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  1. The Great Outdoors...best place on any ship ever!
  2. Although I have never sailed on the Escape, I always sail from NY with the exception of one past trip. Only two occasions we experienced delays, one was major (ship was delayed an entire day). From all I read on all the boards, this can happen any time at any given port. And food reviews are so subjective. We enjoy the food on NCL and have avoided cruising Royal recently as we found their food to be rather boring, bland and not exciting....see subjective! I don't like to complain at all about the staff...ever! Any issues, unless life threatening, we take up directly with them. If problem does not go away, we just deal and then unfortunately it gets reflected in the additional tip amount at the end of the trip. (and those comment cards have come to mean a lot to the staff for reviews by their superiors. Anything negative written there has a huge impact!) I understand that everyone has different experiences to share, just that like the saying goes....any cruise is a good cruise! Enjoy!! (and I am not even going to comment about the statements about the passenger demographics...I mean really??##!!!)
  3. Thank you for the info. Hopefully we hit a good day!
  4. Leaving from Tampa on the Dawn in March for a relocation cruise. All the cruises we have taken, have never sailed from Tampa or anywhere in Florida for that matter. How is the embarkation process? Fairly smooth? We just reached platinum status prior to our last trip out of New York. Priority embarkation was seamless. Can we expect the same? Also, traveling on the Dawn for the 1st time since she was refurbished a few years back. I understand there is no Spinnaker...so where is the best interior place to hang out with a view of the outside?
  5. Just got back from a trip and purchased cartons for some friends. Allowance was 5 cartons per person over 18 in family. 4 MUST BE PURCHASED IN ST THOMAS, only 1 allowed from other ports. We went through with no problem. Its a verbal declaration, so unless you are bringing back over $1600 worth of goods, you don't have to fill out the form they just question you at customs.
  6. Looking for a beach day in Barbados. Copacabana has been mentioned as an option, but I can't seem to locate a lot of info about it. Anyone know about cost for chair rentals, how far from the pier, do they have facilities, changing rooms, etc.? We are not interested in water sports, but enjoy a semi-quiet environments, but with access to a bar/restaurant. Thanks
  7. Is it the bone-in rib eye that is off the menu? or just the regular rib eye? How can a steak house not have a rib eye? And when did they introduce new specialty dining menus?
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