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  1. I actually typed in "Club Orange" in the search box and surprisingly only got about 10 threads* on the subject. Sounds like some current ground intelligence is needed here. Club Orange wasn't on Kdam when we sailed the Med in summer 2018, but neither was the Rolling Stones thing so if anyone was lucky enough to be one of the canaries when it launched some pictures might help.. *significant threads only
  2. If the food is very good, then perhaps one should vote, not with their feet, not with their wallet, not with their heart, ..but on the actual CC cruise review format, so that it shows up next year in the annual CC Critics Choice Dining Awards. I'm willing to stipulate that your dining experience was par excellence and that is a good thing....but.....$50? The furniture and the change-out signage makes it look rinky dink and the tablesettings don't fool me. And lastly, I'm just not comfortable with the naming, CO sounds too much like one of the periodic elements. (i.e. cobalt). I think HAL could have done better. How about "Club L'Orange" or "Prince Albert's" or "Studio 65" ....something that doesn't sound so cheesy.
  3. Give our regards to the Chef! These dishes look awesome.......
  4. I give HAL credit for trying with Club Orange as I agree with the concept... ...but from the pictures I've seen on CC it does not look very appealing. It just looks rinky-dinky and I can't believe HAL is passing this along as a suite perk or an add-on for other guests.
  5. It seems to me that Adagio is any threesome playing classical music on any HAL ship. It also seems like most other cruiselines have their version of Adagios too. I'd also like to remind everybody (again) that times are changing . I've heard "Adagios" on other ships play U2 songs and I actually one heard a version of "Smoke on the Water". My mothers favorite song.
  6. The real survey question should be: Will HAL customers change cruiselines if the policy stays?
  7. Absolutely..... First of all, it isn't about the money. Secondly, $10.00 is immaterial to our cruise budget. Thirdly, if it works to serve as a deterrent for foodies who instagram the whole menu, then it makes sense. Finally, a lobster tail is a terrible thing to waste (even the skimpy ones HAL serves). Many posters have commented that lobster is the most common second entree. If HAL reduces their food waste exposure significantly just with the lobster tails then the policy could be here to stay.
  8. Yes you are absolutely correct. You brought up a very good point and in all the excitement it became difficult to follow who was who for a moment. Sorry for the bogey too as I really meant to address John and Jane Q sample users who might be using the search engine inefficiently. Thank you for handling that gracefully. Its noteworthy that you probably have a stronger grasp on this issue than most if you are seeing differences before and after the upgrade. It works for me in general but I still have to sift and skim through alot of pages of white noise and dirty laundry to find what I am looking for.
  9. I'll address this significant point in your quote and then let your thread get back on-line because because. There is nothing wrong with the Search Engine.......the problem is corrupted data-set of meaningless posts generated by us, the users. Or it may be how you are trying to use it. The parameters and filters are all there. I can understand why mastering search queries has always been a hurdle for segments of our population who were not introduced them early lin ife and yes, the CC Search Engine has to be navigated before you can utilize all of its power to reduce your answer set. It is fundamental to most of us, but not yet all of us. Other forums use mechanisms to reduce the clutter of data that comes back during searches, and how those cleanup mechanisms work is largely dependent on the context of a particular forum or topic. (i.e. purge or archive after 6-mos of no responses). Back to your post.........
  10. You're ok. I'm ok. But please let me elaborate. I am not the Search Police. Like some, I am disappointed when new or infrequent and innocent cc posters get trampled by HAL regulars because they don't post daily, but have a genuine bonafide question to ask about their upcoming cruise. I express my disappointment in these Search Police in this case if my comment saves just one future intelligent poster from a getting the proverbial humiliating kick-in-the-crotch' then I would do it again and twice on Sunday. I would say good doctor that "You hold 'em and I'll do the Ray Guy imitation"..but after all....this is the 21st century and that is not a civilized way to behave. The OP has my total support on this thread. p.s. Bolding is mine.
  11. OMG! You misunderstood my post!. No harm no foul it happens. I was actually supporting the OP opening a new thread, my response was to an entirely different person. When you go back and re-read it you will see what I mean.👍
  12. If you do these two things regularly, then you increase the probability of finding the right Cruiseline/Ship/Itinerary/Value combination for your cruise. If you are limiting your searches only to the HAL or X or other cruiseline website; then you may be treading water.
  13. Why don't you use the CC search function to answer your question? Its always a good to search before you post!
  14. This is still one of the better Hal forum threads. I agree that It is fascinating that posters who have not sailed on Celebrity insist on chiming in on this thread. The 2019 Cruisers Choice awards clearly show Celebrity dominating in the dining category. There are thousands of reviews which comprise the results. HAL just did not do very well in the dining ratings.
  15. If you are a foodie, the 2019 Cruiser's Choice Awards are now available for CC users. (scroll to top of page) In the Dining category Celebrity ships did pretty well. HAL ships did not do very well. Most evidently did not make the cut. My understanding is that these votes are comprised from CC members, not just HAL or X fans.
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