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  1. One more data point to add (re: how far out you can request your OBC). Yesterday I emailed my OBC request to shareholderbenefit@rccl.com at 4:35PM for two 2022 cruises: 01/16/22 & 04/17/22. Received my OBC confirmation at 4:53PM, same day. Nice!
  2. Ditto. I've tried that twice. It just goes into a black hole. 😝
  3. From: https://www.rclinvestor.com/contact-us/faqs/shareholder-benefit/ It sounds like your proxy card is acceptable proof of ownership. Haven't tried it myself. That would certainly be easier than saving a PDF of a brokerage statement and then redacting all the stuff they don't need to see out of it. 🙂 "Provide your name, address, confirmation number, ship and sailing date along with a copy of your shareholder proxy card, a current (60-90 days) brokerage statement or a current (30-60 days) trade confirmation or a letter from your broker on broker related letterhead showing proof of share ownership in Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. along with your sailing date, name of vessel and reservation/booking number."
  4. I'm not certain. Honestly, I was a little surprised it went through since (I believe) the board has to vote each year to reauthorize the shareholder OBC benefit and this is solidly outside of that time frame.
  5. Just emailed shareholderbenefit@rccl.com with my latest eTrade statement for a Royal Caribbean cruise 5/9/21 and and Celebrity cruise 12/11/21 and received my shareholder OBC within 4 hours for both.
  6. Just emailed shareholderbenefit@rccl.com with my latest eTrade statement for a Royal Caribbean cruise 5/9/21 and and Celebrity cruise 12/11/21 and received my shareholder OBC within 4 hours for both.
  7. For you and others in the same situation, you can use FaxZero. Up to 3 pages + cover page, 5x times a day at no charge. Just attach your documentation as a PDF or DOC(X) file and you're good to go. I've used this service a bunch of times. https://faxzero.com/
  8. My 12/11/21 Apex S3 cabin is now roughly $3K higher than when I did my L&S. 😛
  9. When I called in to do my lift-and-shift I talked to a human for about 5 minutes, and was on hold (complete silence) for 55 minutes. I just put it on speakerphone and waited for the rep to come back. I was about 5 minutes from deciding I'd been lost in their phone system, but nope... just a long, quiet wait.
  10. Waded back into this thread. I thought tipping and smoking were the worst third-rail topics here. Nope. I'll show myself out. [duct tapes own mouth shut -- will find a pillow to shout into later].
  11. The crab feast & flightseeing on a Beaver (radial engined, not a PT6 conversion) from the George Inlet Lodge was outstanding. Heck, everything we did in AK was outstanding. Great hikes. Cool train rides. Calving glaciers. Whale watching. Coming across a Kodiak bear the size of a VW on a hike (with lead and trail guys carrying rifles). One of the best trips in my life.
  12. Huh? I've never seen anything below a Grand Suite get the legit suite perks like double points or priority.
  13. You'll notice that nowhere in the CRUISERADIO post that they actually reference NCL policy. They're just seeing what a lot of us have: points may be posted to your account for a cancelled cruise and (just like refunds) it takes a while for the cruise line's IT department to catch back up and pull them back. I won't believe this until a cruise line says it's their new policy.
  14. Oh wow. Somehow missed that bit of news buried in all of the other stuff lately. That sucks. They put on an annual multi-week show in my city, and I've made it a point to do the whole Tapis Rouge thing every year for at least a decade. Hope they make their way back out of bankruptcy and all the performers can work again safely.
  15. Did mine via a call-in. It does seem to be an intensive process on the back end. I spent less than 5 minutes picking my new cruise choice (already knew which one I wanted), then 55 minutes on hold while they sorted it out. In the end, it was done well... but it's not a speedy request.
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