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  1. SteveH2508

    Craft beers

    OK (given my Brit/Euro bias) I shall add: Fullers London Pride (IMHO one of the best balanced British bitters namely hops, malt, depth of flavour) Timothy Taylors Landlord (similarly well-balanced hops, malt etc.) Keo Cypriot 'lager' - superb in a hot climate (maybe remembering through rose-tinted glasses but WTH)
  2. SteveH2508

    Smoking is such a nuisance on cruise ships

    Translation and evidence please. I call BS at this time.
  3. SteveH2508

    Celebrity cruiser tries Azamara

    Lottie (and Bimmer09) You are correct that it is 'Party Central' in the one smoking area. It means that all the smokers get to know each other quickly and are bonding through 'shared adversity' (a bit of a tongue-in-cheek reference). We were right by the bar on Deck 9 and we had one waiter who kept the drinks coming - even going one floor up to get drinks after the Pool Bar closed. We made good friends on that trip who have sailed with us since and we have have another mutual booking coming up. We are also going to their wedding next August.
  4. SteveH2508

    Celebrity cruiser tries Azamara

    12 out of 700? you need to do maths 101 again. Current figures reckon that about 15% of 1st world people smoke. That is about 105 out of 700 - so the area is probably rather under-provided (OK not all smokers are there all of the time so it seems to work fairly well). Anyway, just use the starboard door on deck 9 at the front of the pool deck if it bothers you that much - you have about 99% of the ship as non-smoking already. Sit at a table on the starboard side of the pool bar if it is that important to you. I am a smoker - I understand Azamara's very restrictive smoking policy and I will follow it. It is a legal activity - get over it.
  5. SteveH2508

    Convince me to giving NCL a try

    We started our cruising career on NCL. We only sailed on the c2000 pax ships (Particularly Jade). We also sailed RCI once (never again - in 4 days they forgot our breakfast order in the MDR and could'nt get us into the MDR one night - disaster!) We are trying NCL again in 18 months (again a c2000 pax ship - Spirit). What I am trying to say is that there is a world of difference between the 'smaller' ships on NCL and the biggies. We do not want the mega-ships and the hassles that come along with 4000+ pax in one place trying to get to another place at the same time. We are also very itinerary driven - 7 day Epic round the usual Med ports - no thanks. 24 day Spirit South Africa to Singapore = bring it on!
  6. I believe that the red-head gene often skips a generation. My mother is a red-head and my brother has produced one son who is a red-head (from an Australian mother who is dark-haired) (only one out of 5 grand-kids is red-headed though).
  7. Check in 2 hours before flight - I don't think so (that is British understatement by the way).
  8. SteveH2508

    Komodo Island

    Mobility-wise - DW uses crutches. She found the walk on the island is easy - getting on and off the (local) tender boats is not.
  9. SteveH2508

    Craft beers

    Agreed - Fullers London Pride (for one) will always be acceptable to me!
  10. SteveH2508

    Craft beers

    Charlie Your beer list needs a context IMHO. Are we looking at cruising beers? (i.e. keg, bottled or canned – not cask-conditioned) Are we talking hot or cold climates? FWIW – my list (cruise beers – hot climate) (UK/Europe bias I’m afraid) Hop Back Summer Lightning (not seen on a ship yet but I live in hope) Warsteiner Sam Adams Boston Lager Pilsner Urquell Tanglefoot (P&O only) Bottled Becks Grolsch
  11. We are on Quest in a couple of months out of Melbourne. Let us hope and pray that the Fever Tree is restocked before we get on board (it will need to be after we get off!)
  12. Have you seen the length of FDR's Christmas Card and Present List? It ain't going to happen...
  13. SteveH2508

    Sydney...Where to eat???

    Do I remember correctly that there is a street food market on Fridays in the Rocks (during the day?) Anyway, we had a cracking steak sandwich there for not much money.
  14. Terry Thanks for this. We are in Tasmania in January and your posts have given us some great insights.
  15. SteveH2508

    Jade Questions

    They generally do not have comedians on European cruises because of the multiple language issues (or so Gary Glading (best Cruise Director I've sailed with) told me a few years ago).