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  1. Hell no I don’t regret it. Why should I? And when did gifts become the most important reason to cruise? As a platinum cruiser I get a lot more perks than just a lanyard or whatever. People ignore that.
  2. They moved and or added more public spaces too. The piano bar you mention is now on deck 5 next to red frog pub and is very nice. As I’m sure you know they added a number of eating options, many which are free as well as adding the steakhouse and cucina and a new and larger bonsai sushi. Not everything was added cabins.
  3. Not getting carried away. For years here the demise of carnival has been pushed by haters. Never changes a thing and never will.
  4. You’re the one all over the map. I’m just responding to it. And you still haven’t answered after several attempts as to why you think other cruise lines sail in fresh water and don’t rust.
  5. You are so lost you’re now all over the place. Where did I say anything about a video about rust? Now you’re up to 4000 on the sunrise? LOLOL. You’re a piece of work. And carnival doesn’t need haters. They cruise full without them. Why do you think only carnival ships cruise in salt water? LOLOL.
  6. You are quite funny. Clueless too if you think only carnival ships rust in sea water. And yes there are pics and reviews by loyal royals complaining about rust. Why is it you think only certain ships rust in salt water? That’s whats funny, is your complete lack of common sense because you have a picture. Just like your lack of common sense about how many people are on a ship. As to videos, like the one I did post about all the upgrades on the sunrise, everyone I know love the adds. But that’s because they are people who enjoy having fun and don’t look for every little negative. My advice to you would be to stay on RCL but don’t get any pics.
  7. Clueless. I have no idea what video about rust you are talking about. And I respond to your posts like a do with a few other posters because they are laughable. You post two pictures one with rust and one without and act like it proves something. You were clueless on what was added to the sunrise and you were clueless on how many people were on it. LOLOL.
  8. LOLOL. I have previously. You just ignore facts. Keep thinking RCL cruises in fresh waters just like you think a carnival cruise sails with every Pullman bed and couch filled in every cabin. LOLOL. You might learn to search too.
  9. LOL. All ships rust. They cruise in salt water. It’s a matter of timing because when they can, each one gets repainted only to rust again at some point. Go over to the RCL board and search on rust. You’ll see several threads posting the same silliness that their ships are rusting.
  10. Breakfast buffet 10 minutes, pizza 10 minutes, Guys 1-2 minutes, Pig and Anchor 1-2 minutes, blue iguana 5 minutes, lunch buffet 5 minutes. There are numerous other options for breakfast that even a 10 minute wait isn’t necessary. The waits are exaggerated by some.
  11. Went on the sunrise (great cruise great ship except some congestion in the buffet area). The red frog pub was the most popular hang out. Supposedly the one on the sunrise is the largest in the fleet. Daytime was a lot of trivia and other games and contests. Evenings were sometimes karaoke while most nights there was a live band.
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