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  1. Tomorrow we are spending the day at one of our private beach islands! The sun will be shining, the bartenders will be pouring your favorite beach drinks and the sounds of the Beach Boys' Kokomo will drift in across the water.....Kokomo is the place you wanna go to get away from it all! Which private island is your Kokomo??
  2. Interesting article. It's going to be a logistical challenge to handle all of these ongoing issues.
  3. I'm changing this to say it's a trademark application which is a complete different entity from a patent. Did patent litigation for 20+ years and it can be confusing. Basically this just preserves the name EMUSTER for what I'm assuming will be their new muster procedure. Probably be a rash of these coming as the lines roll out their new cruise experience
  4. I know that Princess, Carnival, HAL.etc are all under the Carnival Corp "umbrella," so I guess it's totally illogical to think they would have same basic guidelines re age, social distancing regs etc....... What
  5. Well I'm sorry to report your cruise director fell asleep before midnight and didn't get today's Fun Times to the guest services desk for distribution😯😬 Today we docked at beautiful Grand Turk. Beautiful beach, conch fritters and lots of chairs under the palm trees near the dock. And no other ships today! What's your plan for the day?
  6. My son lives part of the year at their home in Roatan but made decision not to go in March so thankfully for me, they are here running their business. Regulations are very very strict on Roatan and so far no cases of Covid. They don't think they will be able to go down till at least August or September and tourists maybe later in the fall but no cruise ships till next year. They expect to have to have had a negative screening and to quarantine for at least 10 days which will not be difficult since they live off grid any way
  7. It's a beautiful day in St Thomas and we are docked at the Havensight Mall. What are you going to do today? Do you have a favorite beach or bar here?
  8. Ahhhh....Roatan😷😕 My son lives there part time and cancelled a trip to their house there on March 12. They are glad they did! That island is closed up like a federal prison with a moat, flew all the tourists out and when the federales showed up from the mainland they put them in quarantine for 14 days! Because they don't have facilities to care for Covid, they have the strictest Social distancing and lock down that I've seen anywhere but it's working and they have 0 cases on the island. He thinks it will be at least September or October before he can go back and "possibly" sometime next year before they have any cruise ships.
  9. Won NFL sports trivia once and really ticked off the guys at the next table! 😁 I also love finding a quiet spot to read. Have not been on a ship with Guys get but would definitely head there for lunch
  10. It's Monday morning and a sea day! There's so many activities to choose from. I'm a trivia lover so look forward to winning a few more ships on a stick today. What's your favorite sea day activity?
  11. I'm sorry you have had problems with your family and people not really paying attention to social distancing. I don't think anyone here on cruise critic will have an answer for you but I hope you have a sympathetic family member or perhaps pastor that you can talk to to see if you can resolve your situation or make things more comfortable for you. it's a difficult time for everyone.
  12. Welcome to the Saturday Fun Times! It's embarkation day and there's a long line.at the shore excursion desk. We are heading to the Caribbean for a week of fun in the sun. What's your favorite Caribbean excursion and why?
  13. Welcome to the Friday Fun Times! You just won a 7-night cruise! Which Carnival ship are you going to sail on??? (This is an imaginary question so it assumes no covid etc.)
  14. How did I missed that one???? Sounds like it could challenge my Mudslide!
  15. You will notice it's back. Should have asked first
  16. @Organized ChaosWhat does Starbucks card have to do with Allstate? Not familiar....
  17. I'll start off one topic.... 🎶🎶🍹🌴🌴 What song always reminds you of the pool deck and your favorite cruise drink??? 🍹🍹🎶🎶
  18. Just because none of us are onboard a carnival ship doesn't mean that we can't have a daily edition of the FUN TIMES!! This daily thread is for a friendly non political, non-confrontational fun discussion of what's going on today! Play nice, enjoy. Thread will close end of day and new one will open!
  19. Lots of you are having issues and questions regarding your onboard and future cruise credit for cruises that have been canceled and rebooked. Some of you are just in limbo with no clear answer. A lot of these questions may benefit from being posted here where everyone can find answers and assistance instead of so many individual threads.
  20. Especially if a thread becomes "contentious " and off topic as this did, fact based posts can get eaten when they lead to off topic or inappropriate comments. This thread went WAY off topic etc. But there were helpful and insightful posts. Just a reminder -- if you use the "quote" option when you reply, and that reply is removed for a board violation -- the quoted post also departs. I realize that quoting a prior post often makes your response easier to understand but it also runs the risk of not being there if the response violates guidelines. This is a catch 22 but may clarify? Unfortunately there is no way to keep the quoted portion of a post but remove the offending response.
  21. I would rely on what your PVP is telling you over what you are hearing on Facebook?? Each person's booking, cancellation, refund etc is based on their particular set of circumstances. Everyone here is very helpful for the most part but you need to get confirmation at some point from your planner. I hope if you check back later as she suggested it will be resolved! Very busy time for these folks...
  22. This thread is from 2017! Probably best to go to current boards to get an answer!
  23. I'm not personally familiar with how this works but it looks to me like post directly above yours gives some guidance on this?
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