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  1. And you know why these people are not in the MDR how? Back when we actually used the MDR we often skipped the last night for our reasons. We also never stiffed anyone. So just keep on assuming what ever you want.
  2. Didn't know you had an issue. Glad to hear you are better.
  3. That is because I don't have to go to GS to increase gratuities. I just hand cash to those who I choose to.
  4. I received two upgrades in the past before the Royal Up program was invented. I appeciated the upgrades but I doubt that I would ever participate in Royal Up. I book a cabin that I will be happy in. If I get a better one for free that is great but I'm not paying any more to get one. And back when I used to book two cabins next to each other I would not have even wanted a free up grade. It was more important to me to have cabins next to each other. As to the original complaint, I don't really find Royal Up e-mails to be annoying at all. It takes little effort to click the delete button.
  5. One could only hope a ahow would change on this ship.
  6. The sports deck is very cool. I think your boys are a good age to enjoy it....Rock wall, basketball court, water slides, flow rider. And I agree, don't miss the ice skating show. The mini golf is a fun family activity. Also, the parade that they have on the Royal Promenade is pretty cool to see. I am on this cruise too. I've been on Adventure several times. It is a very nice ship. I don't remember ever feeling much motion. But since I don't get motion sickness I don't pay that much attention to it.
  7. I tend to agree with the above. I would do ocean view. If for some reason you were the only adult with the kids and had to go to the bathroom would you be comfortable with the kids alone in the room? What if you were all sleeping and one or both of the kids got up? 4 year olds are big enough to get into trouble and it can happen fast.
  8. When these cabins were first introduced I said just wait until people pay extra for them and then the technology goes down. Now we will see how RCI handles this.
  9. I wouldn't have the slightest hesitation in booking an 11AM flight.
  10. That is almost as bad as having a CATS matenee on a sunny Caribbean afternoon at sea.
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