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  1. That practice was in place on the Millie 3 years ago. Annie
  2. That's easy - deliberately write down an absurdly wrong answer and watch how many people copied you 😉 Annie
  3. That is how I would have handled it as well - escalated the issue and have it documented. I would then follow it up with a letter to Head Office. I always advise them on board that I will be doing that. In my 10 years of cruising I have only had to do that once (different cruise line) and received OBC. Just out of curiosity who was the HD?? Trust me when I have the supporting evidence, I am like a dog with a bone 😉 Sorry to read that so many of you have F&B issues and if I was sufficiently unhappy, I would vote with my wallet. Annie
  4. To recap you booked and paid in sterling. You were offered the refund in sterling but you declined. What have Celebrity done wrong?? Annie
  5. The exchange rate has NEVER been £1 = $1. Annie
  6. When I was a child the exchange rate was £ : $4 or $1 was worth 5 shillings 😉 Annie
  7. If you purchased a $100 excursion and paid £99.84 - you were overcharged. If you have documentary evidence to support that, I would be asking for a refund on the grounds of exchange rate error. Annie
  8. It is too early for my Maths. The exchange rate for GBP:USD has never been at parity in my lifetime. So you are saying you purchased an excursion at USD 100 approx. and paid £99.84 initially?? Sorry I am missing something. Annie
  9. Yes that can be a giveaway - did you escalate the complaint and have it recorded?? Annie
  10. Just asking did you raise the issues of the substitution of lower blends of wine with anyone?? Even the water?? I had a similar issue on the Millie last year. When I asked them for Pellegrino - certain bars were notorious for supplying a generic brand and I called them out on it. My Australian cruising friends called them out on the wine. Someone would order a Chardonnay and be often served Sauvignon Blanc. These incidents were too often and only stopped when we called them out on it. Annie
  11. Is that not the equivalent of $1.30?? or am I misreading you?? Annie
  12. How often have we read conflicting reviews of the same cruise? I decided to read reviews of the ship as I have a future booking on that ship but not during school holidays. None of them are invalid because that was someone's experience. That is all I am saying. Annie
  13. I am implying nothing at all just reporting what was reported on another site. Possibly they never witnessed anything? I have been on cruises where people will report an incident and 95% of the ship never saw it. When I left the Millie in Hong Kong just before Christmas 2017, one of the activity staff told me they were expecting over 400 Spanish guests - one third being children. Celebrity simply don't have the activity staff to handle that. Annie
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