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  1. Hi Debs I’m sure you will love the Emerald Princess. We have sailed on her three times and will be boarding once again 4 November in Barcelona through to LA. Our last trip on her was from Southampton to Sydney, 46 days and the only complaint was having to leave at the end! The crew are always really good with such a good atmosphere on the ship. Have a wonderful cruise. Debs P.S. Good Cruise Critic name 😄
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    Ok no probs. I noticed you got a reaction from rtrmbl once you removed them from the spreadsheet. Nicely worded reply. 🙂
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    Just to let you know the only time I received a notification was the first one when you put @ in front. D
  4. We were just wandering around Valletta in Malta and stopped to take some photographs near the cannons. I sat on a bench and thought I had returned the camera to my bag. After a short rest off we wandered till we reached a lovely church, I went into my bag so I could take a photo of the outside and you’ve guessed it no camera! We madly retraced our steps back towards the cannons and there sitting on the bench was a lovely couple who had found it and waited for about twenty minutes to see if anyone would returned. We obviously thanked them and found out that they were actually on our ship so I said to my husband we must buy them a drink when we see them and again you’ve guessed it, we never saw them again. It’s just so good to know there are kind, thoughtful people in the world still.
  5. @S&DMOM Thanks for keeping us updated. I’ve never been to Kotor, it sounds lovely so I will watch out for that on future itineraries.Noticed on the webcam you’re in Messina today - did you get to see the all singing all dancing clock tower? 😄 @Aus Traveller Yes it was an amazing cruise with some wonderful people. We are still in touch with couples around the world that we met on this trip. I always think the Emerald has a friendly atmosphere so I shall be happy to be back onboard.
  6. @strobellayjam Thanks for the info. We haven’t cruised with this Captain or C.D. before so I’ll be interested to see if they are still onboard in November. @Aus Traveller That was the last trip we did on the Emerald as well! We didn’t have a problem with the door cards but a few weeks into the trip the air conditioning vent would start clicking at 03.00a.m. Thankfully they did manage to sort it out as it was like Chinese water torture!
  7. Also looking forward to sailing along with you. We are on the Emerald 4 November Barcelona to LA so interested to hear your comments about the ship. I know it’s not important (as I’ve been told before!) but can I ask who the current captain and cruise director are? I know it may change before we join. Enjoy your vacation. Debs
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