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  1. Makes sense! So I scanned my booking confirmation and doesn't see anything that confirms what drink package they gave me... I will try contacting them again. thanks!
  2. I only see the acronyms NRD next to drink package... I have no idea what it could stand for!
  3. Should have specified that the agent I spoke with tonight said I already have the premium package therefore couldn't upgrade me to compensate the 14$. Thanks!
  4. I booked a cruise during the veteran sale and received the 4 perks. We booked an ocean view cabin and the X agent told me we were getting the classic beverage package. Tonight, an other X agent is telling me I have the premium package (I called to ask about the 14$ surcharge being removed and the impact on my package). My cruising documents are showing 4 PERK SALE NRD. The agent is telling me NRD means premium package. I don't know who to believe anymore... The agent who booked my cruise or the agent I spoke with tonight? thanks!
  5. Hi! Will be arriving at the airport at 3 in the morning... Would you have a hotel to recommend that you know for sure has late (early?) check-in? I have found a few still available with 24hr reception but in the note it says check-in ends at 1am or 3 am... I have found one in OSJ that ends check-in at 5:00am but what if the plane is late or it takes forever to get our luggage or find a taxi... will my daughters and I be stuck in the streets until we can board? Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated! Thank you!
  6. Are the chances lower to see a sale on excursions when the cruise is fully booked or is it irrelevant?
  7. Do you know if Celebrity offers discounts for shore excursions on all of their cruises? Assuming they do, I suppose it only happens after final payment and for excursions that are the least popular? We are set to sail on February 29. Is what I see in my cruise planner all of the excursions that will be available or can they decide to add a few in the next few weeks? Thank you again for sharing your experience!
  8. Well, I have already spent more than I should have... The price of the plane tickets were insane from Canada to San Juan (and the flight schedule terrible) but we really like the itinerary of the cruise and we like X more than the other cruise lines. I think we will have to keep its small and cozy! Lol!
  9. Thank you! I will check if it's available for my cruise! I have been to a few of the islands you'll be visiting. You will have a blast! Enjoy your trip! :-)
  10. Peter118, who did you book your sail in st-Thomas with?
  11. Yes! Of course! Lol! We will sail the Summit!
  12. 98 days for us! I find this countdown period one of the best part of the trip.... The anticipation and excitement is so fun!! To be looking forward to a fantastic week! Then you get on board and what seems to be an endless week before now goes by in a flash!! First thing you know it's over and in my case it's back to work.... in the cold!!! 😭😭
  13. By the pictures that I saw the sofa bed looked kind of short. we are 3 women, 5'5'', 5'7''... Also, because I haven't seen any pictures of an OV set up for three people, I am having a hard time figuring the position of the beds )when they are separated) and where is the sofa bed. We don't want to block the way to the bathroom...
  14. What is more comfortable? We are 3 passengers in an OV cabin with option to have the upper berth opened or used the sofa bed. Thank you! :-)
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