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  1. There is nothing wrong with dreaming like this, its part of the expectations management process.... Most people here are right though , the cruiselines simply aren't going to lose 1 day of revenue per sailing to overclean. I would be more comfortable with sailing at 50% occupancy, and paying twice as much. I could live with stewards acting more like housekeeping staff and not having to wait on us hand and foot. I actually envision a healthier cruising experience once things get going again.
  2. Would you say then that we are in a "holding pattern", with respect to cruising? ....and I'm not talking about cruiselines holding our cash. The crowd here is trying to define the expectations of the FutureState of cruising and that makes for interesting reading when you strip out all of the white noise and catawalling posts. What I like about this post is that is gets the audience on the same page to some degree.
  3. .........All I need is a tall ship and and a 5-star buffet to steer her by.
  4. Like many of you, I like to peruse Cruise Critic to find the occasional gem of a thread.... Sadly, this is not one of them....
  5. I'm going to say visiting and reconnoitering the Rock of Gibraltar.... ......its one of the few places in the world where you go to get the monkey on your back........
  6. This makes sense. Less reliance on flying customers. Targeting reliance on local demand and they are afforded the opportunity to use localized supply chains. Hopefully it gets some people back to work sooner than later too. Curious to see to see what the itineraries are just for ships and giggles. We've moved on from Carnival and prefer Celebrity but I'm watching as an avid fan cruiser. Its a beta test and they are probably looking for a few good canaries.
  7. Today I saw on TV, with my own eyes, German Shepherds being trained in what looked line scent detection for Covid-19. Now maybe I am wrong, maybe it was for blood-sugar level changes or contraband or something else.. If it is true then I think it is a good thing. And I may not be barking up the wrong tree here.
  8. Just to finish my train of thought here... There is alot hypersensitivity with regards to this sector (biotech) . So yes it would be interesting to validate the article. If you are an investor or looking to become more knowledgeable, then it is helpful to make a distinction between those are Vaccine Related and those that are Therapeutic. Not to mention the fact that SEC regs do not encourage such actions if firms were attempting to manipulate stock prices. But I am in agreement that a source or link would be nice. A highly credible source would be better.
  9. Sorry, I see your point. I was referring to Cruisemoms comment. Of course a link would help authenticate, I was thinking about her write-up and research comments. My Bad if you see what I mean.
  10. This is a really good write-up and I just want to add that there are really two races here: 1) for the Vaccine 2) for the Treatments if infected. What is incredible to witness is how rapidly the FDA is granting pre-market approval, compared to previous standards.
  11. Could she (or family supporters) rent a small craft and have it request a MEDEVAC ship to ship dock transfer under a protocol that is commensurate with how the general public is being treated. That would be the arms lengths test of reasonableness for having a Captain stick his neck out. Have it done under the guidance of CDC present regs so the Captain could prove that this transfer was no more dangerous to Society than anybody who had previously stepped off a cruise ship or a plane. Of course the Captain is going to piss somebody off. But if he had the mean$$$ to ensure such a small craft transfer is feasible, then he should have to balance that risk against the cost of facing future consequences. This is why he is the Captain. However, if he is not aware of all of the tools ithat are in the $hed, then it would be an second officer who would need to make him aware of such a resource as the Internet. I'd give it to LA County Sheriffs and the Harbor Patrol Division to expedite along with USCG. And depending on where the ship is right now, maybe use the same services from Orange County or San Diego.
  12. If Carnival instructed the Captain to not file the attestation because they couldn't afford to provide transportation, and I have no reason to think otherwise, then there may be simple solution at hand. Think back to the evacuation of Dunkirk. The citizens of the UK came together and saved their army by using their personal resources (their boats) to save the day and live to fight another day. Since we are all in this together, ask yourself how can the citizens of the US come together (using their resources) and save the day? The simple answer is to have the Captains get on the Internet and start the GO****ME process to raise the necessary funds, on a ship by ship basis, so that U.S. Citizens can get home. Whether by charter flights or rental car. I know that Cruise Critic does not allow this process to originate from its forums, but maybe they could make an exception in this case. If not, then somebody needs to take the bull by the horns and start the process externally from CC. I can't remember who said it but I bet he was Irish-American. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country " .
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