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  1. Not only are you on the wrong side of the road but you go around them in the wrong direction, too!😯
  2. There is a CFA at the Mohegan Sun Casino but I have never tried it. I usually go to the casino for the buffet.
  3. I completely agree about the desserts. I agree about the kids, too.☺
  4. That is actually one of the aspects of the Windjammer that find very appealing. I have trouble sitting still for very long. I like getting up from the table and walking around to see if there is something else that I want to try. Sometimes I even leave something that I want just so I'll have a reason to get up again. I guess that is at least part of why the MDR does not work for me.
  5. So I pretty much disagree with your entire post except the last 17 words.😐
  6. Wrong war my friend. Go back a few more years....1700's.
  7. We can do roundabouts. Though I will admit that going through them on the wrong side of the road on Bermuda with a moped during Hamilton's rush hour is not something to be taken lightly.
  8. Maybe that is the reason you guys lost the war.
  9. They had someone keeping people out of the VCL all day or just during happy hour?
  10. As would I. My money in my bank is more appealing than my money in RCI's bank.
  11. Fortunately, "not packed with people spending money" seems to have become the definition of underutilized with RCI. The quiet spaces seem to become cabins, bars, or up charge restaurants.
  12. You have lost sight of the fact that the thread was started as a diversion to mask and virus threads. From that perspective it has served its purpose well.🙂
  13. Duh... all the foreign visitors that drive the right way.
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