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  1. Hi, guys... My wife and I are traveling on the Grandeur next month on a 9 day trip to the NE/Canada. We are on one reservation, and my Mother in Law (traveling alone) is on another reservation. The two of us have a 5:30 MTD reservation every night. When I try to make a reservation for the same time for my MIL, I get the message: "Guest not configured for My Time Dining". It will not let me add the MTD for her. Here's my question...rather than go through the trouble of sorting it all out ahead of time, would it be easier for the 3 of us to just show up to our standing MTD reservation and just hope they can accommodate all 3 of us? Anyone out there have experience with this issue? Thanks in advance! Steve
  2. Hello, Quick question. Is it possible to call RCCL or the travel agent and add a certain amount of OBC directly to our account, or does one have to buy a gift certificate and then redeem said gift certificate to receive OBC? The website is a bit muddy in regards to this. On other lines, I’ve been able to just purchase OBC directly, but in our cruise planner it only shows gift certificates for sale. Any insight? Thanks in advance, Steve Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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