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  1. Between this and the other thread I am very concerned that I am developing a reading comprehension disorder.
  2. For me it has nothing to do with being nervous. If it were then I would never go to work. My concern is whether or not cruising will return as a product that I will enjoy.
  3. Nor did I. That is why we typically write it as 0.5 in medical orders.
  4. I don't know that it is insanely accurate. It is very sensitive. However, does that also mean that it has a higher number of false positives because of that? Is it picking up RNA strands and cross reacting with other Corona viruses that are not Covid-19? Are all these asymptomatic positive testing people truly infected? Are these people contagious or is the test picking up fragments of dead virus particles? We seem to have a load of University students testing positive without the slightest hint of being ill. I could go on but I think my point is made. I hardly have the answers to any of that but I seem to have more and more questions as we, supposedly, learn more and more about this illness.
  5. I don't know that I can explain well what causes a certain test to have a certain specificity... its ability to identify a specific substance and not react with other substances. The higher the specificity the less the chance of a false positive test. Sensitivity refers to the ability to identify a specific substance if it is present. The higher the sensitivity the less likely you will get a false negative. I have not even looked at the saliva test yet as it is not available to me for use yet and I have enough issues keeping up with all the changes that I presently have to deal with. If someone were to test positive at the terminal I don't know if they would retest or go through a secondary screening.
  6. You probably don't have to do much research into independent tour operators or concern yourself with renting a car and planning where you are going to go with it.
  7. It would certainly suck for a b2b passenger to test positive and suddenly have to pack everything up and go home. False positive tests have me very concerned.
  8. I can't begin to tell you what a laugh I got out of this.😄
  9. I agree with your post. However, just to throw this out, what about the situation when the cruise line decides to charter a ship and cancels all of the previously made binding contracts for the only reason of making more money? Maybe charters should have to be booked before a sailing is opened up for reservations.
  10. I also wonder how many people that have reservations will actually end up taking the cruise they booked even if the ship sails. With the CWC policy I think many folks may pay off their cruises and simply take an FCC if they don't like the way things are shaking out as the cruise draws near. There could be many less people on the ships than RCI anticipates just planning from the number of paid off reservations. I haven't decided yet if I will pay off my 2021 cruise or cancel before final payment. I also booked for 2022 already to get the booking in under the CWC policy. Flexibility is key right now. If early 2021 cruises sail and people find that they still have to go through some sort of quarantine on returning home there may be plenty of them backing out at the last minute. If I took a cruise today I wouldn't be able to go back into the hospital for 14 days after my return. If it is still like that when my next cruise comes up I won't be on the ship whether it sails or not.
  11. Sometimes businesses, and oeople in general, can be a bit short sighted. They will snap up a dollar today even if doing so ends up costing them ten dollars tomorrow.
  12. That is pretty much as I thought. So the idea that cruise lines can call guests with reservations and tells them they can still sail if they agree to a higher price sounds to me like a feeding frenzy for lawyers. It is just like when you begin the process of making a reservation and you are informed that the price is not guarenteed until the deposit is made.
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