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  1. Not sure I’d go through the hassle of going to the airport for an RT-PCR test, especially when they’re only committing to results within 72 hours. I’m not sure what it’s like for you but an airport isn’t convenient to just visit in Chicago.
  2. I’m using my hospital’s Immediate Care location. Free and results in 24-48 hours. And just so everyone uses the same terminology, the test we have to take is the RT-PCR.
  3. It seems like the Schooner bar is always open. If I don’t get off the ship while in port, we’ll go to the Schooner Bar and play cards.
  4. My daughter told me to watch it which I did. When I told her I was booked on Adventure out of Nassau in June, she got extremely angry at me. I tried to explain that with all the precautions (vaccines, testing, masks etc) we’ll be safe but she doesn’t agree. Our conversation at her house tomorrow should be interesting.
  5. I went through a couple of pages and didn’t see taxis, only buses and trains. Thought by posting a thread specific to taxis/car services, I’d get some specific responses.
  6. We’ll be in London in September and we’re looking for reasonable car service to Southampton. We do not want to take a train or bus. Any suggestions?
  7. I’ve sailed on Adventure twice and absolutely loved it both times. Perfect size, in my opinion.
  8. Are you saying they’ll change Anthem to Harmony? Why not both?
  9. I spoke with Royal yesterday evening and they told me that numerous tickets have been submitted to IT to correct this issue. I was told it may take up to a week to fix.
  10. I’m booked on Anthem out of Southampton in Sept and am still really hopeful.
  11. My two cents........ I’ve canceled or have had at least 9 cruises and 6+ months ago, it would take at least 2 months to get my refund. I’ve canceled 2 cruises in the past 3 weeks and received my refund in both cases within 6 days. They're finally doing something right.
  12. The Royal site says that the June 12th cruise is sold out. We’re booked on the June 19th.
  13. Finally booked for June 19th. Everything is expensive; cruise, airfare, etc. but it’s worth it to actually cruise. YAY!!
  14. We’re you able to book through Casino Royale? I was told it’s not available for booking through them yet.
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