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  1. SteveH2508

    All Inclusive Beverage Package vs Ultimate?

    You have the same problem we will have - 24 days between two of us = 48 bottles. We won't drink half of that - gotta leave room for the booze!
  2. SteveH2508

    Please help with post-cruise London plans

    Victoria to St Pauls - the 11 bus covers this. https://tfl.gov.uk/plan-a-journey/results?JpType=publictransport&InputFrom=Victoria&FromId=1000248&InputTo=St+Paul's+Cathedral&ToId=1012873&Mode=bus As a Londoner - we allow 1 hour to get anywhere by public transport - traffic can be an absolute nightmare.
  3. SteveH2508

    Bad news for Scotch drinkers

    Yes - thankfully. I don't quite get their pricing though - Glenmorangie 10yo and Glenlivet 12yo are basically the same price in UK, so why the difference on NCL? Glenfiddich Select is usually a couple of pounds cheaper as well (not that I drink it). Never mind - hopefully on Spirit next year I can still enjoy my Glenmorangie, cigar and good company.
  4. SteveH2508

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    I guess because of commensurate price increases in the A la Carte items? (Not that NCL would increase their prices now would they?)
  5. SteveH2508

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    I think you are misremembering the old deal. It was a dinner for two with wine at Le Bistro per person. It is now two dinners for two (1 with wine at LB/Cagneys) and 1 at Moderno/La Cucina without wine per cabin. This is still 4 dinners but 1 less wine (which is not a great hardship considering the wines on offer). Granted the menu choices are restricted so I suppose it is a diminution of the perk but not by as much as you think.
  6. SteveH2508

    Bad news for Scotch drinkers

    Looks like Glenmorangie is back on the included list - for the moment. I hope that this state of affairs still holds good in a years time on our Cape Town to Singapore jolly.
  7. SteveH2508

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    I see Glenmorangie now at $14.95 - if that holds for a year I shall be happy.
  8. SteveH2508

    Current NCL drink menus? (9/2018)

    Correct - but be aware that the drinks prices have changed recently and the price lists in this thread are no longer valid. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2626038-not-happy-with-liquor-up-charges/?page=26&tab=comments#comment-56728122
  9. SteveH2508

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    Agreed with one proviso - cost is ALWAYS an issue - especially to NCL! It is fairly well understood that cruise lines like to get their hooks into new passengers as they tend to spend more on board than us grizzled old veteran cruisers.
  10. SteveH2508

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    But it would cost NCL money - they don't like that. I could program that algorithm easily enough, but the point I was making is that it is not just a bald 'grandfather it in' statement - there are cost implications to the implementation as well as the grandfathering itself.
  11. SteveH2508

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    Actually it is not quite as straightforward as you might think to grandfather this in. The algorithm would need several pieces of information to determine the correct charge for a drink purchase. They need to know: · When the booking was made · What terms and conditions applied at the time of said booking · Nationality (or which country the booking was made under) · The price list appertaining at the time of booking These all involve hitting various databases each time a purchase is made. Multiply that by the number of transactions being made and you have a significant increase in network traffic and database queries (maybe a five-fold increase). Then there is the extra coding and extra database maintenance to be considered. Considering the number of times NCL mess about with T&Cs and prices, this would provide employment for several programmers and DBAs (at an associated cost). I do not see that happening I'm afraid (though it would cut down the number of times they mess with the promo which would be a good thing).
  12. SteveH2508

    Travel Insurance : Pre existing conditions

    A few times for European cruises we just wrote EHIC in the insurance box and it was accepted. I suspect there is no verification on that field apart from a presence check. We now have annual worldwide insurance as we are getting a bit older and we visit the USA a bit.
  13. SteveH2508

    Which lines have DIY laundry areas?

    Azamara have 1 laundry room on deck 7 (complimentary Dhobi dust). NCL have none.
  14. SteveH2508

    Would you transport cocaine in your cabin...

    The loser epithet was aimed at their failed attempts at drug smuggling and other criminal activities. They might have lived the high life for a bit, based on their dodgy dealings, but they sure as hell are not going to any longer. Personally speaking, if you are doing 'high life'/cruising etc. you can do a lot better than CMV.
  15. SteveH2508

    BBC story on cocaine smuggling couple

    Even if they only get a short spell in nick, their names are now flagged on every Government/Police/DEA/Customs/Immigration database in the world. Their travelling days are over.