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  1. Sad to hear. During our April 2020 cruise on the Symphony, we are scheduled to get a crystal block.
  2. You should get the crystal block during your Symphony Cruise (the Cruise you hit the 140 point milestone). Visit the Loyalty Ambassador early in the cruise to confirm that you are on his list.
  3. Crystal Block Trade. We would like to get crystal blocks for both the Sovereign of the Seas (our first cruise) and the Voyager of the Seas (our 2nd cruise). I have three duplicate crystal blocks (Freedom, Grandeur, and Jewel). I would trade any 2 of them for either a Sovereign or Voyager crystal block. If interested in this “2 for 1” trade, send an e-mail to (delitchfield at AOL dot com)
  4. Currently on the Grandeur. The Suite Concierge is Dudley Jean. The Diamond Concierge is Ilona Tsyhaniuk.
  5. Yes. Visit the Loyalty Ambassador early in the cruise to confirm you are on the milestone list.
  6. Thanks WOLFCATHORSE for preparing and keeping the list of Captains current. We find your posts most helpful.
  7. Does the Port of Baltimore (Grandeur) use this procedure?
  8. Call RCCI customer support at 800-256-6649, as Bob recommended. Over the years, I have had charges removed from my bill (mostly from the Mini-bar refrigerator) by calling this number.
  9. Glad to hear that Coco Cay did not suffer major damage because of the hurricane.
  10. Agree with Biker19. And in addition, any Bonus Amenities for D+ and P (i.e., 3 bottles of wine when you reach 525 cruise points) will be delivered to your initial cabin. On one of our upgrades, we finally got our wine after visiting the LA.
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