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  1. Where does it say 30 items?? It used to but I don't see it now. Annie
  2. A party on the ship or a night in New York City?? 😉 Annie
  3. An Update: Success. I have just received an email from Rccl confirming all is good. Interestingly the reply came from an email address not listed anywhere and I think is relevant to customers who booked via a consortium of agencies. Freedom@rccl.com Many thanks for your support and suggestions. Annie
  4. I don't do Fb but thanks for the suggestion. Annie
  5. Thanks. The situation WILL be resolved in my favour. Annie
  6. Thanks - if they would just answer the phone it would help 😉 Annie
  7. Frustration was the word I used in today's emails. I am just following the advice given on the ABTA website but I can't get anyone to answer the phone or reply to my emails. It is not just those who booked through TC shops that are impacted but I will update if I hear anything. Annie
  8. Thanks. I am not worrying - just annoyed they are not responding to anything. Annie
  9. Mobile packages?? They have my contact telephone numbers - customer service?? sadly missing. Would they ask US customers to telephone them at their expense?? Rant over 🙂 Annie
  10. Thanks but I am not telephoning anymore and running up my telephone bill. Other cruise lines have 0800 numbers but NOT Celebrity. Annie
  11. Thanks. You are lucky - I have still heard nothing and cruise this month. I did not telephone in September to allow everyone time to sort things out. However no-one is chasing me for money. 🙂 Annie
  12. They enjoy all their cruises but he is a similar age to Mick Jagger. That age group are still rocking and rolling. Annie
  13. Trust me it is not as straight forward as they say.. Celebrity have not contacted me at all apart from receipts of my emails. I am impacted and I have heard nothing despite 10 phone calls and 3 emails. Annie
  14. I know someone who was on that cruise this year. They report an average age well in excess of 50.
  15. On my first Celebrity cruise which was Eastern Med, the solo penalty was 150%. I have only ever paid 200% solo penalty once on Celebrity and that was a NZ cruise. Annie
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