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  1. Th is topic was also posted on another board. I am locking here and linking same topic in Ask a Cruise Question
  2. This scenario would apply to all cruise lines basically. Once you pass 11:59 pm on final payment due date the penalties kick in. Be SURE to get confirmation in writing that your TA cancelled and any penalties they say you incur
  3. A lot can change between now and next summer! You will get cream and whatever you specify (sugar, Splenda -type sweetener etc) on you room service order for coffee
  4. Too bad they don't give more time in Oak Ridge. Great for lunch break at BJs or another local place
  5. Second the recommendation but the town on the east end is Oak Ridge, not Oakville, my son lives off grid near there. Mangroves are beautiful. This area is off the beaten path. Go by BJ's Backyard for a drink. She has lived there for decades, very much a local hang out
  6. Carnival and the other cruise lines contract with other vendors to provide the scooters. Carnival may "advertise" them for rent but the scooters themselves aren't owned by the cruise lines or at least none were.when I was a TA.
  7. What port were they at? Embarkation or port of call?
  8. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/ Please follow the above link to the Caribbean ports of call boards. You will likely get some good suggestions from folks on Carnival who have done this cruise but more detailed info on the individual ports boards under the above link
  9. Here is link to the current discussion on this topic
  10. I'm leaving this here since you are getting suggestions but strongly encourage you to also post or at least check ports of call boards. There will be so much more information there
  11. Asked and answered. Not another sanitation debate.
  12. As posted this morning the AARP gift card thread started Thursday has been merged with the original thread which you can access through the link below. To avoid confusion with multiple threads, please post further discussion on the AARP cards there. Thank you
  13. Where was it posted? I checked State Dept website and Americans and Canadians are required to have a valid passport to enter Martinique.
  14. I am going to leave this here so you can hopefully get some comparisons between this excursion at the 2 ports.. I would ask you to also post on the Cozumel and the Cayman Island ports of call boards to get further input? We don't have a Caribbean General board so it's sometimes helpful to also leave an inquiry like this on the cruise line board since do many folks cruise to the western Caribbean on Carnival. Folks here are very helpful
  15. We have 3 threads going here about gift cards. One primarily related to the Allstate cards and this and another related to AARP primarily. I'm merging this with the earlier AARP thread. Any new threads about this program will be locked and linked to the merged thread.
  16. Self assist at Port Canaveral on Carnival has always had us off ship and in the car by 8:00. Also quicker through customs
  17. Please go to Ports of Call, then to Caribbean section and check for ideas in each of your ports of call. Carnival folks here will be quite helpful but you will get even more suggestions on the individual ports boards.
  18. Title is "most surprising" thing you've seen, not most disgusting ....really some of these😕😮. If nothing but disgusting, off color stuff surprised you, just move on, please,!!!
  19. They will if storms are in the area definitely. Safety first. That being said a storm can come through and be gone in an hour so. It's the "rainy" season but been very dry this year so hope weather is good for you.
  20. Got it. Have you considered just flying in to Montreal for the cruise (or out of Montreal home). I love Montreal, been several times and each time the traffic is worse. We use subways. I hope if you do the tour that you see some places that bring back some good memories
  21. Just jumping in here ......if you have never been to Quebec City it is an absolutely charming city with enough to keep you busy for several days. Montreal is a big city with lots of traffic and with your travel time would think most of Montreal would just be driving by places like the City Hall etc.
  22. I moderate the Carnival boards regularly, maybe don't post as much as some moderators but I'm there!
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