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  1. Glaciers

    Anchorage Lunch

    Club Paris is dark and dingy with wonderful filet mignons. It's also a neat place to just get a drink at the bar. Their ground beef is made with left over cuts from filet mignons the night before. Makes for a good hamburger.
  2. I thought the announcement by Pfizer and Moderna said they couldn't seek emergency authorization of the vacine before the third week of November, "and that's if everything goes well". There are articles that also indicate it may be December or January that also reference the Operation Warp Speed Initiative. We would like to take an early season trip to Alaska but aren't booking anything until after the first of the year, at the earliest. Things are changing quickly and maybe there is updated info on this you can share. From an article from last Friday. "Even if a vaccine emerges by year's end, only limited doses will be available right away. The U.S. government is deciding who would be first in line, almost certainly health care workers, and estimates there may be enough for widespread vaccinations in the spring". The other variable here is if Canada is going to permit cruise ships next spring.
  3. Glaciers

    Anchorage Lunch

    Most of the cruise tour buses let passengers off at the Egan Convention Center or the Dena’ina Convention Center. They are both downtown which is really pretty small and a couple blocks from each Other. It’s quite early yet but Princess usually gives the location to Visit Anchorage so they can let folks know. Glacier Brewhouse Humpy’s 49th State Brewing
  4. If you’re asking about humpback whale tours you’re guaranteed to see humpbacks but that may only be a back and/or a tail from a distance. There is also bubble net feeding which is less frequent and breaching that is even less frequent. I will always do a whale watch tour in Juneau and hope for the best although I’m thinking that you may not be satisfied with this tour based on your post.
  5. I do wonder if the shore vendors will be some of the first to know since the cruise lines will need to begin making arrangements with them for these special restrictions.
  6. It does seem reflective of attitudes towards covid that Canada has taken a proactive stance in mitigating confirmed cases and deaths and some in the US are trying to do a work-around to PVSA that may increase cases and deaths when cruises resume. At least on the surface, I like the idea of not having to stop in a foreign port but not at the expense of undermining Canada’s efforts to control covid. Good topic but for another time.
  7. We’ve used the Pan Pacific hotel to store our bags after a cruise and before our train departure that evening. They are located at the Canada Place cruise terminal so it was very convenient. It was $5/bag. It can fill up fast when the ship arrives so may need to head directly there. This was two years ago so you may want to check their policy to make sure they are still storing bags for non-guests.
  8. If you do stay there check out Buckley’s. It a short walk. Kind of a hole-in-the-wall bar but they used to have some wonderful clam chowder. It’s more of a locals place. They also have some very good Georgetown Brewery beers. Try the Bodhizafa. Another option is Taylor Shellfish which is close as well.
  9. If the Carnival Miracle hasn't done an Alaska trip from San Francisco you may want to check out the reviews for Princess who have been doing it for a while. There are many.
  10. There are no hotels near Pier 91/Smith Cove. If you aren’t planning to explore the downtown area prior to the cruise the airport is much less expensive than downtown. There is a hotel on Lower Queen Ann called The Mediterranean Inn. It gets good reviews and is one of the closer hotels to 91 at about 2.5 miles away. It’s also close to several restaurants and a Safeway if you need supplies. It’s also close to the Space Needle/Seattle Center.
  11. Most of Alaska is hungry for cruising to resume, at least most SE and communities on the road system who benefit economically. I’ve seen some flack from smaller communities, primarily Native Alaskan communities that are against it as they just don’t want to be exposed to covid. It can devastate those communities with limited health care providers & facilities.
  12. I agree with you most of the time. We haven’t cruised the Caribbean in 20 years. MKM has a different cruising style and has emphasized the casino. I would find those 4 “Fun Days at Sea” a bore fest but they may find that the highlight. Different strokes.
  13. I can’t imagine cruise lines would consider Mexico or Russia just to cruise Alaska. Most regular Alaska cruisers wouldn’t want all of these sea days, they just want Alaska. Another issue would be how many vendors and tour operators would even be in business if there were just a handful of ships to visit ports. It would be a different Alaska and not really worth a port stop. Another alternative would be a small ship cruise for the diehard Alaska cruisers. UnCruise and Alaskan Dream will most likely have trips within Alaska regardless of what Canada does. They depend much less on port communities.
  14. The Lumberjack Show is kind of getting a bum rap here. It’s a theater production so you need to keep that in mind. It does get a bit slapstick. We’ve done it once and probably won’t do it again. It’s close to where the ships dock and would make nice filler if needed. If it wasn’t fairly popular it wouldn’t be there.
  15. The Theodosius was the Allen Marine vessel that was at Hubbard Glacier last year.
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