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  1. Thank you for correcting me. I guess we were in a balcony cabin not mini-suite on the cruise we were on Baja. We were in a mini-suite on Caribe.
  2. I would pick a mini-suite on Baja or Caribe toward the front/bow of the ship because: 1) The balconies are covered 2) Easy to go up to the buffet because it is in the front of the ship. Pizza and hamburgers also close by. 3) Easy access to the open deck on the front of Baja and Caribe decks. It is not marked on the deck plans but you can walk out the front on those decks. I am not sure which side of the ship to select. The last two times we have been northbound and on starboard. The first trip was southbound on port side. Maybe next time we should choose the other side to see what we were missing. I recommend getting off your balcony and see everything from all sides of the ship.
  3. Also May is a good time to go. Bugs are not too bad. The mountains are still snow covered on top. The days are long but just enough darkness to allow some sleep. Weather was better when we went in May than when we went in September. More waves in Gulf of Alaska in September than in May. Of course every year can be different.
  4. Great to read your review of the cruise. Your pictures are wonderful. We have not had time to look at all the pictures we took. It was nice meeting you at the M&G in Crooners. We had a great time driving to Valdez after the cruise. Connie
  5. Definitely do some land time in Alaska. There is so much to see in Alaska and the cruise only covers such a small amount of the state. Either do a Princess cruisetour or rent a car and drive around Alaska. The first time we did the Princess Cruisetour to Denali. The second time we rented a car and drove to Seward for 3 days. The most recent trip we rented a car and drove around for 7 days. We drove to Valdez for 2 days. We stayed at the Princess Copper River Lodge for a few days. Then we spent a few days in Anchorage. The scenery was wonderful on the drive to Valdez.
  6. We would dress the same. We felt comfortable in what we were wearing. I always put on nicer clothes if we go to the dining room even if not formal night. We have a Canada/Greenland cruise planned for August and we are planning on dressing the same for formal nights. (There were some on the Alaska cruise that came in with hooded sweatshirts and jeans. I think that is a little too casual for formal night). I think you should just wear what makes you comfortable and happy.
  7. We just got back from an Alaska cruise on Coral. This trip seemed to be the dressiest I have seen guests dressed compared to other recent cruises. Of course there are many new cruisers on an Alaska cruise. Maybe they want to dress up for their first cruise. There were many men in tux and a few women in formal length gowns. I had packed a few dresses but only wore one of them. Husband wore long sleeve dress shirt and tie for formal night. We did not feel out of place. We were trying to pack light because we had 7 day cruise and then we drove around Alaska for 7 days.
  8. When we have taken my parents with us, we just have them follow us. No problems with them coming with us (platinum). We usually do not get to the port early, so there are not long lines at any of the lines.
  9. As long as one of you from the cabin are in the picture, it will be in your package. Last time I had the package we cruised with another couple. We just took group pictures of the four of us. There were 2 copies of each picture and we gave them the duplicates. When I checked out we just put all the pictures in the pile.
  10. Last fall we had a cruise end in Los Angeles, California. We used EZ Air to fly home from Las Vegas Nevada a week later. This spring we are flying home 7 days after our cruise ends in Alaska. Just look at the drop-down menu to see the airports you can choose to fly home from.
  11. We like the EZ Air because we can change the flight if you purchase flexible fares. We received a notice last week that our flight times had changed (added 5 hour layover). We changed the flights to a better time and it saved money over the original price we had booked. Someone asked about going into and out of different airports. Our last cruise ended in Los Angeles but we were able to fly home from Las Vegas. This is the third time we have used EZ Air. The first time we used it was for flight to London. We were able to get a flight home from London that was not available on the airline's regular website.
  12. When we did the partial a few years ago, everyone went through the locks. Then those that were taking an excursion were tendered off. Then the ship went back through the locks. We met the ship later at the port.
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