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  1. Why does Adventure have to delay departure for Allure? Was Adventure at terminal 29 as usual? Allure would not be blocking Adventure's exit route.🤔
  2. First of all you have enough experience to know that the answer to the question isn't probably not. The answer is no. Secondly, you have enough experience to know how cabins are priced. If one person on the reservation qualifies for a discount whether it be C&A, senior, State promotion, etc., then that discount is factored into the price of the cabin and the total amount due is printed on the invoice. One reservation per cabin and one amount due. RCI could not care less who forks over that money just as long as someone does. If two people who qualify for a discount are in the cabin does the discount get applied twice? Before you reply let me assure you that the answer isn't probably not.
  3. The voucher drinks are not gifts, they are perks of your C&A level. Where do the rules of C&A say that you can transfer your perks to someone else? Can you give your balcony discount to someone else if you happen to book an inside cabin? Perks you don't use are lost not eligible for give-a-way. The vouchers are a nice perk and this is exactly the type of behavior that is going to screw things up for us.
  4. I really don't know. I didn't follow up and I was pretty happy to quickly revert back to vacation mode.
  5. Unfortunately, that just isn't the case. I was on one cruise where I was chilling in the solarium. Heard a medical call over the PA and realized the issue was about 30 feet away from me and I ended up attending a heart attack until the response team showed up. The solarium crew seemed quite relieved to let me take over. I was quite happy to let the response team take over and get back to my lounger. Many people with chronic medical conditions cruise and the change in lifestyle between activity level, eating, drinking, sleep patterns, etc., often leads to decompensation of their issues.
  6. Is there a place where we can read your thoughts on that cruise? I keep toying with the idea of booking MSC but have not yet pulled the trigger.
  7. Wow, you are heading back out on Adventure. I'm thinking about booking the ship again. Not sure how many times I've sailed her now.
  8. That is not always the case. And I suspect you know that. It is no different from the old cabin mini bar charges.
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