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  1. Unless they are dual citizens and traveled on their other passport.
  2. Chinese don't have the overall freedom of movement that we do in the US.
  3. It wouldn't work for me. I work from home and seldom buy anything except online. My husband does most of the grocery shopping.
  4. There are export duties on very limited, very specialized items from a handful of countries. Probably nothing the average tourist would be bringing home though.
  5. Unfortunately it looks as if your cruise has been cancelled. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. https://windstarcruises-media.s3.amazonaws.com/media/our_company/press-media/windstar-policy-2020-coronavirus.pdf
  6. So shut down the WalMarts. got it.
  7. typically there is a steward nearby, and they aren't left there all day/night.
  8. It depends on the type of excursions you are taking. Our next cruise is the Baltics. For most of them we'll take only my small crossbody. It will contain a small amount of cash (most cash, credit card, and passports will be in money belts under our clothing); a packet of tissues; a few wet wipes; a mini first aid kit (smaller than an Altoids box with and antiseptic wipe, Advil, Immodium, Claritin, a few BandAids, a blister plaster, a packet of Neosporin, and a bug bite wipe); cell phone; mini tube of hand cream; mini lip gloss or balm; and maybe a map. Usually my husband will tuck a small nylon shopping bag into his pocket for any purchases we may make along the way.
  9. Sure, go stand in the regular line. Or stay home.
  10. Two cases in Orlando, so nobody should come to Disney or Universal, either given this logic.
  11. It will still release a smell into the air, but won't be as effective.
  12. $800. If you are traveling with members of your household that can (usually) be pooled for one expensive item.
  13. If your daughter is mature enough to be going off on a European vacation, she should also be mature enough to understand that it's not economically viable this year. That said, if you really want to do this, consider cheap flights on Norwegian/TAP/Aer Lingus/FinnAir to a less expensive country. Portugal, Spain (outside of major cities), Poland, Northern Ireland, and parts of Germany all fit the bill. For major cities, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Lisbon, Belfast, and Warsaw are all reasonable or even cheap. Use AirBnB and rent a flat, and eat most of your meals there. Don't forget to budget for travel insurance (an absolute MUST) and even things like getting to/from the airport and other surface transportation.
  14. It is entirely relevant. Look at the link clo posted in #252. You are muddying the waters with your experience while in the Navy. That is not the experience that a person taking a cruise vacation will have.
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