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  1. It might seem that to be a good thing. Just imagine how many more industries the CDC could have brought to their knees.
  2. Very cute. The problem is what happens next.😏
  3. Everyone here knows the noise, commotion, and distractions of the pool deck on a Caribbean sea day. It is far from an environment conducive to work requiring concentration. I won't speculate as to the reasons for him setting up his "office" there.... but I have my thoughts on the matter.
  4. If I needed to accomplish something and didn't want distractions I probably would not be on the pool deck.
  5. Maybe you were memorable?😉😊
  6. It matters little how long the runway is. People arrive to a cruise from all over travelling on different planes and airlines. There is no need to bring in a B777 because it would never be full. In all likelyhood you don't need to land planes larger than a B737.
  7. Any added step to get to a cruise decreases the convenience factor. And this isn't just an American issue. How many direct flights to Freeport are there from the U.K. or.... (insert country of your choice)? Having to get from Florida to Freeport to pick up a cruise is a PITA. I don't even like the extra effort to get from FLL to Miami. Getting 6000 people to Freeport to fill up Oasis is logistically hugely different from filling up the ship in P.E. If a cruise can be safely run out of the Bahamas then it can be safely run out of the U.S. it is time to stop the nonsense.
  8. I certainly understand your point. I would just hate to see it happen and cruising become less convenient.
  9. First, to answer your question I would certainly watch it. My dad was big on taking movies back in the day. Those films can become very brittle and fragile. Rather than risking running them thought a projector my brother and I had them all transferred to DVDs and USB thumb drives. It is fun to watch them now and then.
  10. Summer starts when the tourist beach traffic blocks up all the roads leading to the beaches and summer ends when the traffic goes away.😇
  11. I am not sure I would describe it as selfish. If vaccines were only available to the privileged few I might feel differently, however, that is not the case. But when talking about an activity as non-essential as cruising I don't think the vaccinated should have to alter their experience to protect the unvaccinated. Call it selfish if you like. You are entitled to your opinion as am I. As I have stated previously, some if rhe Caribbean islands won't even accept unvaccinated folks from St. Vincent during an emergency. Do you think they will act differently toward unvaccinated popula
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