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  1. As a physician I, too, am very interested in all aspects of this experience for you from the initial contact on. It is an idea that I have often toyed with. However, I also love walking onto a ship and leaving medicine behind. I'm not sure I would want to lose that escape from life.
  2. Oh yes, I remember this. Good to see a continuation.
  3. I have been on cruises where the ship stayed on home time and others where the ship changed to local time. I have experienced it both ways on the same ship but different cruises. In other words, it really is unpredicable and someone else's experience is no guarentee of what will happen on your cruise.
  4. You are responding to OUB as if he has some history of posting false information. I don't get what you point is?
  5. At least you are not one of those people who disconnects when they cruise. Finding out when you arrived at the airport would not have been pleasant.
  6. I'd be pretty stressed out too. It all seems more suited to the retirement years.... whenever that may be.
  7. Storms always seem easier to endure when the power stays on. They say the rain from this mess will be here in RI on Friday. It will finish up for you soon.
  8. Between the venues you picked for him and my offer to teach him some new vocabulary, Andrew isn't going to recognize the kid he takes home.
  9. Hindsight mostly benefits two groups of people..... arm chair quarterbacks and lawyers.
  10. That is very nice of the airlines. I seem to remember a hurricane hitting Galviston a few years ago where RCI was playing hardball and telling people if the cruise got off there would be no compensation for people who didn't make it to the ship.
  11. Yeah, until there is an economic downturn then their tune will change. And to tell you the truth, I'm not so sure ships would be sailing full now if we were not occupying some of those cabins. Plenty of people will try a cruise once and never go back. The lines need a good mix of people who love to cruise and keep coming back. Just keep increasing capacity. It bodes well for our future.
  12. Then I must be looking at the wrong cruises. I'm not finging my D+ discount to get me that good a deal. And more and more RCI seems to have some bogus sale going on that somehow eats into the amount of discount that I should be getting.
  13. Cruise line exec's. seen to have the attitude that they can put forth any explanation they want for anything they do and their dear customers will bite on anything they say. They must either think that we all worship them or that we are all stupid... or maybe both.
  14. You are funny. On a message board you have two options, either read what people write.... or don't.😁
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