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  1. Well, given the present travel restrictions they must have brought the money to Europe in a row boat. 🙂 Just to clarify: Our TA took 24 hrs to pass the refund to our account once received from Seabourn. Next time we book with Seabourn we will take 145 days past due date to give them our money. Take it or leave it.
  2. Update to our case: Cruise Sail Date: 15 March 2020 Cancelled by Seabourn: 14 March 2020 Refund requested via TA: 20 March 2020 Refund received via TA: 12 August 2020 (145 days after refund was requested) In other words: If you are waiting less than 145 days, do you not worry, just be patient. 🙂 On 17 June 2020 Seabourn confirmed that they would also reimburse us for additional cost incurred (i.e. flight from Barbados back to Switzerland), but that it would take up to 12 weeks until the payment would be processed, that would bring us to early/mid September 2020.
  3. To add to the list Our cruise with Odyssey, departing Barbados on 3/14 was cancelled by Seabourn on 3/13 (!) whilst we already were at Barbados Requested cash refund through the TA on 3/20 Sent "Change Fee Reimbursement Form" via registered mail on 3/18 (letter received by Seabourn Seattle on 3/28 according to confirmation by Swiss postal services") No communication from Seabourn, neither to us nor the TA Received two checks for EUR 350 each on 6/11 (appears to be the refund of our payments for "Future Cruise Deposits" applied to said cruise). Great! Looks like something, how ever little and slow anyway, is happening. Waiting for refund of cruise cost as well as (at least) partial for monies requested on the "Chance Fee Reimbursement Form".
  4. We were just informed that our cruise on Seabourn Odyssey, leaving Bridgetown, Barbados, tomorrow was cancelled. Kind of short notice.
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