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  1. Leaving for now but if turns into a political, covid, death stats, mask debate thread it will poof. We have so many that have turned....it's like leaves changing color....inevitable
  2. Please keep on topic to Carnival cruises, otherwise I will put on Floataway Thanks!
  3. I heard about this in Maine. Just a tragedy that didn't have to happen....
  4. Back on topic please!!!! Re testing positive at terminal for embarkation. Thank you!!
  5. Article from Cruise Law is copywrited materia! Please feel free to repost with a link to the article instead.
  6. Yes, this thread has gone off on a few tangents......on topic from here on, please!!!
  7. I'm leaving this here since it pertains to a Carnival ship but you can also find information on this here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/114-disabled-cruise-travel/
  8. Sorry to hear that. We were on the list too.last summer. People are so complacent here, gonna be interesting to see what happens. We do our girls art group on Zoom twice a month now....I would do in person with masks because these ladies are careful but Zoom works! Now my neighbor with the wedding for 200 inside for 8 hrs total and people coming from NY, Florida who are going to Mexico 2 weeks prior????? No way..they travel, eat out, no masks ever.....if they get through this wedding with no Covid or flu will be shocked!!
  9. Since its all speculation I don't think poll will lead to any discussion that isn't already being discussed on a thread
  10. Once they decide on new boarding procedures due to Covid they will let you know. These will change from the prior method of boarding but no one knows how at this time.
  11. New thread here to discuss official notice that Carnival cancelled cruises in November
  12. They never get anything done the month before the election😕 I used to cruise then to get away from all the ads etc
  13. Please be careful.....don't turn this political! It just refers to "the election"....thanks!!!!
  14. There are already at least 3 current threads with ongoing discussions speculating on ne cruising guidelines, the financial situation, conditions in home port areas, masks etc. There have been several threads started to post that someone made final payment, sail date .....rather than have a ton of those, we created a topic for folks to post this information in one place. It's uncharted waters for sure these days and we just try to keep things semi corralled in the right topic so people can find information. Hope this clarifies this for you! P
  15. ******Topic is "made final payment, ready to go", not the umpteenth debate re if, when, how cruising will start. Place for folks to post this, sort of like a roll call. No judgment, naysaying etc please???? ****
  16. Interesting.....Royal and NCL are further along in planning or Carnival just isn't saying much
  17. Asked and answered many times in this standalone thread and in others
  18. Keep this in topic as related to Carnival. If becomes about Royal it will be moved. Thanks
  19. All the more reason to stay on topic!
  20. ******Please return to the topic of this thread which is masks versus no masks and cruising.This is not a forum to discuss religion, political decisions, vaccines,, death statistics. It really doesn't directly relate to Carnival because we have no idea what written policy and requirements will be. thank you.
  21. Hi, tattoos, Just an FYI posting in all caps is considered to be "shouting" online. Thanks for your cooperation in using upper and lower case in your posts.
  22. Interesting but off topic for the most part so can we please go back on topic?????
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