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  1. I was sitting on a coach for an excursion on a Princess cruise to Iceland and Norway. One of my ex-students (from a month or so previously) walked down the aisle with his mother and saw me. His face was a picture. He was gracious enough to introduce me to his mother. He was on a cruise as his reward for passing his course ready to go to university (he was profoundly deaf so this was a great achievement for him).
  2. Lines of defaulters outside the captain's cabin every morning? (socially distanced of course).
  3. Leave it alone - it is at its most comfortable when you have to get up.
  4. I usually make onion sauce with ham (along with a maple syrup/cinnamon glaze) - never heard of it with lamb as a traditional accompaniment. Every day is a school day! Lancashire hotpot with dumplings - now that is proper grub!
  5. My wife absolutely adores it - it is the price of it in USA that is not nice apparently. ETA - I was wondering whether the Asterix the Gaul stereotype about English food (boiled with mint sauce) might have something to do with it?
  6. Oreos are not in the same league as plain chocolate Digestives or plain chocolate Hob-Nobs (or even bourbons).
  7. I have had a smacked botty from CC in the past for 'use of inappropriate language' AKA Brit Squaddie speak. I decided not to call Hershey bars what they really are: "Brown lumps fit only for flushing which are produced from you-know-where".
  8. UK calling - M&Ms we understand (though us oldies think of them as Smarties). As for the others - no idea (and my wife is American!) The main US things we have to try to find in UK are Oreos (common now) and Graham Crackers (needed for the base of her awesome Boston Cream Pie). Otherwise my DW has realised that much of the UK produce is as good if not better than the US stuff (Hershey bars are awful for example). We now get most of our food from our local farmer's market (weekly markets in Central London - what's not to like). Having lived in the UK for longer than the US now, my wife still goes nuts for cod and chips and roast lamb (both of which were silly expensive in the US apparently).
  9. Now I have to watch the Men in Black films again...
  10. There has just been a programme on Brit TV about 'why does peanut butter have such a long shelf life'. It is due to the lack of water and high oil content. PB has a free water reading of 20%; (crisps (potato chips in US) have a free water of 30%; jam (jelly in US) has free water of about 80%. The more free water the more that mould, bacteria etc. will grow. Preppers recommend PB as a staple supply for the zombie apocalypse.
  11. That picture reminds me of the little gem of a restaurant we discovered in Florence just around the corner from the Uffizi gallery. https://www.laprosciutteria.com/firenze/ If we ever get back there...
  12. Flatbush Flyer has absolutely nailed the mass-market v premium v luxury debate re cost. It all comes down to the individual's preferences. We like good itineraries; run up a significant bar bill; do not like amusement parks; like good food and good service. When we checked out our cruise spreadsheets for NCL, Princess, P&O against Azamara, Regent and Silversea etc. we are on pretty much the same cost per day, but with a better experience (for our wants). It has nothing to do with the name or status of the line - one of our most memorable and talked about cruises was on CMV to the Amazon (3 star and cheap but great nevertheless).
  13. Fortunately we have a stall at our local farmer's market which sells nothing but Gloucester Old Spot. The shoulder roast is just gorgeous: crackly, porky, juicy - what's not to like!
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