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  1. Thanks, I tend to agree. Hilton's site, if it is to be believed, says it is inside T-2 and footsteps from T-2 flights. Of course, an easy walk means different things to different folks. Anyway, I hope the OP finds the lodging they need.
  2. What, you mean your claim there is no Hilton hotel at T-2. There is a Hilton Garden. And still you felt the need to negatively judge me on such a silly distinction. I can live without your brand of accuracy.
  3. The OP asked about lodging near Terminal 2. I said there is a Hilton there. It is actually a Hilton Garden, which by the way is a Hilton property. FlyerTalker say NO - it is a adverting scam by Hilton. Then makes a pithy comment about how I "conflate" Hilton and Hilton Gardens. Sorry, but I actually think my post was helpful and that the response it received was unwarranted, mocking, and unhelpful.
  4. Never worked for me. Maybe I should stop looking through them like binoculars. 😀
  5. I might have misread, but I think an earlier post made a distinction between a porter and a longshoreman. Do they also have longshoremen at the Maimi terminal?
  6. Nice day pack? Luggage? Fishing gear? (thought I would slip that in just in case you are one of my kids). 😀
  7. Oh come on. For the sake of this discussion to help the OP you really made that distinction when responding to my original post. Like saying Holiday Inn instead of Holiday Inn Express. Must keep you up at night.
  8. That is the one I was referring to in post #5. I just referred to it as a Hilton.
  9. I guess all is well that ends well. But you would think in this day and age a notice by email or text would be so easy to do. BTW, last Saturday I took a short flight from SFO to Portland and back. The plane was half empty on the return that night. I have not seen that for quite some time.
  10. Oh man, you remind me I literally need to log off cruise critic and do some work around the house before Mrs Ldubs gets home! 😀
  11. They do make great gifts. I keep a reminder in my iPhone to charge it every month. The other nice thing about having one of these is I can now help give someone a jump without having to use my vehicle's battery!
  12. I've had it happen because of a plane change of some sort, but I've always been notified of those. A friend recently had her entire booking cancelled without notice. Like you, she found it by accident too. Turned out to be an "oops" and the booking was reinstated. Good thing she happened to look. I once had seats changed for no reason literally at the check-in counter and once literally while seated on the plane. This, among other reasons, is why I refuse to fly with Lufthansa. Yep, my impression was that they were trying to accommodate someone else.
  13. Wow, that is incredibly misleading on Hilton's part. Their website literally says they are "inside Terminal 2". Probably one of those where you can hit it with a rock but have to walk circles to get there.
  14. I typically book directly with the airline and I have always received notice of seat changes from the airline. What I don't understand is why preselected seats would be changed with no notice to the passenger. From what I read here it seems this is common with the bookings via Celebrity (and probably others too). I suspect they are selling blocks via a wholesaler and further suspect that must have something to do with it. And, if seat selection is not valid until final payment (or payment to the airline) then why is a passenger even allowed to select a seat until then.
  15. I wish the same thing could happen with some of the smarmy cruise directors! 😀😀😀 Seriously, I have noticed that today's cabin stewards seem to be busier. In the old days I think it was common for them to introduce themselves shortly after you occupied the room. These days, it still happens, at least for us, but might be much later. Part of it might be all of the special requests from fellow passengers that must be attended to in order to avoid a complaint.
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