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  1. What virus? It’s not on this ship and they certainly wouldn’t give you a refund.
  2. They changed the information at least 5 times. The last straw was on Saturday around 2pm when they said we wouldn’t board until Monday. We had already spent 2 days there. The thought of spending 2 more days in a hotel with nothing around, no car, and nothing to do wasn't an option so we actually lucked out and found an expensive (much more than the pitiful $200 they’re giving us) flight home. Several hours later, we find out that RCI AGAIN changed their mind and would let us board on Sunday. We would have stayed had they communicated properly.
  3. I’m still really upset! I should be on that cruise but because of the absolutely horrible and inaccurate information they provided, I flew home.
  4. The communication from RCI has been horrible! We left late yesterday afternoon because we didn’t want to spend another 2 days (4 in total) in a hotel that was basically in an industrial port with nothing to do. They’re reimbursing us $200 for a flight home without thinking that buying a ticket to fly same day is at least 5 times that cost. We left because they told us that we wouldn’t be able to board until Monday. Now they change their mind and let boarding start today. We would have stayed! Every update they issued changed something they said before. I’m loyal to RCI (diamond plus, signature in casino) but will look at switching. I’m sure I’ll be one of a thousand that send an email to Michael Bailey.
  5. I’m at the airport, waiting for my flight home that I was lucky enough to get. I understand that Royal Caribbean needs to be cautious but the way they’re handling this is absolutely horrible! Communication is horrendous! I see class action suit all over this event. Someone tell me where you can get a same day flight for $200, the amount they offered us. And I wish my hotel only cost me $200 per night,
  6. Absolutely nothing. It’s not my fault. I’m just telling the poster what will happen. They won’t even let those of us who can’t sail on Anthem today (hopefully tomorrow but we don’t know yet) because of the potential Coronavirus, cancel the cruise.
  7. You won’t get a refund if you cancel because you’re scared of the virus.
  8. How did they get a free hotel? We had to pay for another day! They’re not doing anything for us. Thank goodness we didn’t leave our hotel this morning until we received confirmation that we weren’t sailing.
  9. The one I always have is small scallops in butter sauce; no cheese.
  10. They have lockers all over the island. Maybe we’re just trusting people but when we went swimming in the pool, we left our stuff on our chairs and felt totally safe. Remember that it’s a private island so the only locals are those who work there.
  11. There’s a tram from the ship to CocoCay and then another tram to take you around the island.
  12. It wasn’t offered on my last 2 cruises, Freedom and Anthem, but it’s on the menu for my next Anthem cruise in 5 days. Along with the Vidalia Onion Tart, they’re my absolute favorite appetizers. I may just order 2!
  13. I yelled the answer to Alex Trebek through my TV but he didn’t hear me!!
  14. You may want to avoid Johnny Rockets on embarkation day in the winter on Anthem since it’s on the pool deck and has no option to close the door. You could go and get your food and eat elsewhere but I don't think you’ll enjoy eating in 40 degree weather.
  15. I love to order everything together. It ends up being so much quicker than the old way of ordering dessert after you’re done with your entree. It knocks off around 30 minutes of your dining time. You are able to ask your waiter to take your dessert order after you’re done with your entree but if you’re at a table with others, ask if it’s ok with them first since it’ll change for everyone.
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