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  1. I was on the Jan 22 sailing out of SF. WiFi was rock-solid all over the ship, from my cabin to any public space I used. Provider was o3b (same provider I've been pleased with on other cruise lines). If you need to switch devices (i.e., only one is allowed on your plan), just go to "login.com" on your browser. Very happy with the speeds I experienced.
  2. I reserved one of these for a 2022 cruise when they were first released. Unbelievably cheap for Star Class ($1000 more than an L1 loft on the same 7 night sailing). I'm usually a stickler for being on 17 on an Oasis class ship, but yeah -- at that price point I'm definitely giving this a shot. Seems like a smart location for them to add these cabins to. Pop up one deck and you're at solarium / pools / bars without having anything noisy above you. Very much looking forward to the view 🙂
  3. For those interested in playing blackjack: one 3:2 table ($25+), 2 low-dollar 6:5 standard BJ tables, and one "Fun 21" table. At the $25+ table, pretty standard cruise ship rules. S17, RSA, DOA, no surrender. Dealt from a CSM though... no shoe. Fun & accurate dealers... though it was amusing watching them count their own hands a few times. Bosses were great and made sure you were well taken care of at this table (flagged down bar service without asking and made sure drinks were comped). My buy in was ~$1000 a night (5 night cruise). Ended cruise ~+$2000 (yay). Received cert for "$350 in casino free play" in my cabin on last night, only good on three specific cruises happening in the next two months.
  4. Just got off the Grand today. I can say I was very pleasantly surprised by the selection of free movies available (they were all free). Far better than I've ever seen on RCI and NCL ships. On most ships I've been on, it's mostly crap or an upcharge. The selection on my cruise was up-to-date (plenty of popular ~2019 stuff). I think I watched 5 movies in total at bedtime over 5 nights.
  5. I've made one, and only one complaint. Celebrity sent emails out to someone absolutely not on my cruise booking, including reservation # and payment details. The only connection between us is that we've both traveled together on a few cruises on Royal (so RCI is the parent company for both). He forwarded me the emails, as confused as I was. Friend who received the emails has never even sailed on X. I brought this up with X, just slightly miffed at the sloppy I.T. error and information leakage. Received an acknowledgment of the mistake a couple of days later (I.T. f'd up) from the CEO's office, an apology, and 2 complimentary premium restaurant credits applied to my upcoming cruise. Pretty satisfied with the speed and level of the reply, taking ownership of the issue, and tossing me a nice "sorry" I'll munch my way through. I also received a follow-up phone call, from someone surprisingly high in their management food chain,
  6. I usually cruise on Royal where the per-night points breakdown is: 1 base point +1 point for suite +1 point for solo ...so 3 points per night for sailing solo in a suite. I see that a suite on X earns 8 points per night. Is there a bump up for being solo as well? Mainly asking because Royal always fails to automagically add in my solo points; I have to call in post-cruise to correct it. I'm wondering if X has the same issue.
  7. I use a screen shot of my eTrade trade confirmation (under Documents > Trade Confirmations). That's the only place on eTrade that shows my full name instead of just my first name. I usually have to combine that with a screen shot of my current portfolio that shows just my first name, last 4 digits of my account number, and that I still hold 100 shares of CCL stock. They can be pretty picky. They want to see your full name, and a screen shot or doc that has a date on it and shows the shares you currently hold. I haven't had an issue since I started including the 2 screen shots that (together) show 'em this stuff. I slap it all into a Word document along with my request info (name, loyalty #, reservation #, etc.) and then use FaxZero (free) to fax the Word doc directly.
  8. I always book as early as I can. I'm booked through 2022. As mentioned: it ensures you get the cabin you want. That's a big deal. If some sort of spectacular sale comes up between your initial booking and the final payment due date, it's a simple matter to call in and get it re-priced (usually). Same goes for occasional price drops on booze packages, internet access, spa treatments, etc. If they drop, just cancel and re-book at the lower price. One thing that doesn't get a lot of mention here is taking advantage of bonus offers cards like AMEX have. This year there were 3 offers for cruises. I made partial payments on 3 of the cruises I have booked and got $350 back. The further you book out, the more opportunities you get to snag a price decrease or promo from a 3rd party. I've got an Aug 2020 cruise (Princess, not Carnival) I just called in on because of a promo that popped up. Saved over $900 with an under 10 minute phone call.
  9. Adding just the "BEST3" perks worked out great for me. ~$950 I would have spent otherwise. Thanks for the tip! I haven't seen any other cruise line allow something like just adding perks to an existing reservation.
  10. MedallionNet finally showed up as available for my Jan 22 5 night cruise on Grand out of SF. $8.99 a day for $44.95 total. No speed options, just the one choice. Seems pretty cheap. It wasn't there yesterday, so I assume this means they think they're going to make the install date. Ocean Medallion itself is still scheduled later (Mar 29, 2020).
  11. I'm not being snarky with you. What ship do you think has simultaneous seating for all passengers, at any time? Because muster is everybody at once.
  12. And that's why, if you have special needs where you can't sit or stand for the muster (beyond it just being a perceived annoyance), you call your cruise line and let them know. Every cruise line has a department that specializes in handling these needs. If you can't muster without help, the cruise line would definitely like to know so they can assist if there is a real emergency onboard.
  13. And casinos LOVE you. You're the statistical outlier that gives everyone else hope they're going to have a run like yours. Congrats.
  14. There's this crazy space on a ship called "the deck." You can actually sit on it (indoors or outdoors) if you don't feel like standing on your feet when seating isn't available like it sometimes is during the lifeboat drill. It's like a giant, flat seat available almost everywhere. If "the deck" is problematic, you can arrange for accommodations by letting guest services know about your needs prior to your cruise.
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