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  1. I'm thinking March will be very "iffy". I actually don't even have a guess. We will just keep watching what happens and pull the plug when we feel comfortable. Sadly, I just don't see anything on the horizon right now. I hope that changes soon.
  2. But in truth, there is nothing unhealthy about it either. If someone wants to weigh themselves daily on the cruise ship (like me) it really isn't remarkable.
  3. I agree very few cruises are exclusive to the US, but there would be more if PVSA were tossed aside. I don't think we should exempt cruise lines from US laws so that we can have inexpensive cruises.
  4. Do I have issues with what you describe? Yes I do. Several in fact! But I would not propose we allow Apple or any other company to operate here and not be bound by American wage/hour laws. You reminded me of something I read some time ago about how long it took to build a few miles of RR track in the US compared to in Europe (Germany I think). The difference was astounding and if I recall correctly, due primarily to regulations (some of which are good and many of which do nothing more than put consultant's dependents through ivy league schools).
  5. I hope not. I still have a problem with a business being allowed to operate on American "soil", so do speak, and not be subject to American wage/hour laws. If this kind of change is proposed, I hope that aspect is considered.
  6. I was being a little tongue-in-cheek. Normally at home I weigh myself once or twice per week. Mrs Lubs weighs herself daily. She doesn't understand why I don't weigh more often and I don't understand why she weighs herself so often. Go figure.
  7. Haha, no I leave the hole in the middle, but I like that. I did once ask for some fence post holes at our local hardware store. Young lady at the register didn't know I was joking.
  8. But are you not obsessing just a little about others wanting to weigh themselves! 😄😄
  9. ". . pizza,ice cream and oat bran muffins,but never at the same time. . " I could eat pizza and ice cream side-by-side. But bran muffins just won't fly with either. Haha. Do you ever "hollow out" a bagel? I sometimes do that when I have a bagel, but don't have them very often.
  10. You mean like an excess baggage charge! 😄
  11. I weigh myself daily on a cruise compared to maybe once/twice per week at home. On a cruise I have more time to use the gym equipment. And of course, I am eating more. Eating more and significantly more exercise. I weigh each morning before hitting the gym because I like to track what is happening.
  12. From what I've read your assumption is likely wrong. Cruise ships are said to be tremendous polluters compared to folks in vehicles. Anyway, I agree with the OP that I would like to see the current advancements continue in a sane manner.
  13. As I said in a previous post the tiers numbers are in use by more than one county. Not sure why this is a big deal. I sure won't lose any sleep over use of a number instead of a color or label. I can see it now -- punishment lock-downs for counties that use a number instead of a color. 😄
  14. Why a flash drive. Just download to your device. I would suggest that any print magazine that has not moved to digital format is not going to be around long.
  15. Holy cow, we ate at this same place many years ago - maybe 15 years ago. I didn't remember the name but when I read you guy's posts it sounded very familiar. Then I recognized it from the location and pic's. I don't remember getting seriously gouged so much but the food was poor. Seems it has a long history of being a tourist trap.
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