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  1. I agree with you, but I also agree that there will be positives ---and that the CDC will shut down cruising because there are positives. People will be confined to their cabins, the virus will spread(even if only in the form of positive test results). It doesn't matter if the symptoms are minor or nonexistent. The CDC is calling all the shots here - and they've decided that Covid is DANGEROUS/DEADLY/hopeless and without end (thus the fear of the endless variants) For over a year, the belief in asymptomatic spread is the tie that binds us. They're not lettin
  2. This is a great illustration of exactly what DCGuy64 was talking about
  3. Unfortunately too many people confuse facts and opinions. Different opinions are seen as lies. This board exists for different opinions and people too often forget this isn't a news site. Disagree if you like, and feel free to research the things people say, ignore whoever you wish to ignore.
  4. This pertains to PASSENGERS. I clearly said: Is there any indication that the line won't require crew vaccinations, or that the CDC couldn't just require that? I give up. No one really reads these posts anyway. There is clearly a happy happy willingness to do whatever the CDC demands, without question. Is it any wonder that this continues, more than a year later? With a vaccine? With full vaccination likely by summer in this country? But with still another 7(!!) months until the tiniest possibility of a cruise from a US port. Even though all other tourism is opening up,
  5. That's not what I said. The ***White House says vaccinations by July*** The CDC is a United States Government agency. Why is this agency keeping US ports closed to cruise ships until November? We can't cruise out of the United States. What other countries can and can not do, and how they prioritize vaccinations, is not the subject of this thread. Are you suggesting that the CDC should keep seaports closed until the world is vaccinated? That the bubbles of vaccinated cruise passengers, with temperature checks and testing, is not sufficient to resume cruising? What more can po
  6. I thought it was obvious that I was referring to international travel by air i.e. into and out of US ports. International flights are permitted, even if just for pleasure. Stating that we shouldn't, is not the same as same we CAN'T. Which is most definitely the case with cruising. Exposure requiring quarantine(from the CDC): "Someone who has been within 6 feet of an infected person (laboratory-confirmed or a clinically compatible illness) for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period (for example, three individual 5-minute exposures f
  7. Is there any indication that the line won't require crew vaccinations, or that the CDC couldn't just require that? Commonsense, not "US-centric". No need to be so dismissive
  8. Their authority does not cover "anything". Ports? Yes. It does seem that cruise lines are singled out, since pleasure travel by air is fine with the CDC. So the ships are foreign? The businesses that rely on them are very American.
  9. A thousand times this We're told repeatedly to follow the science. Can someone point me to the science that supports this decision? With the White House saying vaccines available to all by July? November??? Based on what? And that's flu season, with the predicted spike after Thanksgiving etc etc
  10. is wrong. Agreeing with said zealots does not make the zealotry right.
  11. I live in Pennsylvania. Companies were forced to over-react, or lose their business licenses. The crushing result was the same either way. I may need to move to South Carolina.
  12. I wanted to know for sure that balconies are covered on Royal class mini-suite balconies. And, mostly, why the links for the reviews aren't working at all.
  13. Looking ahead and trying to research mini-suites on Royal class. None of the links work for cabin reviews. Any ideas? Or any other way to access this info? I am logged in, working on Chrome.
  14. I cancelled my Azamara cruise when the airlines stopped flying Americans to Europe- it ended up costing me $150 for the booking because I hadn't waited for the line to cancel. It was a policy I knew when I booked- if I had paid in full, then they cancelled, it wouldn't have cost me anything. I just didn't want so much tied up in refunds. Since Celebrity and Azamara are both RCCL, I suspect the policy was similar.
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