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  1. I want to do a Seine cruise, but unfortunately Crystal is not there yet. Uniworld does it but is quite expensive - may still bite the bullet and do it, but first, I am considering AMA and Avalon. I know AMA is considered more comparable to Crystal and Uniworld, but how about Avalon?
  2. I agree about the fares being steep. I was on Crystal Ravel second week in November and heard that by 2022 Crystal will have more ships on more rivers in Europe. Considering Crystal is a direct competitor for Uniworld, I'm hoping it will help with pricing.
  3. I've been on Uniworld and it is fairly similar EXCEPT you need to be in a Junior Suite on Uniworld for it to be similar to a Deluxe Suite with Panoramic Balcony-Window which means it is much more expensive. The food is almost as good on Uniworld, but I liked the overall atmosphere on Crystal Ravel better. I did like the Old World luxury interiors on Uniworld - very beautiful how they have designed each ship for the area in which it is cruising. I heard a rumor that Crystal will begin cruising more rivers in Europe - apparently around 2022. I desperately hope this rumor is true because I would love to do a France cruise on Crystal!
  4. I didn't have my glasses, so I couldn't read it. A shame as I can actually read French pretty well.
  5. We loved Hotel Das Tyrol and also the Ritz Carlton. Either is wonderful though the Ritz Carlton price can range up much higher, Hotel Das Tyrol is walking distance to all the tourist sights and lots of restaurants.
  6. That's pretty much what I would expect Crystal to do. They really are a first class operation.
  7. LOL! The first time I went to Australia I had brought along several issues of People Magazine and my inlays were shocked - in Australia there is a magazine called People that is pornography. I had to explain to them the American People Magazine was just a Hollywood gossip magazine.
  8. The crew on the Crystal Ravel specifically told us that they had not been able to go to Budapest for the past 3 cruises. They said they were happy to announce that our cruise WOULD go to Budapest and everyone clapped.
  9. This explains why we don't have flood prevention - mostly due to a lack of federal funding because Congress has not approved it: https://www.citylab.com/environment/2018/05/america-is-flooding-and-its-our-fault/561605/
  10. I was on Crystal Ravel last week and they had a self-service washer and dryer with all the supplies for free for guests to use. My husband did laundry about halfway through the cruise - no one else was using it so he was able to do the laundry immediately.
  11. Their success is well deserved. It was a fabulous trip and I'm glad you also had a good time on your trip!
  12. Last week I was on the Crystal Ravel and we were told ours was the first cruise in weeks that would go to Budapest and when we were there, not only did we make it, but I also saw a Viking ship there and several others whose brands I'm not familiar with. Also it rained last week which I'm sure helped.
  13. I am just so horrified about what has happened there. I am concerned about the paintings being exposed to humidity and the damage to property. This is really terrible and I'm afraid the road to recovery will be very long.
  14. Thank you. I was wondering what on earth they would do. I didn't know they had a cruise season - thought they would go right through Christmas and into Carnivale.
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