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  1. ****************** NOTE: This is going to be only thread on this topic. Others will be merged or locked. Please refrain from snarky and rude comments....a lot of folks "could" be impacted by this at a time when alternative plans can be difficult. Play nice. It's the holiday season. New thread is ok when company makes decision on future sailings Thanks!!!ⁿ
  2. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carnival-cruise-line-revises-delivery-date-for-mardi-gras-300978128.html Press release from Carnival
  3. Asked and answered. Thank you!
  4. Asked and answered! That was easy.....
  5. Hope you have found a TA who might be able to find you a cruise from Florida this weekend or even Charleston or Baltimore where you could drive from PA.
  6. My son loves on east end. Doesn't know of anyone who has malaria or has had on the island. DEET definitely good to have it going to mangroves but just as precaution on West end beaches
  7. Left information about Cruise Confidential as may be of interest but I believe the OP got somewhat of an answer before this went way off topic .......
  8. Closing to comment but leaving since some folks are interested in the more technical stuff. Interesting re some of the similarities with the Mardi Gras
  9. Always go late May to mid June and have never been disappointed. Always excellent whale watching in Auke Bay and often to and from Juneau near Endicott and Tracy Arm
  10. It was one bottle per table first night, not per cabin or person. Perhaps consider getting two tables of 4 each and ask to be seated together. We did that one night when there were 8 of us.... easier than trying to talk across a big table and you'd get 2 bottles if that policy is still in fact the correct one
  11. I'm leaving this for information purposes. Thread on Royal Caribbean to discuss
  12. Please keep on topic about John Heald's announcement. We had the sugar straw, plastic straw, paper straw debate\ discussion on another long long thread. Thank you for your cooperation!
  13. .Been to some foodie type places that do the egg on a burger....not my thing but to each his own
  14. Is this a Carnival tour? Either way if it's on mainland as your post suggests I would go back to Coz with your your group and find something to do there! Ship will wait for delayed Carnival tour, not so much if you decide to see stay ashore on the mainland and are delayed unexpectedly
  15. Charleston is a lovely city to visit and even though it may require a little patience at times there are alternatives if you don't want till deal with the parking. There are hotels offering park & cruise packages that use shuttle to get you to the port for example. The port is in the historic district so you can easily explore nearby instead of sitting in the terminal.
  16. Parking is an adventure to be sure .... glad it's only Carnival regularly sailing from there.
  17. When I was a TA this was the most common complaint about weddings on the ships... and most of the ones our agency booked were on Carnival. There ARE a lot of moving parts so to speak that can't be foreseen or controlled if they happen -- flight delays, lost luggage, weather delaying ship coming back into port, delayed embarkation (as above) due to customs etc. The best advice I have is be flexible and keep your eye on the prize, i.e., at the end of it you will be married! Hopefully all will go smoothly but just be prepared for "hiccups."
  18. The shops are the same with added Alaska themed clothing merchandise, more binoculars, ponchos. Because people are generally back.on board all evening unless you have extended port call some activities that are often held during the day like trivia are offered in evening. Stil.karaoke, club shows but ship isn't as active later cause most folks are up early enjoying scenery, getting ready to go ashore etc. Alaska is one of those itineraries where it's more the destination than ship IMHO. Been 12 times and it never gets old ****** I'm not moving this to Alaska port of call board linked above but highly recommend you check it out for info on ports
  19. I am going to.leave this post here since you would like folks to compare the islands but encourage you to visit the boards for Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao on the port of call board here where you will find lots of good info on each island: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/
  20. I When did this happen??? Did she report this? We have known him for a long time and Victor personally would never condone this action.
  21. This thread was moved here in part because it really didn't fit anywhere else but also to illustrate how very important travel insurance is. This isn't an opportunity to second guess the "victim'" and posts denigrating him will be removed Thanks!
  22. Normally I would move to ports board to get more input but not putting 3 places! I'm partial to Roatan so Mahogany Bay is my number 1 but urge you to venture out on this beautiful island which has several beaches to spend the day. Second choice is Cayman for me
  23. Especially late fall through spring the true noreasters or just low pressure weather systems that form or trail along the coast of the Carolinas are going to bring rough seas for ships homeporting in Baltimore and New York that must sail through or around these systems to get to warm weather......just a fact of cruising unfortunately
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