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  1. Good God I hope not. I can't imagine any Windstar passenger being even remotely interested in ships that large. Most are 600-800 or so passengers, and with what I understand they are quite long in the tooth. I suspect that they will go to one of the Asian operators. They might be perfect for a Chinese line.
  2. We would not cruise if we had to take cruise line shore excursions. They are typically either drive by's or spend way too much time waiting for people who disrespect the time of others or at "special shopping locations." We were planning on exactly one ship sponsored shore excursion on the Baltic Cruise this past summer, and it was to the missile silos in Lithuania. Other options didn't make sense.
  3. We had booked a cruise for fall of 2020 which was cancelled due to dry dock issues (irate that the ship wasn't in dry dock and was redeployed for a different itinerary the same time frame). We rescheduled for a different cruise which was cancelled due to Covid. I get that. Rescheduled for a different cruise in the fall which was cancelled no reason given a week after we booked it and months before they cancelled the fall sailing season. We wanted to rebook a different cruise over the summer of 2021, but the amount that they wanted for a deposit was far more than I was willing to let them h
  4. Well, as someone who lives within driving distance of KW who has in the past and would continue to spend long weekends there, I can say we've avoided it due to the level of cruise ships dropping off thousands of day trippers. With the small ships we would never notice, so would be far more inclined to vist.
  5. Windstar also has itineraries from time to time that include a stop in Key West. Max passenger load is 350-ish.
  6. They did a lot of polling of people who were prospective visitors to Key West. A disproportionate number stated they wouldn't visit when it was cruise ship season. They did the math, and decided they will lose the cruise ship business in favor of the people who visit and stay. The amount of revenue that type of tourist generates is millions more than the cruise ships--with much lower impact on their quality of life.
  7. I have several friends who live and work in Key West. Two of them are native's. While Key West welcomes tourism, they want the type that comes, spends the night in a hotel, has three meals a day, and then partakes of some of the local nightlife in the evening. The large cruise ships were docking, people were getting off, walking around, not spending a dime in Key West, and leaving. That is not the type of tourism they seek, and their vote said that loud and clear.
  8. We've decided to forgo the ~$200 in FCC and get our deposit back. We're hoping to head to Europe next year, but not on a cruise. We are going to give Windstar a few years to get their dry dock issues straightened out before we try to cruise with them again.
  9. First was because of dry dock delays. Second was because of COVID. Third was who knows why? I couldn't really get a straight answer about it. I saw it probably the day they posted it, called and booked it, a week later tried to find it to send a link to a friend who was interested in it, and couldn't find it. Called them and they said it was cancelled. That was a couple months ago and I'm still waiting for an email informing me of this.
  10. I've had three cruises booked with them in the past 12 months and they've all been cancelled for one reason or another. I'm really not even sure that I want to attempt to book another cruise. I'm out what I paid for the travel insurance, as they won't move it for a 4th time, and the last time I spoke with them, they are looking for a significant amount above the $1200 or so of my cash they are already holding to book another cruise. I'm pretty much thinking that I'm not really wanting to give them another penny until they get their act together.
  11. We had rescheduled to a sailing next July that has gone dark. There is a sailing mid June, then the next three or so weeks are missing (including the 10 day cruise we had booked) and then it resumes again. I'm not going to be happy if they've chartered the ship, particularly because we opted to not wait for a cancellation with a FCC to jump on the great fare we had found. Our first cruise was cancelled due to the delays in the shipyard, the replacement due to COVID and it looks like the next replacement might be cancelled due to a charter. I'm not sure what we'll do if this is the case,
  12. The difference is that most cruises in French Polynesia never leave that country, so there are no immigration issues.
  13. If they can prove a causal link between anyone getting off that ship and someone being infected as a result, I believe it might be possible to charge someone. It would definitely be enough to bring a cause of action for a tort.
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