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  1. If you are also considering Royal Caribbean perhaps a post on that board would help you decide.
  2. You will find a wealth of information about cruise and travel insurance on this board: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ One thing to look at is medivac amounts. You never think it will happen to you but if a medical emergency requires a flight home for treatment it can easily run over $50,000 depending on distance. The medical part of coverage does not include that
  3. Quick Coach is easiest option
  4. I let this go way way off topic from the original post re Guys Burger. Thanks for staying polite and remember the next time someone goes ballistic when something sort of "off topic" veers off for a few unkind posts or is just barely off topic and stays. .😉
  5. Traffic can be awful in St Thomas if several ships in port. If you have late arrival what time does ship leave? If you go on your own to St John will need to get cab to ferry but ship tours sometimes pick you up at the port by boat. You also don't have to be concerned with getting back on time. If you have short port time might be better to stay on St Thomas for beach? I've done ship tour to St John and it was nice not hassling with cabs. With relatively young children I would possibly find a closer beach on St Thomas but that's just me.
  6. Op's question has hopefully been answered adequately!
  7. You might want to ask this on NCL board!
  8. https://jungletopzipline.com
  9. My son lives there part time ....asked him and said even on east end where he lives tourists feel safe. Take usual precautions re money, pocketbooks, wandering off to out of the way areas etc. Been there twice mostly on West end and find it much more "comfortable" than Jamaica for example
  10. You can check here: https://www.cruisecritic.com/cruiseto/cruiseitineraries.cfm?deals=all
  11. I hope not cause that is not the topIc.......if folks think they are dangerous use silicone ones ...Carnival has decided so......
  12. I am closing it because it's become the MSC thread. They have a board that has lots of discussion re ships, pricing, Ocean Cay etc
  13. Topic is where to sleep on Horizon, not snoring solutions please
  14. This has gone way off topic. Leaving but locking. Plenty of talk re passport pros and cons on this and other threads
  15. Just went and looked on Jamaica board and there definitely isn't much there but now that folks are beginning to plan trips for next year in earnest would ask that you repost your inquiry from September with a few more specifics about what you're looking for. Jamaica is one place I am occasionally inclined to do a ship tour even if it is a bit more $$. Personal decision, have not been there in a while but some dicey areas imho only Will leave up for today for some suggestions since nothing really on Jamaica board but since you aren't interested in Carnival tours will close then
  16. I'm leaving this because it's obvious a lot of work went into your analysis. But the thread has gone sideways and information on price increase disseminated so closing it
  17. Asked and answered....thank you! There are numerous threads and posts\debates on passports, why you should have one, don't need one etc on this board
  18. Very funny guys!!!! But back to topIc before I get told how off topic you are?? 😏
  19. There is already a thread on this topic. Have out the link below
  20. Congratulations!!! 😅 I have been host on CC for 20 years, with a few sabatticals, and this is a question I have never seen😮 I must admit haven't seen one of these contests in ages. Please come back and tell us if you win!
  21. Please...OP question asked and answered. Not gonna let this get into the cheap gift, I don't like lanyard episode again. 20+ pages of that earlier...a Thank you for your cooperation!
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