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  1. Crissy699

    No straws, what are my options?

    Buy the "smoothie" stainless ones. They're nice and big so that nothing gets stuck in them, and a quick rinse in any sink gets them perfectly clean. I always have one in my bag on land-I will now keep up the habit on the boat! The thin or curved ones are not as easy to clean.
  2. Crissy699

    Straws on the NCL Dawn?

    I've used stainless straws at home for almost six years...reusable straws are great! Looking forward to no longer being the only weirdo bringing my own straws....
  3. Everything shows up on x-ray...but you can certainly carry plastic on your person, as YOU go through metal detectors, not x-rays!
  4. Crissy699

    We need a new ship in Boston!!!!!

    Can we swap for the spirit back for a bit?! I misssss her so! I'm not even asking for one of the big new ships, just anything but the dawn! :p
  5. Crissy699

    Coffee machine in Dawn Suites?

    Darn... keeping on with my search for a way to make my iced latte on board with the new liquids ban. Doh! Thank you both, though!
  6. Crissy699

    Coffee machine in Dawn Suites?

    Sorry to bump in on this old thread....but Nespresso machines in suites only, NOT mini suites, correct? I love our Nespresso and was just searching powders online to bring with us on our upcoming Dawn trip in an MB cabin...if only this would solve our problem!
  7. This is what I was thinking....they only have metal detectors, right? Not liquid imaging machines that could sense plastic flasks or bottles in your pockets, right? Just make sure your nips have plastic covers, not metal, or use the flexible flasks?
  8. Crissy699

    Entertainment on the Sun

    [quote name='vols_159']That CD and her husband are no longer with NCL.. As far as entertainment goes who knows what it will be like in April Most headline acts are on a 1 month contract they come and go.. I will be back on the SUN the week after thanksgiving ill report back and tell you what the acts were.. I was on the sun last march and the best show was the juggler Romano Frediani look him up on youtube.. Simple amazing[/quote] That juggler is no longer on the Sun (at least not last month...) it was Scotty Cavanaugh.
  9. Crissy699

    Entertainment on the Sun

    Lots of recent cruisers have written great detailed reviews on here lately (with details on the entertainment). :D Here is mine: [url]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1506233[/url]
  10. Crissy699

    latitudes member

    [quote name='leekel619']Congratulations! When is the baby due? So I guess Nick had to do the Martini clinics without you....;)[/quote] Thanks! Due at the end of April :D Nick was bumming on this trip, he caught some respiratory illness on the plane ride down, so he didnt feel like doing much drinking anyway. And he feels bad drinking when I cant now LOL
  11. Crissy699

    Indian Vegetarian Options?

    Many of the chefs on the NCL ships are from India, so they usually have some great options! I love Indian food and have really enjoyed the Indian dishes on the buffet on the Spirit and the Sun. The chef on the Dawn last may was from somewhere else (arg, I forget where, I just know it wasnt India, somewhere in the Africa region I think) and there weren't many/any Indian dishes in the buffet that I could find. However, there are some Indian-type dishes that are standard on the MDR menus. YUM!
  12. What itinerary are you doing? Did you read my review? I just got off last weekend. I enjoyed the ship, but not so much the itinerary (western caribbean). There are good and bad things for everyone on every cruise, but the main complaints about the Sun seem to be about the food, which is very subjective. There are lots of options for food, so dont worry too much about it, and try all the options when you are onboard, you are bound to find something you like-even if you are picky! Unfortunately, as you mention, unhappy people are typically more motivated to share their opinions than happy people. And people are more apt to remember the bad things, than the good.
  13. Crissy699

    Bermuda Triangle And NCL

    On a side note-when I saw this thread, before reading what it actually was about, I wanted to chime in about my funny story about the strangeness of the "Bermuda Triangle"...:D So my watch died a few years ago, but as I use it really as a piece of jewelry, I didnt bother getting the battery replaced. However-when I went on a cruise to Bermuda-the watch started working again!! When we left-it stopped working! Same thing on our next cruise a few months later. However, it did not happen on our cruise last week in the Caribbean... Was it the electromagnetic waves put off by the cruise ship generators or something? Or was it the Bermuda Triangle? Who knows I guess, I just thought it was really neat. :o
  14. Crissy699

    Bermuda Triangle And NCL

    I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I feel significant moving on every cruise I've ever been on. Unless every ship I've been on is an "older" ship?? The Majesty, Spirit, Dawn and Sun, for NCL. I feel lots of movement regardless of where we are sailing to/from. NYC and Boston tend to be rougher seas, as the water is colder/choppier. But, unless you have a storm, the movement doesnt really have any effects (unless you have motion sickness of course...but you ARE on a ship! :p ) On almost every trip I've done to Bermuda (from Boston, though)-we've experienced very rough waters, with significant rocking-think glasses falling off tables and doors and drawers in cabins swinging and slamming all night! I expect similar seas can happen to and from NYC, but probably not every cruise. Perhaps certain times of year are better. I've always sailed in Spring and Fall.
  15. Crissy699

    latitudes member

    [quote name='cruiseat50']Really is this true? All the ones I have been to it was just whatever they were offering. I hope this is true as I am not a wine drinker and the rum punches are way too sweet for me. (Maybe because I'm sweet enough?):p:D lol... Some may say otherwise.:eek:;)[/quote] Most folks found something they liked in the options offered, but some definitely requested different items and did receive them. What would be looking to have? Wine, Beer, Rum punch and champagne seem to offer something for everyone. Last May on the Dawn that was what was offered, this past week on the Sun, the coffee drink was new (assuming it was a sombrero (sp?), kahlua or something like it?). But I've always seen and heard people ordering other things, and receiving them.