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  1. We were on Seabourn about 10 months ago (our first time on them) and really enjoyed them and I must say better than Regent. We do have a Regent cruise booked for later this year but also booked a Seabourn for early February of next year. I found Seabourn's crew very friendly and very efficient. I think I noticed it our first day on the ship that the crew seemed happy and found out later than Seabourn does treat it's staff very well, which is very obvious. They do a good job. The food was also very good but then we are not totally foodies either and would be happy with either cruise line. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  2. Have no idea why you are looking at this now. You are 9 months away from booking. ALL KINDS of things can change before you book - you are really totally wasting your time...
  3. My husband and I would sit by the pool here and often they would come around and pass out drinks - it was a nice gesture and much appreciated.
  4. You can join a team and still not show up for a few games. No one will throw you off the ship! This was quite common on our last Seabourn sailing.
  5. Thank you for this. We are on the 2020 cruise and this is pretty much what we are expecting. I don’t expect to find a European type vacation or a Cape Town. Maybe like Tanzania where we were last Christmas, but without the animals. But, I guess that is why we travel because we like to see the different parts of the world and understand their ways of life.
  6. Surely they could have found somebody better than her.
  7. It is NOT with the air or cruise lines - it is with the countries! The airlines and cruises are just following the countries laws. Do you think the airlines or cruises really care if your passport has less than 6 months validity left on it? THey don’t have the rules but the countries do. I know there are some countries out there that have a 9 month rule.
  8. Six months validity is VERY common for most countries. Don't know the reason for it but it's been like that for quite a while.
  9. Curious - did your top come from Costco? I have what I think is the same one!
  10. I would think they would give you some complimentary products to use or give you some money to purchase some items you would need.
  11. Air Canada has flights from Toronto but don’t know it is seasonal or not
  12. Chances are you will not be caught. I have been doing airline tickets for about 45 years and, very, very rarely have I done this for my business clients. Sometimes the savings are quite a bit of money and that is when I did those. No one has ever been caught but I do tell them not to check in any bags. that would also depend on the routing and where they were going.
  13. For what it’s worth, Seabourn does this too.
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