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  1. I called Fish Market to order shrimp. New delivery not til Friday. Put my order in. I am used to marketing daily. My freezer is empty except for Allen's Haagen dazs ice cream bars and ice.
  2. Yes. They deliver wine. I ordered a case of La Marca and a case of Kris. And the risotto takes awhile so munching on Humbolt and crackers.
  3. All good news. Hope everyone gets home to loving comfort of family. Thanks Rich. (Nice chat today) Joy
  4. Hola Ann! Wish I were at your table tonight. After my daily chores I sat down and played Words with Friends, walk, read my book, gabbed with friends, took a nap, WWF, Happy Hour, What's App with my sis and niece, and starting dinner. Mushroom risotto, and asparagus. Found out tonight Fred Meyer now delivers! Yippee!! I just put in my order. Have an awesome night my friends! Joy
  5. Was it Kermits? Lol cat beat me to it! We went to Keys all the time!!
  6. Today we would be on our 2nd day in Bora Bora on Oosterdam.
  7. Ok, well I guess I will continue to keep guessing since I am not a Facebook fan. Have a lovely day!
  8. Good morning Rich, my dos amigos and all our Daily friends! I do not know what the code is. Can you enlighten us Rich? I have asked before, but is the wmn after your screen name mean wireless mesh network? I originally thought your name was richwoman til I realized you were a guy. Yes, I'm blonde. OK, so I'll call our fisherman's market and see if they have shrimp today. My hubby loves grits. Thank you for the Daily. Sure can't wait to see our dam ships moving all around again soon! Have an awesome day! Joy
  9. Ann! What the hell?? I can't believe these days are filled with crazy things happening. And what were you doing going thru neighborhood trying to save the day!! Stay with Bindi and call 911 if there's trouble. Jeez girl. You'll give ME a heart attack! Drink your lemon drop. Ohmmmmm
  10. We have not had crazy lines except at Costco, and honestly don't know why. We have state liquor stores here, so our markets have great wines from all regions and smaller wineries. Our sommelier is great. He can find anything. And yes, Freddy's is a very large store, including furniture, clothes, household stuff. AND it's right across the street! Dinner sounds luscious. Enjoy it!! Love you!!
  11. @Vict0riann have you had your Gala night dinner? @AncientWanderer I have a delicious recipe for sour cream coffee cake! Hope yours turned out wonderful. @DeeniEncinitas I loved your childhood story. What's for dinner? Making last night's recipe? and what are you drinking? Is David going to get his HH ( happy hour) cigar tonight? (Hi David!) I'm having a Kris Pinot Grigio. Having leftovers per Allen's request.. I think I could have done a bit better on making the dish. I'll try again someday. @cat shepard thanks for the wine suggestion. I went to our Fred Meyer today and asked our sommelier to order a few bottles. I will give my opinion when I get it. @richwmn did you get your wings tonight? BTW, I lost 1/2 pound today! I finally shaved my legs.. but still!! Joy
  12. Good morning Cat and Denise. I think we will be eating leftovers. The stew turned out good, but our house still smells like garlic. Have an awesomely awesome day!
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