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  1. Curious - did your top come from Costco? I have what I think is the same one!
  2. I would think they would give you some complimentary products to use or give you some money to purchase some items you would need.
  3. Air Canada has flights from Toronto but don’t know it is seasonal or not
  4. Chances are you will not be caught. I have been doing airline tickets for about 45 years and, very, very rarely have I done this for my business clients. Sometimes the savings are quite a bit of money and that is when I did those. No one has ever been caught but I do tell them not to check in any bags. that would also depend on the routing and where they were going.
  5. For what it’s worth, Seabourn does this too.
  6. Don’t forget that it will be summer down there....
  7. Might of been an equipment change...
  8. Have changed planes here many times and I do try to avoid it. It literally is one of the worse airports in the US. Just my opinion but I really do dislike this airport.
  9. LOVED the chicken here as well as the lobster thermidor - just had to put in my two cents worth!
  10. Booked the Mariner at the last minute and couldn’t get any dining reservations we wanted. When we go onboard, where do we go to ask if we can get some early dining reservations? Called Regent three times to ask and got three different answers!
  11. I have booked this for my husband and myself - love the itinerary. We flew to Tahiti a few years ago and there really is very little air service there. I know United is now going from San Francisco to Tahiti but I don't know if Air Tahiti belongs to any frequent flyer program or not. Might have to use Seabourn's Air or get it on your own. It is WAY too early to worry about flights anyway. Can't even to begin looking at that until about March of 2020.
  12. Aprilsp88 - this always kills me that the cruise line promises to get you to the next port - not SO! If the next flight (or flights) are full, there is NO way you can get on them - none! With flights so full nowadays, I would definitely not take this for sure that you will get on the next flight to your destination. It could actually end up being a day or two.
  13. You can use this in Dublin as well.
  14. I believe it's $85 for FIVE years, not one. You would be better off getting a Global Entry at $100 per person, also valid for 5 years. It allows for international travel, plus still the domestic travel, and makes international travel way easier.
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