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  1. The Lavazza coffee served on Celebrity is very good. I have it on auto-order with Amazon.
  2. Maybe they will pass out orange party hats to add to the vibe. Keep your fingers crossed.
  3. On the Coral Princess a few weeks ago, they kept playing the same episode of "The Love Boat" It was the episode where Mr. Brady of the Brady Bunch had an affair with Hot Lips Hoolihan. It seemed like they repeated it every day.
  4. So was our buddy Joel Mason. His Elton John tribute remains our all-time favorite show. He plays a mean guitar too.
  5. Taxi's normally don't charge per person where a shuttle might. Maybe best to do the math first.
  6. .....and stay Frosty....its a jungle out there.
  7. That sounds a little bit like the "Hide the Peanut" game. Most of us know how the guarantee cabin thing works. I mean, a clever PCC could have cancelled the booking and just re-booked the fare when the subsequent prices dropped lower whilst letting the purchaser think it was an "immediate cabin assignment". We do that with our on-line conglomerate travel agency no problem. Just taking a guess in the dark here.....
  8. I wonder if that is true for the King Crab Legs at Costco too....
  9. I see what you're saying. I mistook your suits for Tuxedos. My bad. My point is about not seeing a Tuxedo in the MDR is my compelling argument about its dwindiling popularity on cruiseships.
  10. for those of you who like to read the threads backwards (newest first), I thought I would quote the OP's early assessment. The quote really sums it up. We were in the MDR 11 days ago, albeit another line and did not see a Tuxedo. Wearing a Tuxedo on a HAL ship is out-dressing the food, most of the time. It's a fading fashion even in the award ceremonies and red carpets. Kilts might be making a comeback though.
  11. JRG


    Princess seems a better choice to us. We just completed the LA Vancouver run last week and if you are used to Celebrity caliber then you may be disappointed with the older HAL ships. We did the older dam HAL ships in their prime and that was great but now we would look the other way for reasons mentioned above. If you can flex travel then jump on one of the last minute Princess giveaways from the secret on line travel agencies. It cost us more to board the dog than the PP price for a Mini-Suite MD (302 sq. ft) on the Coral Princess. It was less for our cabin neighbors from Texas. Trying another cruiseline is a good way to expand your cruising horizons, sample the competition or see what you may be missing if you are one of the HAL-birds. We also know that there are others around the country who are doing the same thing and they are fun to meet on your cruises.
  12. One might make the argument that this post is hypocritical. It appears that the author is wondering (caring) what our opinion is of the attire opinion of the stranger. This is deep. It's like telling somebody not to speak with food in their mouth while you are speaking with food in your mouth...??? No big deal here though.
  13. .....that would be Golden Pond, right?
  14. You're getting warmer.....have your membership i.d. ready just in case!
  15. If you have made it to the Big Box deal in this game and have cruised with confidence, then you've made it to second base and thats' a good thing in the cruise pricing game. The next step is to think outside the Big Box. It appears to me that the Big Box may be sharing the same search engine as the nefarious cruise-agencies that everybody keeps mentioning but not everybody knows who they are exactly. Our approach is similar to what is described by H but I describe it as shopping for a cruise like the Car-Max commercial, or zoom, zoom zoom with all the details and pricing you need to make your buying decision after you've filtered in all your favorite cruiselines, ships, cabins, etc. etc., instantly at your laptop. When you are ready to go you call the number and tell them what you want and they put you on hold to process with the cruiseline (just like the Big Box) , they come back, done deal and you have an e-mail invoice in seconds. No long term relationship there. The whole program does not work if you're not watching the pricing frequently to familiarize yourself with the market. If you are not doing this then forget about making it to third. I hope that this helps some folks save some money. Cruising is great fun but cruising for super great values is funner. You cannot book directly with HAL and score the deals we see unless you just get really lucky.
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