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  1. You don't need the Celebrity luggage tags...they're nice but you'll see when you get to the pier the luggage handlers will have blank tags and will quickly enter your info on them and off they go! No need to stress, enjoy your holiday!
  2. No matter which package you have, if you buy a drink over your limit then you pay the difference plus the 20% service charge on that difference.
  3. Thanks for doing another live review..have enjoyed your previous ones including the Azamara to Cuba. I would be interested in doing a Norwegian Fjords cruise and will be watching to see what kind of weather you get throughout. Seems pretty good so far!! Enjoy your cruise and thanks again for doing this! Cathy
  4. We have only cruised Celebrity, which is owned by RCI so not sure if RC rules are the same but most likely are. Anyway, used to be that you could cash out your obc at the casino and just lose a percentage to their service charge (5% rings a bell but don't quote me on that!). A couple years ago they changed their policy and now you can only get cash for winnings that you earn by playing your obc. So if you're lucky, or good, you can win back enough to cash out but otherwise you'll need to spend it on the ship or lose it.
  5. We've done the bicycles around Stanley Park as well, very enjoyable and we appreciated that the traffic goes one way only around so at least you're only dodging pedestrians and cyclists going the same way lol! You did depart on a long weekend here in Canada, Labour Day weekend, so that's probably why it was so busy as well. Enjoy your cruise!! Alaska is great!
  6. Thank you! So, you just show up and join the guide? Have never done one of these before but have heard great things!
  7. We have a Blue Mountains tour booked for one of our days in Sydney but the walking tour sounds really good for our second day...who do you recommend booking this through? Thanks!!
  8. Looking forward to your review. We did Alaska in September a few years ago on Solstice and had a wonderful time with great weather. Hope you enjoy the same! Congrats to your DD and her fiancé!
  9. We had a tour booked there about 18 months ago but couldn't actually get in the water with the dolphins because there was a baby present which we thought was totally fair. According to our tour operator it was very seldom that anyone could actually go in the water on the tours because of all the regulations...ie dolphins feeding, pregnant dolphins, baby dolphins etc etc. Just as well that it's not marketed anymore. We also very much enjoyed just watching them from the boat as they swam alongside and raced us.
  10. Hope you'll be doing a "live" review? Enjoy and I hope you have smooth seas and clear skies!!
  11. Great idea! Thx..would work for the candies at the ice cream bar as well!
  12. You've been given good advice about your medications, now onto the shoes issue. When you fill out the form on the plane or ship when first arriving in New Zealand there is a section asking whether you're bringing any sporting equipment or if you've visited the countryside or a farm in the past however many months. My hubby brought his cycling gear with him our last trip to NZ and they wanted to inspect his shoes (packed in a separate bag) to check for dirt from Canada. You can't be too careful with microorganism's being transferred. Our son (who lives on the South Island) had warned us about this so my hubby had carefully cleaned his shoes before packing and we were fine.
  13. What???? That is perfect! Never seen it on the menu..do you have to be in a Suite or something? We can only afford lowly balconies 😏
  14. Thanks, will check both places!! Haven't seen them at either of those before so obviously didn't look well enough!
  15. We are booked in Dec with Good Company for a tour that sounds just like what you did. Who did you book through? Glad to hear you enjoyed the train. We've explored the city on a previous visit and are looking forward to the train and will enjoy saving a lot of $$ not taking the ship excursion on the same train.
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