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  1. @StLouisCruisers, @rafinmd, @cat shepard, @DeeniEncinitas: St Louis thank you for asking about us. Allen is doing well. His allergy was Sophie. Had his 1st covid vaccine last week and next on 2-10. Sophie is in love with her friends at her new home. A 3 legged cat, Jerry (shot by a 22 and left for dead) thinks he's Sophie's boyfriend, a rabbit that cries unless he sleeps with Sophie, and 2 older 18 year old cats that both think Sophie is their baby. She is the "big boss of the applesauce" I found the Daily to be my refuge from political posts until it wasn't anymore, so I've
  2. Getting too political for me. Watching off for now.
  3. Summer we have had calico cats in the past and they did not bother Allen. This sweet little girl was an allergy bombshell! Allen is feeling slightly better this morning and less swelling.
  4. Good morning Rich. Thank you for the Daily today. I need it! Thanks to Roy (you are in my prayers) Ann and summer aka Drink Ladies for the contributions. Lots of prayers going out today on our list and cheers for tonight for our Capital and DC police and National Guard. It could have turned into something horribly worse. They deserve medals. Ann at this time we need to get Allen's allergies under control before we venture out on another pet. My heart is still in pieces and it's way too early to think ahead. @Live4cruises Glad your head didn't fall off after
  5. So it's just that particular Captain that shows up in spam. Interesting. Thanks.
  6. Thank you and good morning Rich.. Thank you to all contributors. Roy, you and your brother are still on my prayer list, along with others on your list. Good morning sweet sisters. I miss hearing from Deeni.. Ann it is very lonely at our home. Sophie's new friend says Sophie and Jerry are best buds, sharing their food dishes and playing games together. Allen had his video chat with doctor and is on 2 meds. Hoping my sweet husband starts feeling better soon. I have a roast in the crockpot for dinner tonight, but I'm intrigued with what pumpkin ravioli might taste lik
  7. @StLouisCruisers, why aren't you able to name your captain?
  8. Thank you Rich for the Daily. Sophie went to her new home last night. My neighbors groomer wanted her. She came by and she sat with us about an hour and Sophie climbed all over her. She called later to tell us her other cat Jerry fell immediately in love with Sophie. He showed Sophie the feeding station and the kitty box area and presented her with one of his toys. She promised if Allen's allergies are from cedar fever instead of Sophie, we could have Sophie back, but I couldn't do that. Allen has a virtual appt this afternoon with our doctor. Thanks for y
  9. Good morning Rich. Thank you for the Daily. Good morning to my sweet sisters. Ann, you are right, Denise will be spending CC screen time for awhile catching up. Thank you Roy, summer and Ann for the special additions. The wine sounds weird.. tomato leaf, sage, plum core, gravel earth and venison? Jacqui your cartoon today must be popular.. lol. So this morning we are pretty sad. My sweet husband has been battling his allergic reaction to Sophie for 4 weeks. Poor guy is wheezing and sneezing. Allergy meds, eye drops, hepa filters and essential oils are not helping at al
  10. How many Earths could fit inside the sun? What was the first toy to be advertised on television?
  11. Good morning again. I was in the midst of writing when CC crashed. Thank you Rich, Roy, and the drink ladies 🤭 A beautiful day today. Going for a ride later and hoping to pick up some oysters for lunch. Jacqui I do not miss the north Idaho snow storms! Those pictures you posted reminds me why we now live in Texas. I love acorn squash with butter and brown sugar. I put it on my market list. Maybe make a little tenderloin roast today. As for luggage.. "make travel easier" aka luggage direct picked up our bags in San Diego and were supposed to get it to
  12. Rich, I got crashed during my post! Thank you for the Daily. I agree with you on Epiphany. It is indeed celebrated as you wrote above but many Christians follow the 6th.
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