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  1. Wasn't doubting you at all. Just explaining what happened to us and what we were told at the time.
  2. Both Enchantment and Granduer have a rust problem that's beyond regular maintenance. When I was on Enchantment last year, we had an issue with them painting the side of the ship during a sea day and the paint fumes were so bad on our section of the ship you couldn't be in the cabin. No exaggeration. The cabin steward came out of the room next to hours (which he was cleaning) coughing and wiping his eyes, just as we did when it first started flowing in through the hvac. Met with senior staff, after several days of this, they said they were trying to reme
  3. Oh that's definitely true, they're constantly painting and fighting rust on all ships. However, Enchantment and Grandeur had SO MUCH RUST that it had become impossible for them to keep up with it. They were trying but it was kinda impossible to do while they had guests on board.
  4. Three of the vision class sisters were caught on camera in St. Maarten this week. Now, DON"T get me wrong, I sympathize with my beloved cruise line, trying to stay afloat during this pandemic. I know it's a tough time and cash is tight However, I was hoping they would use this passenger free time to do something about the rust problem on Enchantment and Grandeur. When we were on Enchantment they were working hard trying to paint her during our voyage and it didn't work because the fumes were wafting through the ship. So I was hoping they would do somethin
  5. After 25+ years of cruising Royal, it's rare to feel like there's something new you haven't gotten a chance to try yet, outside of a new class of ship. I'm finally getting something new, Royal Suite Class. Haven't sailed in a suite on Oasis or Quantum classes since it came to be. I have two booked right now, god willing, we ever get to sail again. I am Sea class on Odyssey and Sky on Allure. Told my wife about coastal kitchen very excitedly, expecting a similar reaction. She replied, "You mean we don't get to eat in the
  6. I got my refunded miles quickly! They were great to deal with no issues there. I'm just saying now I'm subject to the new prices. 65K one way last year 400K this year. I asked 3 times if there was any way to just get a credit for my ticket and use it again without having to deal with shopping for miles again. Was told no. RCI was able to let you not worry about price changing via Lift and Shift. I was just wishing the big 3 american based airlines would have done the same. A rant -- i know. 🙂
  7. I cashed in 65K per person for the wife and I to fly to Europe pre our Italy and Greece cruise this year.... the cruise that never happened. 🙂 RCI left me Lift & Shift to 2021, but the airlines refused, insisted on giving me my miles back and telling me to buy new tickets next year. OK.... time to buy those tickets. Same airline -- same flight wants 400K miles per person this year. Ugh yeah RCI, I might not make my cruise.
  8. both rooms are full suites, both have the perks. the panoramic doesn't have a balcony but does have 2 bathrooms and walled off bunk beds for the kids. grand has balcony, 1 bathroom nicer bathroom and no bunk beds. but the grand is considered a nicer suite. My kids having their own divided off area and a 2nd bathroom made it more appealing to us
  9. I'm not so sure about doing us a favor. The first sailing we looked at doing lift and shift had no panoramic suites left so they wanted to upgrade both of us to grands. My wife didn't want the grand and really wanted the bunk beds in the panoramic , so we searched for a sailing with a panoramic left. We thought everyone would be happy, but no left us in the grand, and put them in panoramic because we have status. so silly not to let us give it to them.
  10. Thanks Ken. Sounds like if I'm going to protest this --- now is the time.
  11. When Quantum went to Asia, I remember RCI saying they were making changes to the ship so that she would appeal uniquely to the Chinese market. I specifically remember them saying Johnny Rockets was being replaced with a Noodle House, and the spa was going to be converted to something else, because spas are quite different in asia. There were going to be more gaming tables put in... retail space would be converted to more casino spa, and part of the music hall would be even more casino space. Well, my wife was just about to book an Alaska cruise for us next
  12. Talked our new friends into trying out cruising for the first time. We booked a year out and were so excited to grab both panoramic family oceanview suites for our respective pack of little ones. Of course Covid changed all that and we lifted and shifted another year out. When we did the Lift & Shift there were no sailings which had both panoramic family suites available, so RCI offered to upgrade one of us to a Grand Suite. Our friends were so excited about that, they didn't mind waiting yet another year to sail, they were excited to try an actual suit
  13. Like the others --- I lift & shifted to Odyssey too --- i think it all depends on the situation.
  14. I have a great one --- she is currently laid off.
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