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  1. Thank you for letting us know how you're doing over there! Glad things are getting back to normal. Be well..
  2. See new thread re Carnivals announcement that October cruises are cancelled
  3. If someone wants to start an NFL thread on Floataway ....if there isn't one already....post away. Hopefully the NFL gets going.....missing my NFL network mornings..... Not cleaning this up but it's 99% off topic so back to Greg's review!!!
  4. I'm going to close this since October is cancelled now and there is a thread for that.
  5. Once the island opens back up you may get better feel for what tour operators still in business. Roatan stayed Covid free for a while but has been pretty much locked up since April with couple hundred cases still. Unfortunately some companies will not make it
  6. Because Costa is part of Carnival Corp. I am leaving this even though they are primarily in Europe. Unfortunately with things changing across the industry will not have separate threads for each press release re other cruise lines! If not already posted there can be added to cruise news
  7. You have not been too verbose! We we have mask mandate but most don't follow at all. One of our local news anchors and entire family including newborn got Covid. She wrote sincerely and from the heart about how scary it was for them but many people think she exaggerated!😡
  8. If this goes even slightly off topic .....it's about one specific cruise....or turns into a mask, vaccine, stats etc thread it goes. Enough of that on here already
  9. My first two cruises in 1988 and 89 were on Caribe. I fell in love with cruising on this ocean liner. Loved the old classics. I also !ove Fantasy! Lots of crazy good times on 4 Fantasy cruises so really a bummer to see this ship gone as well😢
  10. Not specifically CARNIVAL related.......Will leave for non Covid discussion only please
  11. Way off drift. You guys can get to death stats from any topic!
  12. I'm leaving here even though could move to news board BUT if it goes off topic or turns into discussion of death stats, masks, Florida etc it will go Thanks
  13. I am going to edit this title and leave open for now. I seldom edit title but .... Ok jetsfan,?
  14. Thanks for updates! I love Montana and have friend who grew up there. Glacier Park and McDonald Lake Lodge are two of my favorites. DQ "fix" can cure a myriad of things in my book Hope you guys can keep lid on in Michigan....keep us posted. Stay safe
  15. Not a thread to discuss stats, testing, death, etc. Just a place for sharing how things are where members live with no judgment or debate thank you. Be safe
  16. It's supposed to be in mid 90s here for at least a week so don't mind being inside. Lots of call things cancelled here too. Supposed to go to Myrtle Beach in 5 weeks for girls ttip...May not go...South Carolina is probably the next Arizona and we live just a few miles from.there so lots of cross pollination. be safe everyone j
  17. In Charlotte we are going steadily and quickly up in cases and hospital admission but sadly very few wear masks and majority of cases in 20-40 age group, the least mask wearing group. Bars and gyms still not open. In SC it's really bad but everything is open.
  18. Noooo!!! You've already complained about those enough.....I gave a pass on some stuff here but please no more Covid and refund complaints......for a week at least
  19. What????? I've been MIA from my regular a.m. NFL network fix but seriously?? No Steelers? No Jimmy, Terry & company pregame?! Say it isn't so. this was my shock therapy😮...... and when you guys need a shock absorber in the worst way, just remember: you could be in "no cruising shock" and moderating these boards😱😜😇
  20. Great topic!!!! Please let's keep it fun and no Political stuff Covid talk statistics Arguing 😁😁😁😁😁😁
  21. Hi Honolulu Blue! I'm trying to keep this thread free of Covid stats, discussions and articles. Not that there is anything wrong with your post but so many threads turning into off topic debates I hope you understand. Happy 4th from surging worse than ever NC.....
  22. Because no one really knows how cruise lines will handle this, and because you have concerns, why not wait to book till guidelines are established to make an informed decision? note: Watching this carefully: not a debate, statistics or political thread
  23. Don't get your heart set on this. Covid has just started ramping up on Roatan so may not be any cruise ships this year
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