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  1. Yes, that was pointed out in a previous post where I explained I was really referring to the virus spread between America and Europe. There is something wrong with the quote function I think. The 2nd quote you attributed to me is not mine.
  2. I suspect another factor would be the "all you can drink" folks.
  3. That is a good point. We may see a change in the content of excursions too. I guess I really have two thoughts. First, if the cruise ship is to be held responsible for passengers then this step is understandable, even if I don't like it. And second, I just hope I can still get a gelato.
  4. I'm bleakly optimistic about some positive pessimism. Seriously, to me hope or optimism brings forth positive actions which help achieve those very things desired.
  5. I've read the controversy and don't know where it started other than most agree it wasn't Spain. Hopefully I haven't blamed anyone for anything. I thought it was just a random discussion about spread of that pandemic across the Atlantic. I doubt CDC is reading my comments for advice on how to manage the current pandemic, so it is all good. 😉
  6. Oh, everyone knows that wouldn't include San Diegoians ( or is it: San Diegans, San Diegonian, or person of San Diegoness). 😄
  7. YES! I did a tour of the USS Pompano in San Francisco. What an incredible eye opener.
  8. Well, to Australia, certainly. No doubt troopships had to be a factor. Sorry, I need to be more careful to fully explain my thoughts (though it would be easier if you could just read my mind). I was thinking in terms of the spread between Europe and North America.
  9. As NBT says, those are cumulative counts since the start. And I agree, the NE states are incredibly high. But I wonder if that would hold true if we looked at current experience. I can't find deaths per capita data for the past week by state, but other data like the percent of tests that are positive are encouraging for those NE states. I'm not sure the per capita deaths in FL will catch up with NY (I hope not), but the case counts/capita are already higher.
  10. We took our dogs to a beach in Northern California yesterday that is about 1.5 hours from our place. I was really impressed with how everyone complied with wearing masks/distancing. As anyone approached I would say even within 50' the masks were on. Even the young surfer dudes were good about it. Southern California, which is our problem area, is an entirely different story. I hope that positive rated continues to decline for you guys.
  11. But there were airplanes. Especially buzzing around over Europe during those times. I bet none of those guys could even imagine a two story plane carrying 600 people across the oceans in a few hours. Anyway, I wonder if there had not been all the people movement associated with the WWI if the Spanish flu would have been so severe.
  12. I'm not sure point A Europe to point B Australia was a primary route for the spread of the spanish flu. But, yes that would take weeks.
  13. I liked the "wheel of fortune" slot machine.
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