat and poor quality the same sauce was used for "gravy", "au jus" and anything else they could think of. Some people say, what do you expect when they are cooking for the masses? Well, I expect edible food. And let's face it, NCL isn't the cheapest anymore. My family and I just cruised
  19. We went on the NS to Norway and I would say the entertainment was REALLY light. The only show was a comedian. And he was HORRIBLE. We spend most evenings in our cabin or on balcony because we aren't interested in listening to bands play.
  20. Yes MDR is open for embarkation lunch, but if you ask crew they will tell you no.
  21. You are welcome. I know I liked to know what things are going to look like before I order it.
  22. Still working on our review of our first trip on HAL, but wanted to share a link to pictures of MDR menus and food here. I know food is subjective, but we really enjoyed most of our meals.
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