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  1. FWIW Norway is currently experiencing a very high incidence rate far in excess of the UK. Annie
  2. No worries. My source: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-age-sex-demographics/ FWIW I wish the media would highlight that yes there have been over 126,000 cases but less than 55,000 cases are current. The balance are closed cases. Annie
  3. Check your source. Mortality rate for men 2.8% and 1.7% for women. Annie
  4. Did you keep quiet?? that has been attempted on me but I speak up. Annie
  5. I tip my hat to you. Good health and happy cruising to you. Annie
  6. I am over 65 and my basic travel insurance for Europe is free from my bank. To extend to worldwide including North America costs me £40. This is an annual policy and covers multiple trips normally to 31 days in length. I have 1 pre-existing medical condition which is covered for free.
  7. Neither have I. I am curious what the premiums would be?? Annie
  8. Correct. I did intend to post that info too but forgot. I was an independent traveller and no visa was required. Annie
  9. I was on the same cruise. I think future cruises have less Japanese ports in the itinerary which is a pity - JMO. Petropovlovsk was cold - river still frozen in the town centre and it was May! I do cold btw - I am Scots.There were tendering issues and not all the passengers made it ashore. That port is once and done. The activity team and the CD did themselves proud with a very crammed schedule. I travel solo and if there were solo activities, I don't recall them. That said, it was no hardship and I and a few others formed a very fun international group at the Martini Bar. Great time was had and we are all still in touch. We formed our alternative choir. A lady organised a table for solos through the roll call - I would not do that again. However that is possibly one route if you wish dining companions. I thoroughly enjoyed my cruise which was greatly enhanced by the 'Martini Clubbers' and the 10 days land trip I spent crossing Japan prior to the cruise. I plan to repeat the land portion next year but will not repeat the cruise - frankly there are too few Japanese ports. Annie
  10. Where does it say 30 items?? It used to but I don't see it now. Annie
  11. A party on the ship or a night in New York City?? 😉 Annie
  12. An Update: Success. I have just received an email from Rccl confirming all is good. Interestingly the reply came from an email address not listed anywhere and I think is relevant to customers who booked via a consortium of agencies. Freedom@rccl.com Many thanks for your support and suggestions. Annie
  13. I don't do Fb but thanks for the suggestion. Annie
  14. Thanks. The situation WILL be resolved in my favour. Annie
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