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  1. Note to self: Wear lifejacket when drinking icy drinks...
  2. Virgin Atlantic still do Fevertree (with Aviation gin) - worked for me flying across the pond.
  3. Also useful for transporting left over baked potatoes back to your room.
  4. Would this tasteful little number be acceptable in the MDR?
  5. Quest in January round New Zealand - mainly Royal Club but the bars kept a stash of Schweppes hidden away for those who asked. They got to know me and my tastes quite quickly!
  6. Well aware of that - let's see what happens on Wednesday when we visit the US again. A geriatric British ex-squaddie married to a Yank doesn't really pose much of a threat so I'm not too concerned.
  7. JB re complications about convictions - technically, even an arrest without charge can b*gg*r up an ESTA application (if you declare it). I very much doubt that it would be on record if it were a few years ago, but the consequences of it being found out are dire - basically you are barred for life from the US for telling porkies on a visa/ESTA application. People need to be aware of the implications if they are in that situation.
  8. Good points about the visa - but - it can take a lot longer than 2 months to get a visitor's visa - allow a year if there are issues that would preclude one getting an ESTA (bitter experience talking here). Also be prepared for extra 'chats' at the US border (twice I've been in to US and twice had to have a chat with an officer, even though I hold a valid 5 year visa).
  9. Because it has a top quality tin-foil lining? (That is a joke BTW)
  10. There is currently a big debate going on in UK about the BBC (that erstwhile paragon of impartiality). It has been accused (rightly in my opinion), of remain bias with regards to Brexit, and anti Boris Johnson bias with regards to the Conservative party leadership elections. As for getting facts about Brexit - we Brits have been trying to get those for the last three years! You guys over the pond have no chance!
  11. It may well be, but my DW (who is American), was gobsmacked when she came to UK and saw how much more in-depth foreign news was reported in our UK newspapers. We are off to the US next week - I shall try to get hold of some US newspapers to see what they have to say about the current political situation in the UK.
  12. Slightly off topic but anyway: I was sitting in the smoking area enjoying a cigar and a beer when an American gentleman approached me. He was genuinely interested in Brexit and the shenanigans surrounding it. He was genuinely interested in why we had as a nation voted for Brexit. We had a lovely hour or so conversation about all of what had gone on and how it was being reported in the States. Interestingly, the press coverage in the States about Brexit seemed to be ‘selective’ to say the least. I do wonder whether the media coverage of things in the US has a lot to answer for in terms of people not fully appreciating all sides of the various arguments and issues. He left with a much more nuanced understanding of the issues – and Trump/Clinton issues didn’t come up at all!
  13. I think NCL were trying to move themselves to a more upmarket cruise experience as per Oceania, Azamara etc, (which are basically all-inclusive). I vaguely recall FDR saying something along those lines. They also saw an opportunity to add a bit extra over the cost of AI, so their prices became un-competitive. People have realised that they are not getting the quality of experience with NCL compared with the premium lines, so the value for money equation did not stack up. NCL has a reputational issue to overcome, which will take years to fix.
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