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  1. Take it easy. If you read the response you will hopefully understand.
  2. Haha, probably not the transatlantic Xing. Just keep on posting your pic's in future threads. Where do we see your blog?
  3. Yes, you were answered. Just not the answer you wanted. Lol.
  4. Hope you ignore the sour grapes and keep on posting the pic's. How do we access the OP's CC blogs?
  5. Sounds like the poles are better for balance. I'm concluding that a cane would probably be better for general use with a bad knee. Thx
  6. Valuable information. Thx. My experience is very dated. So while I was still skeptical, I didn't want to push it.
  7. I hope so. I think the guy responsible for moving our office there was glad that public floggings were illegal. I don't want to waste time on details but it was a horrible atmosphere for our employees. Frankly, I wouldn't go back there for a visit just because of bad memories.
  8. Family group is talking about doing the same but maybe in July. Belle, thanks for the info. It has been a while since we have been on Princess. The Grand is one of our favorite ship classes. We look forward to coming back after so many years.
  9. I hope it has changed drastically. Before it was a horrible pit. I had the misfortune of being in an office at 7th & market for about 5 years. Admittedly that was a long time ago.
  10. Guys, My side question is about hiking poles vs a cane. Would you say the hiking poles would work well for someone who has pains in the knees when walking? OP _ sorry for the detour.
  11. I was going to ask Mrs Ldubs, but I think this explains it well.
  12. Let's not be confusing Elmer Fudd with Trix are for Kids. Haha
  13. The dipping bowl story, I thought it was Eleanor Roosevelt.
  14. I always thought that toffy nosed attitude was an act for the forums. But who knows.
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