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  1. We've decided to forgo the ~$200 in FCC and get our deposit back. We're hoping to head to Europe next year, but not on a cruise. We are going to give Windstar a few years to get their dry dock issues straightened out before we try to cruise with them again.
  2. First was because of dry dock delays. Second was because of COVID. Third was who knows why? I couldn't really get a straight answer about it. I saw it probably the day they posted it, called and booked it, a week later tried to find it to send a link to a friend who was interested in it, and couldn't find it. Called them and they said it was cancelled. That was a couple months ago and I'm still waiting for an email informing me of this.
  3. I've had three cruises booked with them in the past 12 months and they've all been cancelled for one reason or another. I'm really not even sure that I want to attempt to book another cruise. I'm out what I paid for the travel insurance, as they won't move it for a 4th time, and the last time I spoke with them, they are looking for a significant amount above the $1200 or so of my cash they are already holding to book another cruise. I'm pretty much thinking that I'm not really wanting to give them another penny until they get their act together.
  4. We had rescheduled to a sailing next July that has gone dark. There is a sailing mid June, then the next three or so weeks are missing (including the 10 day cruise we had booked) and then it resumes again. I'm not going to be happy if they've chartered the ship, particularly because we opted to not wait for a cancellation with a FCC to jump on the great fare we had found. Our first cruise was cancelled due to the delays in the shipyard, the replacement due to COVID and it looks like the next replacement might be cancelled due to a charter. I'm not sure what we'll do if this is the case, but I'm leaning towards just accepting that the universe is whispering in my ear and outright cancelling.
  5. The difference is that most cruises in French Polynesia never leave that country, so there are no immigration issues.
  6. If they can prove a causal link between anyone getting off that ship and someone being infected as a result, I believe it might be possible to charge someone. It would definitely be enough to bring a cause of action for a tort.
  7. Domestic terrorism. Attempted assault. It's no different than not disclosing HIV status to intimate partners. The cruise line, Governor, and President were accessories.
  8. I can't speak for Celebrity, but Windstar has changed final payment to 30 days prior from 90. It's possible Celebrity has done the same. I'd call to get a definite answer rather than relying on these boards.
  9. We've gotten into the habit of carrying a mini hand sanitizer on the key ring and after using a credit card or license, we pour out sanitizer, use it liberally on our hands, the card, and the sanitizer bottle before putting them away. If we've touched anything, we also use sanitizer before retrieving the card to begin with. We were never "hand sanitizer" people before this. We just believed in washing hands frequently. But the new reality is that we use a lot of hand sanitizer when we're (rarely) out of the house. I expect that to continue for quite some time.
  10. It was utter crap that it was allowed into Florida without all of them going into a full two week quarantine on either their or HAL's dime. Instead sick and exposed people were allowed to walk off without a quarantine and to the public airport and get on commercial passenger airplane and spread the virus further. That was criminal behavior.
  11. Enron off the top of my head. I'm sure there are numerous others.
  12. I think they mean that people will flock to your country and then suddenly need medical care which they have no plans to pay for.
  13. The summary of benefits page that has the policy number, names of insureds, and limits of liability for coverage.
  14. This is the type of thing that infuriates me. The port workers KNEW the ship was going to be significantly delayed, why not just be honest about it from the start? Tell people so they can make plans to go sightseeing or have a meal or get a day room or whatever. I can't imagine 99.9% of people having a problem with the situation if they were just old the truth from the start. Leaving people in the dark just creates angst and anger.
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