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  1. This string only highlights what is wrong with this country. Instead of talking to each other, we merely talk at each other.
  2. CDC needs to clearly identify that a cruise line can restore service if requirements are met. CDC throws out vague messaging but will not be specific. In general, if someone is uncomfortable with cruising on a cruise line that does meet their standards, then don't cruise on them.' Its called free will; rather than the government will control every facet of one's life.
  3. As evident in MI and NY, there is no such thing as just waiting out COVID and hoping that everything will magically be gone one day. With that said, precautions like vaccines, ventilation changes, etc. on cruise ships are a must. Unfortunately, if some relieve is not allow with appropriate precautions, these cruise lines are bound to go into bankruptcy one at a time.
  4. "legitimate" news sources and the scientists? Legitimate seems awful subjective these days depending on source one considers. Facts and figures can be twisted and interpreted these days to reach whatever conclusion one wants to reach.
  5. Voyageur9 - Which much larger ship is expected to be sold off in July?
  6. Does anyone have any idea whether cruise insurance obtained through Seabourn will cover cancellation due to testing positive for OVID-19 prior to cruise. My concern is that certain ports, like Sint Maarten where our December 5 cruise starts, may still require a negative test result within 72 hours of arrival. Concerned if there is an unexpected positive result so close to cruise.
  7. Flew from LAX to Sydney 2 days prior to cruise and arrived in Sydney just in time to feel the effects of the remnants of a Level 1 Cyclone. Landed early Sunday morning, and flight was one of the most turbulent we have ever flown. Upon landing in Sydney, the pilot asked that everyone remain in there seats until health officials came on board to interview a passenger who had vomited during flight. We had a concern that we could possibly get quarantined on cruise ship due to coronavirus, but never thought we might be quarantined on flight and never make it to the cruise ship. Health official
  8. Thank you all for your responses. I'm sailing on the Ruby Princess on a 13-day NZ cruise from Sydney.
  9. New to Princess; first cruise in February.🤔 What is "The Sanctuary?" I'm assuming its an adults-only area and there is an extra charge for admittance. Any details and recommendations would be appreciated.
  10. Can anyone give me their experience with aft cabin 767: good and bad? Thank you.
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