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  1. We’re flying in to Newark the day before our Anthem cruise and need to figure out transportation from our hotel near the airport to the pier and then from the pier to the airport. I’m thinking taxi is easiest. What would the cost be? Is it easy to get a taxi when we get off the ship? We’re not interested in bus service or Uber/Lyft but would consider a car service.
  2. We booked a private tour that took us into Panama City. It happened that it was Mardi Gras which is celebrated big time there. When we were driving back, roads were being closed in anticipation of evening activities. The RCI tour that dropped passengers off for a few hours to explore on their own got back over an hour late which delayed the sailing of our ship.
  3. I was in a balcony on Jewel in February through the PC. We sailed from Miami to San Diego which is the preferred direction to sail since you gain 3 hours. (We only gained 2 hours because daylight savings time took effect.). Our first stop was in Columbia. I guess I had a preconceived notion of what to expect but sailing in was great! Tall skyscrapers were all over the coast. We just arranged for a private tour at the pier and is was wonderful and a lot cheaper than prescheduled tours. My favorite port was in Guatemala. We scheduled a ship excursion to an animal sanctuary and I loved it! All animals lived in their own habitat. We were greeted at the gate by zebras. Other areas had lions, hippos, ostrich and all types of other birds, and giraffes, one of which tried to get on our bus. We’d done a partial crossing through the PC many years ago so it wasn’t mind blowing. It would have been better had we gone through the new passage but a Disney Cruise had that honor. We went through the old passage. It was kind of expensive but one of the best we’ve been on and hope to do it again.
  4. Was on Allure 2 weeks ago and our cruise was packed with a younger crowd, many who I assume had never seen the Quest. I didn’t see anyone with a bag of Quest “stuff”. We had a fresh CD, Michael something, just back from vacation, and he switched up the questions a bit. It was a lot of fun. Ive seen it probably 20 times and will usually go, unless there’s something else going on. I still find it enjoyable (usually). I always encourage those who’ve never seen it to go.
  5. I’ve heard so much about spinning man that when I see him, it’ll be so anti climatic and I’ll probably just laugh. They had a decent amount of diving on Allure and thats my favorite part of the show. Do they have the trampoline on Harmony?
  6. Pack your own. The one provided is the same on all ships....horrible!
  7. I just got off Allure and the slots didn’t have the option to charge your room.
  8. Just got off Allure on Aug 4th and I don’t remember this being an activity. Maybe I overlooked it
  9. Exactly the problem we have flying to ORD. We’ve got 2 upcoming cruises out of San Juan and have a private tour guide booked who takes us to out of the norm places to visit..
  10. Assata was on Allure on the July 28th cruise and she was fabulous.
  11. Mike Hunnerrup was on the July 28th Allure Cruise and he was fabulous. I tend to judge the Cruise Directors by the way they handle The Quest and he did a great job, switching up the questions quite a bIt, with tons of energy. If the Cruise Director doesn’t run the Quest, they’re not doing a good job, IMO.
  12. Thanks for posting. Any idea what the Concierge check in is?
  13. We’re joining you as well. We just got off Allure a week ago so feeling pretty comfortable with the layout of the Oasis class ship. Review was great, John! Appreciate it. Did you by any chance find out if Diamond Plus BOGO works for Izumi Hibachi?
  14. I have what we call “the fruit bread” every morning at breakfast. If it’s not in the bread basket when they bring it to you, just ask. I too used to love the honey stung chicken in the Windjammer when we boarded but it hasn’t been offered for about a year. I think Royal Caribbean used to serve Seattle’s Best but I think they changed it a while back. So many complain about the coffee they serve but we actually like it. Not sure of the brand. We've taken breakfast bars off the ship with no problem. Club soda costs the same as pop.
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