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  1. Proper grub. If you ever find Scotch eggs made with smoked haddock you must try them - they are gorgeous!
  2. Basically a parsley sauce - Yumm! I will pass on the eels however...
  3. Who wants to eat a green cow pat? Strange northern folk from north of Watford Gap (England), I guess.
  4. The problem is probably a beancounter in Miami who does not drink (or at least does not appreciate a proper G&T).
  5. If I rolled up at a bathroom (or anywhere else) in the United States waving a UK Sterling note, do you think it would be accepted? Thought not.
  6. Good call on the scraps!
  7. I so agree with this - my mother (88 and now rather infirm) said to me a few years ago "I am never going to see Venice now". This really hit home to me. I have been to Venice 4 times (so far). I would much rather spend my dotage looking at holiday photos and remembering great trips, than looking at a pile of money in the bank doing nothing. You are only on this Earth once - see as much of it as you can.
  8. Search SailorJack (no space) https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/profile/274078-sailorjack/
  9. Thanks for this - I shall try it in the morning when: a) I'm sober b) not watching the Brexit debate clusterf**k on the BBC
  10. I was wondering if there was a way to hide the Roll Call posts from the Unread Content option which I follow? I expect to see my Roll Call stuff on the 'Content I Follow', but I have no interest in the myriad conversations on ships that I am not sailing on. I am reasonably computer/forum literate, but I cannot see an option to hide Roll Call posts. Would this be a desirable addition to the forum options?
  11. These guys were definitely ex British Army. They knew the 'Squaddie slang'; training areas; units; kit - the works. I can suss out a Walt pretty quickly - these guys were the real deal.
  12. Quite a few ex-Gurkhas work as security for NCL. I spotted their crossed kukri badges - they spotted my UK veterans badge - thumbs up of mutual recognition. I was always VERY glad that they were on our side!
  13. I'm not quite a proper pensioner yet - but a set of Maundy money would pay for quite a decent cruise (if auctioned).
  14. JB I bet you were one penny short on your postage, so they would not deliver without the bank picking up the postage due...
  15. My immediate thought is how to deal with the problem of information going out of date. Several CC users (probably mainly newbies) do not look at posting dates so get outdated information. I am not necessarily advocating deleting old posts, but some way of highlighting that it is old info might be helpful. In this particular case, someone may well find loads of posts about cheap Megatrain fares to Southampton from London. These fares have not been available for at least a year now. Just a thought.
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