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  1. Is the Harmony more expensive for bidding then the Allure? Sailed 1-19-2020 on the Allure in a L1 Crown Loft. Min bid for a Star Loft was $800 per person. Sailing 2-23-2020 on the Harmony in a L1 Crown Loft. Min bid for a Star Loft is $1300 per person. Cost of both cruises was almost the same. Harmony was a total of $200 more.
  2. Only if they are in a full suite. This has been my experience on an Oasis Class ship.
  3. Sorry bad info. Put a hold on our cabin yesterday, then book this morning. Lesser cabin in our category is now priced $626 more then we paid. Still saved the amount previously list with the On Board Credit offer instead of our Crown and Anchor discount.
  4. Booked the Harmony sailing March 29, 2020 this morning. Price was the same as on Sunday. Saved net of $151 using the $300 On Board Credit offer instead of our $250 Crown and Anchor discount.
  5. I believe Pinnacles only get an e-mail from the Concierges if they are sailing in a full suite. Of course they may e-mail the Concierges about issues. Always received our Welcome e-mail from the Concierges about 6 days out at the latest. They always have responded to my returned e-mail within 2 days.
  6. Is there a special entrance for Suite Guests sailing on the Harmony at Port Canaveral?
  7. Did 10 in 2019. Will do 6 to 8 this year.
  8. Strange pricing. Lost $276 Crown and Anchor discount. Gained $300 On Board Credit. Net savings was $108 per cruise.
  9. We always use our On Board Credit towards gratuities. Just repriced 3 of our future cruises choosing the $300 On Board Credit and not using our Crown and Anchor discount. The net difference was a savings of $108 per cruise.
  10. Youngest was 9 years old. Entire family was Pinnacle. There were 6 if I remember correctly. I believe they were from South America. Met them at the Pinnacle Luncheon early 2018.
  11. Hi Pat and Bucky, By your schedule, looks like we will finally sail together again in the future. On the Allure last week we booked the Harmony for 12-05-2021. Still sailing in at least a Grand Suite as one never knows how the Oasis Class will handle SL/CK access in the future. When will the 2 of you turn Pinnacle? Will be good to see both of you again.
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