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  1. In the 16+ Solarium area, are those pools or hot tubs? Or both? I couldn't tell by the photos. ( No fault of yours!) Thank you for this photo review. We are booked for 5/31 out of NJ. Can't wait! You're pictures are amazing!
  2. Does anyone know what the "normal price per day is for a soda package on the Oasis for an Adult? It's $6.50 a day today for the sale. Is that lower than usual? I thought it seemed lower than the normal price without a sale
  3. IZUMI HIBACHI & SUSHI =Does anyone know the cost per person for this venue? TIA
  4. Can someone please tell me what dining venues are included? TIA (Oasis of the Seas)
  5. Where do I make these reservations? Is their a schedule of shows and comedy for my specific sailing?
  6. Do you know what juices are in the Freestyle machines and also, are the freestyle machines all over the ship or only in the buffet area?
  7. The iced tea and lemonade are available throughout the ship or only in the buffet and the dining rooms?
  8. Are their any free drinks on the ship? Lemonade, iced tea, hot chocolate, OJ, apple juice? If we buy the soda package, does it come with any other drinks, or soda only? TIA
  9. When can I make show reservations if I am sailinfrom 5/31 - June 7th? TIA
  10. mompells


    We have never been to this port. It's just my husband and I. We love the beach, snorkeling and anything on the water. Can anyone advise us of a "great" excursion that you have done? Private or ship based. Or....any all inclusives that we could go to for the day. I'd appreciate any help and adivise! thanks so much!
  11. Can anyone clue me in on the best (value) parking for Cape Liberty, NJ? Or, would it be cheaper to stay at a hotel that then allows you to park there for the week? TIA!
  12. How far away is Brewer's Bay from the Port? Would we just take a taxi to Brewer's Bay after we get off of the ferrry and then another taxi back to the Port after we are done at Brewer's Bay? Or is Brewer's Bay walkable back to the Port?
  13. Any recommendations for parking for the port of Cape Liberty? We only live 2 hours north. We will be sailing on The Oasis of the Seas.
  14. May I ask which insurance you do get?
  15. Thank you to both of you VERY much! I will definitely do my homework on this!
  16. If you buy travel insurance, who do you get it from? Is their anything that I should look out for in particular? TIA!
  17. WoW! The best photos I've seen yet! Thanks so much for sharing them! We are on the 6/10 Journey's cruise, so these pictures make me VERY excited!!!
  18. On the Sunrise can you make your "Your Time" dining reservation on the Hub App? Will the app then notify us when our table is ready? I know this works on some of the other Carnival ships, but wondering if it is up and running on the Sunrise? TIA
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