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  1. The Trump administration just announced major changes. It is unknown when they come into effect.
  2. You just made me realize they are showing prices per cabin instead of per person. Much more reasonable! Especially with tip included ($15 per day for other lines)
  3. I assume you can tell your steward to just leave the bed. My gf likes to nap before dinner, so the bed needs to stay
  4. 4/5 day cruises is a bit of a bummer, but I like the destination. It never made sense to me that DR is such a resort destination, but barely and ships go there. I also like later port times. Nothing annoys me more than a 6pm all-aboard when the next port is literally a 2 hour sail away (ie, the virgin islands)
  5. In Google Earth, on the top bar, there is a clock with a green arrow pointing back. Click that, and you get a slider to see the area over time. Drag it left, and then to the right again, and you can see the date of the most recent image.
  6. I cant provide direct links due to forum rules.. But I browse a website that shows a ticker for departures in the next 90 days. I then go to a website where agencies compete on cruise quotes. Looks like you did well with the $300 OBC for the Jan 6 cruise, Im just noting balconies are still available, although without such a generous OBC.
  7. The first few pages of this thread are an absolute goldmine of experts getting it wrong! This is false. We cruised 12 nights on Anthem for $1,150 per person on a balcony (excluding gratuity) in 2017. If youre looking only at RC website pricing, youre doing it wrong! Right now on the Jan 6 twelve night you can get a balcony for ~$1,400, so its certainly not sold out, and thats just 3 weeks away!
  8. Great review! I agree with everything you said. One tiny detail that caught my eye: the cheese platter. If I had to pick the one horrible thing about Anthem, it would be the absolute joke of a cheese platter. Can't believe they haven't fixed it.
  9. Your 12 year old will love the Anthem
  10. When I was on the Anthem, JR was always, always, always empty. I remember when JR was new to RC and it was free, and then like $2.50
  11. Not a fan. if I wanted to go to a theme park, I'd go to one. I go on a Caribbean cruise for the beach.
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