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  1. And wait more than 90 days for your salary? - a cracking deal NOT!
  2. Apologies if this has already been posted. Just found this - amazing what people can do with time on their hands.
  3. NCL breached the contract when they sent that letter cancelling all cruises. At that point the S75 claim materialised, therefore the CC company are jointly and severally liable to me, because the triggering event was the letter which breached the contract. Getting their money back from a bankrupt NCL is the CC companies problem, not mine.
  4. It clearly falls within S75 CCA74 (I used to enforce the CCA74 in my previous career). It is a breach of contract due to non-performance. The fact that we have an absolute entitlement to a refund under the Package Travel etc. Regs 2018 (Reg. 14) would just add weight to our case. Also NCL are ABTA bonded so that would also cover it. The credit card companies are probably soiling themselves thinking about the potential claims coming their way (and not just from cancelled travel claims). I was thinking in particular about the (pre-CV) travel company failures (e.g. Thompson).The CC companies were processing payments to them right up to the end (probably also with FlyBe).
  5. For UK pax info - S75 limits are between £100 and £30,000. Out of curiosity - are you aware of any instance when CC companies have refused to deal with a company due to financial concerns? I certainly cannot think of one.
  6. Those of us in the UK (and I would expect the EU as well) have various legal protections in place. Our refunds should be processed within 14 days by law (Package Travel Regs 2018). (I'm not holding my breath on that one, given the circumstances and numbers involved). There is an ABTA/ATOL bond in place if they go bust, so we would get our money back (eventually). https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/PreContractConsumerLetter-Confirmation_EU.pdf
  7. The revamped Spirit - which we were due to board on the 22nd
  8. Firstly it was Norwegian Jade, closely followed by Norwegian Spirit. Then we discovered Azamara Journey which took over. They took out the casino so that dropped it in my estimation. Then we sailed on Regent Seven Seas Voyager... 'nuff said.
  9. Add a couple of extra OJs to your room service breakfast order - stick them in the fridge - afternoon mimosas - job jobbed.
  10. 500 people on a tender? That is not a tender - that is a small cruise ship. Ship tenders generally hold about 150 pax max. I smell hyperbole and BS.
  11. Mystery cruiser - get paid to cruise (or at least get it for free).
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