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  1. It is reported that Zenith is leaving the fleet in January 2020 Annie
  2. That was my experience also except it was not a small plate. Annie
  3. Sailed the Zaandam recently and they were definitely available in Explorations Café several times. Annie
  4. I never eat Surf and Turf - I am allergic to shellfish. Maybe I should order double starters and surf and turf and offer my entree to the table to share? Annie
  5. Will this charge apply to suite passengers?? Annie
  6. If someone has access to a legal advice service e.g. Which - it may be useful to check. I understand an April cruise is impacted. To make this announcement after collecting final payment is very calculated. Annie
  7. The sole POC is changed - if that is not major, I don't know what is. Annie
  8. Snap. I could even tell you which vodka was used in each glass. My preference is Belvedere over GG but each to their own. Annie
  9. Less foot traffic. Very close to outside space. Ratio of staff: cabins appeared very high. Annie
  10. I have stayed on one of the few inside cabins on deck 11 of the Millie and loved it especially the location and it was very quiet. I would rebook the same cabin 1137 without hesitation. Great staff on that deck. Annie
  11. That is the theory but not consistently executed. I know of passengers who queried the additional charges and claim they had them rescinded. Annie
  12. Other cruise lines overcome the challenge of Income Tax - surely Carnival can do too?? But again Carnival appears not to be consistent across their brands. Honest my last word 🙂 Annie
  13. There is a simple solution. Add the cost of the gratuities to the cruise fare. It does not help when half of the passenger list claim that their gratuities were included as part of a promotion. Then there is all the additional tipping done by non-American staff. Maybe HAL should follow the TUI model - yes I can hear the howls of protest already. Annie
  14. Just off a Zaandam cruise and Americans were lining up to remove gratuities. Go figure as they say. I overheard one passenger stating that the service was excellent but the rate of gratuities is simply too high. GSC staff did not blink. Annie
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