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  1. My partner and I are traveling with a small group of about 34 people. Most are straight couples but there are several other gay and lesbian friends that are traveling with us as well. Would like to meet other cruisemates on this sailing and enjoy the week! Hope to hear from you!!
  2. Well, I guess we're the only Gay men on this cruise so going to have to entertain the masses in our own special way! LMAO!!!! Hope everyone has a great cruise and looking forward to enjoying the Allure throughout the week. Happy Sailing!
  3. Checked back to see if there were any other "family" members traveling on this cruise. Would hope that we are not the only Gay couple on this cruise of 6000 LOL!!! In any case, looking forward to a wonderful week aboard the Allure!!! Happy sailing all!
  4. Hello all, partner and I will be sailing on the June 5th sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale aboard the Allure of the Sea's. Looking for other FOD (single or couples) who might also be sailing to perhaps be able to share dinner and drinks a few times during the week. We are mid-40's from Houston, Texas and are excited to explore this magnificent ship! Hope to meet up with a few new friends during the week! Great voyage to you all!
  5. Mid 40's Latin couple, sailing on the Allure for the first time. Would like to meet other couples who are sailing, maybe have dinner and drinks and enjoy the week's activities. Will be traveling with some friends and like to make new ones along the way!
  6. Soooooooo excited!!! Will be on the ship on Nov. 22-24 for one of the Inaugural sailings!!! I am sure I'll be up the entire two days trying to see and do all there is on this new ship!!!
  7. After taking several cruises on RCI and always taking a small iron, I was finally BUSTED on my previous Mariner cruise last week! We've always taken a small iron and even on the Voyager last year, we took a large steamer, the one with wheels on it and it passed! I'm well aware of the fire hazzards that these items may create and taking the risk of packing it in our luggage always made me a bit nervous. This time they kept my big luggage down in the "naughty room" on deck 1 (near the Medical facility) and no notice was given to me that they were holding it. I just knew that around 7 o'clock when it didn't arrive that I knew it was because of the iron. I asked my stateroom attendant and she said it was probably down there for either alcohol, irons or other items that may not be allowed on board. Went downstairs, they asked me to open it, and then tagged my iron. I was instructed that I could get it back after the cruise in the luggage area after debarking. My problem was that I almost forgot about it when we finished with Customs! There is a little area after you exit customs where these items can be retrieved. You give them your voucher and they in turn issue your item back. Not entirely sure I was happy about it all cuz I was a bit wrinkled throughout the week (lol) but I know it's a safety factor and it was interesting to find out what happens in these situations first hand! Peace!:cool:
  8. The itinerary was great but Mexico was HOT HOT HOT!!! I wanted to jump out of my skin and lay around in my bones!!!!! May should be better than June-Sept so I'm sure you'll have some nice weather! Good luck to you!
  9. :cool: I sailed on 9-13-09 to 9-20-09, just got off this past Sunday! Boleros on the Mariner is on Deck 4 right outside the casino! There is a live Salsa band that plays (be sure to check your Compass for exact times) and when they are on break, recorded music is played. The bartenders here are incredible! You gotta try one of their Mojitos, really puts the "swing" into your groove to get you going! Boleros is sometimes on different lounges on other ships, I know on the Voyager a few months back they had it in the Viking Crown lounge. Also, if you like a little more slow dancing to some light sounds, go upstairs to the Viking Crown Lounge (Deck 14) and check out Ellington's. The band here is terrific as well but it's more of a quiet lounge for great cocktails and dancing after dinner! The disco on board is "Dragon's Lair". The motif in here is Medievel with sorcerers and dragons all around the club! It has an upstairs seating area with private cove type seating (kinda like the new Ultra Lounges in LA and Vegas) and downstairs is the dancefloor and more open seating. Two bars upstairs and downstairs are always open. You most def. have to go to Club 20! It was cool the night we had it with a great breeze blowing and the Solarium pool is lit with "electric" candles and these statue type dancers that give off great ambience. I'll try to post a couple pix here but if they don't show up, just disregard this part! LOL! (the second pic is actually from the Liberty, just showing a wide view from upstairs to give you an idea of what it's like) You will certainly enjoy the dancing and music on this ship! Please be sure to let us know how your trip went and have a BLAST!!!! Peace!
  10. [quote name='Clarkk W Griswald']Sorry, I have to disagree, we like the food. Everytime I've been in Johnny Rockets on a ship, it's always been packed with people. Not sure how that's a waste of real estate as it looks to me like it's generating plenty of revenue.[/quote] I have to also agree with this comment! Just got off the Mariner and JR was full the two times we went to have lunch there! The Tuna sandwich is great and just couldn't get enough of the greasy onion rings and fries! Not sure what the big complaint about greasy burgers is all about since knowing that's what you're going to get in mostly any burger establishment. It is what it is, a burger joint with good old greasy items on the menu! A miss with some, a hit with others but not entirely sure it warrants being closed down and leaving an empty space. If it was this terrible, perhaps you should have spoken with management and given them a chance to rectify the situation and offered you an alternate selection. Just MO. Peace!:cool:
  11. After sailing mostly Caribbean itineraries over the years, I was pleasantly surprised and relieved that the band playing at the pool was not only playing Reggae or Caribbean rythyms but also some pop and R&B music. There was also a DJ from DJ Scratch Academy who had the party going poolside as well. This was great as the music is mixed with a variety of some 80's and 90's dance music! The Schooner bar had the piano player doing the same sing-a-long you'll find on most RCI ships and that was fun. The popular bar/lounge IMO was Boleros! Wow, salsa, merengue, bachaata and all the latin rythyms being played nightly created a full house! Get there early to reserve your seat as it was standing room only before and after dinner! I believe it was Thursday night, they converted the Solarium pool into Club 20, a South Beach style outdoor nightclub! Incredible DJ playing great music and everyone is dressed so chic! Really gave the ambience of South Beach! Even if you are a nightowl, you have got to stay up just a bit longer if only to go check these venues out for a bit!:cool:
  12. The Rhapsody is perhaps one of the nicest of the small ships in RCCL's fleet! She is certainly my favorite! We completed our first Alaska cruise in May and it was like coming back home! The Rhapsody as many of you know what doing the Western Caribbean sailings from Galveston so the short ride from Houston allowed us the opportunity to sail on her quite often. We made great friends with the staff and crew of which I have to say is the best we've had the pleasure of meeting out of all of our sailings with Royal Caribbean! Many of the same crew members were still on board and it was just so great to see some familiar faces and the warm greetings we received upon our return to the Rhapsody. We have always booked stateroom #8088 which is a rear corner Junior Suite with panaramic views of the back and side of the ship! There are only four of these type of balcony's and their located on Deck 7 and 8 aft. I am sure and hopeful that you will have a great time on the Rhapsody, we've just booked our 2nd Alaska cruise for May 14 of 2010 so we're looking forward yet again to sail aboard our favorite vessel! Peace!
  13. ...all packed and ready to fly out tomorrow afternoon to LA. I am really excited about this cruise and ready for some serious R&R! Wishing everyone safe travels and looking forward to meeting some of you onboard! Peace, Ace
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