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  1. Since this sailing is over and this thread is going further off topic, going to lock it
  2. Suggest you create a new topic for this problem here on MSC board and ask this using same language as this post. I unfortunately don't have any suggestions BUT a lot of savvy MSC cruiser on here. I hope you get some help with this. It has to be so frustrating. Csrolyn
  3. Several options for onboard ironing - and laundry - that hopefully help OP and others ..
  4. I always do same thing in the bathroom as above and it's worked for 30 years. Ironing takes a day to get back...I believe dress used to be $4.00?
  5. Very interesting read. With no "road map" to follow for a situation like this, they Japanese didn't have a clue really how to handle it but I do think Princess handled this well under the circumstances
  6. It's interesting to me they are being less strict on birth certificates than they were 15-20 years ago when a photocopy of birth certificate wasn't acceptable --- it had to be a certified, raised seal copy and government issued photo i.d.
  7. Here's a link to a thread that mentions a place with 2-week rates, maybe they would quote for longer?
  8. I carry a copy of my passport --- the pages with passport number and photo --ashore and leave original in the safe.
  9. The road is much better than it was. My son lives near Oak Ridge and drives it all the time. It's narrow and you need to allow plenty of time but from Mahogany Bay it's doable..Great snorkeling and mangroves are lovely. Nice unspoiled part of the island
  10. In leaving here for a day or two and will then move to Florida board as there isn't much info re Jacksonville there
  11. As long as it doesn't become an RCI or financial analysis topic...😇
  12. This has been discussed and debated numerous times in these boards w with a variety of opinions.
  13. This has been discussed and debated on numerous threads here on the Carnival boards. Here is link to just one. As you can see some take in original bottles, others in pill carriers. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2677993-bringing-meds-on-board/?tab=comments#comment-57918340
  14. Approximately 90 total doctors and nurses have been brought aboard Diamond Princess yesterday so passengers are anticipating they will now all be tested regardless of whether or not have fever or symptoms. Feb. 19 still date they are to be released from ship quarantine
  15. Yes, a British man has been doing regular updates from onboard for a week
  16. The folks on Princess ship in quarantine were told it would end on Feb 19 and as of tonight the gentleman who has been posting regular updates based on information they are receiving from Princess said the clock has not reset based on new cases....or at least not yet
  17. The passengers on Diamond Princess h.ave had their prescriptions refilled so to speak. They provided list of meds, confirmed, and supplies were delivered to ship yesterday to be sent to cabins
  18. Are you asking about Alcatraz tour in San Francisco? Assuming you are but confuse re the Alaska reference??
  19. Been staying at Chateau d' Pierre since 1980s. Lovely little hotel right near Frontenac. https://chateaudepierre.com/en/
  20. Going to keep corona virus posts here so board isn't full of threads on this. New threads will be merged or deleted....thank you!
  21. Asked and answered to OP satisfaction
  22. This partially answers your question... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2731484-carnival-magic-sailing-out-of-new-york-and-other-cities-in-2021/
  23. Please keep this on topIc. Carnival loyalty program(s)...thank you!
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