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  1. Good morning Rich. Great post this morning. I dream of a day when I am a tourist again. My little hummers are down to 3. I reckon they are leaving to go south soon. Good morning sisters. Ann have a great kayak trip! Denise so happy to see my sweet Paisley yesterday and your remodel looking good. Thanks Ann for the wine review and to Summer for drink recipe and to Jacqui for the beautiful flowers. Good morning Roy. Thank you for adding our friend in need of prayers. And I love rosemary chicken on HAL. I finished oiling our new porch chairs and table project. Claudio and Epi came by and planted more flowers. These are various daisies and some willowy plants I don't recall the names of. My next project will be flag stone on our walk way and front porch. I can't decide what color of stone to use. Claudio has samples all over the front porch.. I pray for all of our members here this morning and a special one for Live4Cruises. Blessings to all. Have a beautiful day and remember God loves us.
  2. Tioga, I was making dinner when I heard a wale that sounded like it was you! Wondered what in the world happened to you!
  3. Live4, I will put you on my personal prayer list that I go to several times a day. So many folks that work (as well as having kids to worry about) are struggling. We have to pull together as often as possible. Just know our friends at the Daily will keep you in their thoughts. Hang in there.
  4. Great news Father! I will toast to you tonight!
  5. @Ichiban Nekko Good morning! Welcome to the Daily. So glad you stopped by to visit. Joy
  6. Singles Day? I can't imagine being single after all the year's with my sweet husband. Good morning Rich. Thanks for the Daily. I love an icy cold Mai Tai, and tonight is seasoned pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon, baked sweet potato and a salad with Farmer's Market greens. Good morning Dailyites and my sisters Ann and Denise. I hope all is going well with your remodel Denise. Ann I wrote down the wine, I think it is something I would enjoy. Thanks Roy for the post, even though you had to run along. Thanks for the care of the deer. They were not around that I know of. Jacqui those flowers are so beautiful. If we can ever get into Canada, I am renting a room at your house and sleeping in your garden! 🥰 So my next project is to finish putting linseed oil on the new porch rockers and table. They are eucalyptus wood and will have a lot of good years with a swipe of oil a few times a year. Everyone have a great weekend. We are expecting beautiful sunny days. Hoping Farmer's Market has the beautiful juicy tomatoes for our salad tonight. Love, blessings and prayer's to you. Oh, here's my cartoon of the day on singles:
  7. No father. Not this guy. But we did have the nasty black widow. I think we have them here too?
  8. Here is the start of my project. Pulled the begonia out and planted hosta. I have 3 left that I don't know what to do with. I have my deer spray at the ready!
  9. Oh my gosh that's funny Gerry! Thanks for sharing. Joy
  10. We had tarantulas in Arizona too. They can get 10 inches or more. They are scary to look at, but they move pretty slow and if you accidentally step on one they usually aren't quick enough to bite. Pain wise it is akin to a bee sting.
  11. So here's a special guest to our yard. We named him Tommy.
  12. Good morning Rich. Thanks for the Daily briefing. Good morning dear sisters, Roy, Jacqui, Summer. I know what the wine will be. A no.. Met a group of ladies yesterday from our neighborhood, 16 in all. I had a Brussels sprouts appetizer and wine. It was delicious. I sat near a really sweet lady. She was waiting on biopsy results. Last night she texted that it is cancer. God bless her. My hosta arrived! I will be planting them this morning. I will take a chance and plant a few in our walk way. They probably won't show much foliage as they are going into "hibernation" so maybe the deer won't see them. @kazu I bought deer repellent spray. Did you ever find a product that worked? I will be toasting tonight to Covid sniffing dogs. Wow. Blessings to all. Oh! I have a picture to post. I met a "little fella" in our yard last night..
  13. Remember Father I told you I grew up in Illinois. My grandfather would buy us tickets for the Black Hawk's, Cubs and Bear's games. I was too young to appreciate Gayle's skills when I attended in 1969 and 70. I was 15/16 year's old at the time.
  14. Good morning Rich. Thank you for the Daily. Lots of things to celebrate today. Although I have eaten it before, I have never made cherries jubilee. I believe it has rum, and I do not have it on hand. Looks like a market trip. Good morning sisters Denise and Ann. Denise I am sorry your cruise got cancelled. Hoping the next one sticks! Hoping there IS a next one!🙄 Father I hope things worked out yesterday at the doctor. Are the stitches out? Jacqui, did anything get ruined during your storm? My heart goes out to the poor folks who got hit in Nova Scotia and onward. Darn it Teddy! We are supposed to be back to warm 80's and sunny skies this week and weekend. Crazy weather. Crazy 2020. Yes Roy, may Gayle rest in peace. He was a great player. His last 4 or 5 years were especially heartbreaking for him and family. Everyone have a great day. Enjoy life, be kind, wear your mask.
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