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  1. My favourite crew members are all the crew members I have ever had the pleasure of meeting on my 30+ cruises
  2. I just got a text from my friend on the NA and he says they are going somewhere in the Bahamas.
  3. I spoke with my PCC today regarding an up coming cruise and cancellation We get a full refund of the cruise, but not the Platinum Ins. I also inquired if the insurance could be transferred to a November cruise we have and the answer once again was No
  4. Had a conversation with a friend who is a doctor. He knows that we love to cruise. His advice if you have any respiratory issues then do not travel at this time
  5. We always contact Guest Accessibility 1-800-547-8493 regarding my husbands allergies
  6. Some people are just plain rude and only think about themselves
  7. Power bars with surge protectors are not allowed, simple reason. Two or more cabins are on a power grid and if you blow yours you knock out the other cabins also. This as per one of the ships electricians that hosted our table in November. Just go the front seat and ask for one. They have 2 sizes, a regular and another one with a longer cord for those that use any type of breathing apparatus
  8. Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Great reading. The missing eyes on the animals has nothing to do with saving paper, but the fact that the paper goes into the washers and then clogs the filters
  9. We have a cruise booked out of Vancouver for Alaska in May. We are waiting it out. Also just booked a Caribbean cruise out of Tampa for the fall
  10. I have never printed the tags with coloured ink and have never had a problem.
  11. We had Captain Marek November 20- Dec 4. He was always out and about and talking to passengers. Was just wondering if that was him.
  12. Does anyone remember the Captain’s name Glad you enjoyed the Veendam. We did a 14 day on her in November and thoroughly enjoyed the ship. It was our 30th HAL cruise, but first on the Veendam
  13. Unfortunately it is per cabin.
  14. Thank you for sharing pictures of our favourite ship. We can hardly wait for our May cruise on her to Alaska.
  15. I believe it is only offered on Grand voyages. Certainly not on 7 or 14 day cruises
  16. Good for HAL, saving one tree at a time
  17. I just logged onto HAL website and all the prices were in Canadian $’s.
  18. You can bring as much water and soda on board as you want, even when you are in a port
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