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  1. OP - you don't say where you're flying from. Which might make a difference at another time of year but since its during the December Holidays I would urge you to fly in the day before your cruise. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent that - book your air through HAL. At least you won't be left at the pier on your own. Although you might have a hard time finding a last minute hotel room - South Florida is very crowded over the holidays - and not just from cruisers. And finally, if you do decide to take the most risky choice - red-eye in the day of the cruise, realize that you must pass through the security checkpoint to claim your luggage. After that, there are very limited seating and food options in baggage claim. You'd probably want to leave the airport and have about 4 hours to spend before you can go to the ship. I can't imagine what decent hotel in a safe area would be willing to rent you a "day room" during the holidays.
  2. Celebrity prices, in general, are usually higher than HAL's. The perks like beverage package, internet, etc. aren't really "free." The perks are "included" in your higher fare, and may be a benefit to you, but they're not free.
  3. I've sailed on both and IMO, the Lido "Marketplace" was ALWAYS crowded during the day. People come for breakfast and "set-up" for the morning with books,cards, games, knitting, etc. Then there is the lunch rush, and those people are still there! After the lunch rush, there are still people using the that venue for socializing, cards, etc. It was difficult finding a table even as late as 3 p.m. This happened on both ships.
  4. Too many non-cruise passengers flying home for the holidays from FLL. The roads and terminals will be crowded. 8:50 is just too early.
  5. Supply and demand. Lots of people cruising and vacationing in South Florida at that time of year since its still winter in most of the country. And yes, I would definitely fly in the day before. Try checking flights to Ft. Lauderdale. I find the airfare is usually less and there are many hotel options but you may have to adjust your expectations for how much you will pay for a hotel room in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.
  6. The cabin stewards have an enormous amount of work to do during their shifts. As much as you have good intentions, they really won't have the time to have an extended chat with you other than a pleasant "good morning" or "good evening."
  7. I'm often appalled at the behavior of some passengers toward the crew, and, other passengers as well. The only excuse for them is that they probably are that way at home too. Its a pity. I wish HAL, and other cruise lines, would include a one page letter to passengers with suggestions for ship-board etiquette. Especially elevator etiquette. It would go a long way to improving everyone's cruise experience.
  8. Today, we booked a cruise through our PCC. Not because we have any great allegiance to her but because every on-line TA we looked at (big box and others) showed no cabins available in the category we wanted. She had no problem finding us a cabin (strange). The cruise is in 11 months. Even with Explore 4, we find the fare to be no big deal and would like to wait a few weeks to see if a better deal shows up somewhere else. How long do we have to transfer the reservation? Thanks.
  9. I wish they would relocate some of their very talented IT employees to working on the Celebrity website instead of high tech wizardry which I'm sure only a minority of cruisers will view. I received a mailer over the weekend that was clearly personalized with my itinerary and ship, but when I went to the email address they gave in order to book a "discounted" excursion, it was marked as no longer in existence. Then I spent about 15 minutes trying to locate a direct phone number for a Shore Excursion office. Finally found a phone number that I thought would work but every time I asked a reasonable question, she put me on hold to find out the answer. I finally gave up.
  10. Its December 8th which is the "Special" Movable Feast cruise featuring celebrity chef Marcus Samuelson (and someone else I think). The promotional materials are publicizing special menus, events, etc. so I expect that many people would prefer Select Dining for this particular cruise. We chose this week because our anniversary falls within the cruise and I thought it would be fun to have extra activities around the ship. Actually, I would be happy to stay with Traditional Dining except early seating is a little too early and late seating is a little too late. Princess switched their late seating to 7:15 but that would mean having to sail on Princess, which I definitely avoid. Cruising on Edge is definitely a learning curve. I have time to read some more to decide which of the 4 MDRs we would prefer if given a choice and Select is closed to us. Thanks again.
  11. VTcruising, Thanks for the detailed response. We are already wait-listed for Select Dining, our preference, so we'll see what happens. The attachment is very helpful. Thanks again.
  12. A question that is just a little off topic but I'm confident someone on this thread (VTcruising?) can easily answer it: We booked our December 2019 Edge cruise last week. We've been assigned Fixed Late Dining. Can someone tell me how the MDR assignments are made? Can the MDR be changed if you're unhappy with the assignment? Thanks in advance.
  13. I was confused too, but no more. As a result of the destruction of the entertainment and port enrichment lecture programs on HAL, I canceled my HAL cruise scheduled for December and booked with Celebrity instead. The new cruise costs a few dollars more, but I believe we'll be getting so much more. HAL - are you reading this?
  14. Thanks for all your feedback. Maybe we'll try Dania Beach another time, but for this trip we'll stay with what we know on 17th Street. Thanks again.
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