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  1. You don't become anything during a cruise. You only become something after the cruise when the points are added to your account.
  2. I hardly think that I would book such an itinerary. However, as for names how about Hostage Holding at the Cay?
  3. Any higher ups that attempt to damper someone's excitement about reaching a new level are probably the same ones that become obnoxious, loud mouth, staff abusing, bores when they gain entry to the lounges.
  4. I have no idea what kind of IT glitch causes such a thing to happen for days on end but when something like this doesn't quickly get fixed it eventually crosses the line from "glitch" to "scam".
  5. The discussion I responded to was an RCI rep saying that they could not remove it and the customer had to contact the company issuing the insurance. I am not going to go around in circles here with you.
  6. Hopefully there will be something else on TV worth watching that night.
  7. Obviously the customer knows what is on the invoice if they paid off the balance with the exception of the unwanted insurance. The issue is if RCI did not remove the unwanted insurance and then cancelled the cruise because the customer did not pay the portion of the balance attributed to the unwanted insurance.
  8. That might prompt some people to have a chat with a lawyer. RCI adds something to an invoice that was not requested. The customer pays everything except what they did not ask for and do not want. RCI cancels the cruise. That sounds like damages to me but, of course, I am no lawyer.
  9. I can certainly imagine that in the case of making a change to a reservation someone might review the new invoice to make sure the change was made correctly but might not look over everything as they might have when making the original booking. This thread is a good reminder that change can occur in areas not requested.
  10. That "school of thought" most likely started because you cannot turn on the TV without catching some commercial from some lawyer with an 800 number telling you to call and he will make everything better by getting you a big pile of cash.
  11. I think you are correct concerning the use of the word cruel. However, some people have certainly not mastered the art of being tactful when pointing out to someone what they could have, or should have, done differently. I don't really know how many times over the years I have had to deliver the news of lung cancer to patients. It isn't really the time to say it might not have happened if they didn't smoke their damn cigarettes.
  12. What level of C&A are you referring to? I think my common sense is still pretty strong and I get those drinks. Please find a post from me where I defended RCI's practices.
  13. I never said disputing the charge should be a first option. However, RCI should not make things difficult for a customer when the mistake is certainly theirs. I should not have to call a third party insurance carrier and have to deal with them. It is RCI's responsibility to do what has to be done to correct their mistake. And I also would have no intention of sitting down and taking the time to write a letter in order to correct their mistake. The more the burden gets put on me the more likely I would follow the path of least resistance in order to protect my assests. You don't charge anything to my account unless I ok it. Just admit to your mistake and fix it. This is right in line with past bogus towel and cabin frig charges. RCI's IT keeps finding more ways to be incompetent.
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