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  1. I was looking around at Wonder's deck plan, and pulled up some photos and videos and sure enough, it looks as though there's no Viking Crown. A round area at the top of the ship around the stack has no windows overlooking the pool area. I kinda steered away from Quantum class as my own little personal boycott, (i finally caved and booked odyssey) but always wondered if them being removed from Quantum was the beginning of the end. Everyone always says no one went up there.... and while there may be truth to that... those circles of glass are like the crowning piece of RCI ships. I'm interested in seeing what other differences this ship has.... but i'm starting to lose hope Icon will have a VCL.
  2. So I'm thinking about the stripper pole room on voyager/freedom class.... the old diamond lounge room on serenade, that wrap around aft balcony on vision. Are there any "unique" cabins different from the others on the Oasis class ships?
  3. OK so will I or won't I have an assigned table in MDR and CK for dinner? or do i have to make a reservation for one?
  4. super helpful thanks! we actually enjoy the long dinners. everyone's usually split up during the day doing what they want. At dinner, we like to linger and talk and catch up.
  5. We've done specialty dining with the kids, many times. That's not really my question. It's in relation to Coastal Kitchen, the suite restaurant. I was thinking we would be assigned to the main dining room with the option of going to coastal kitchen since we're in a suite.... I also got the dining package.... I started to think.... 3 nights in main dining room 3 nights in specialty.... we'd have no time in coastal kitchen.... So I was thinking of cancelling the specialty dining pkg. But someone else posted I won't have a table in main dining room at all.... so now I'm thinking maybe i should keep dining pkg. Looking for some opinions there in relation to coastal kitchen, and dining pkg. Who does both? who doesn't? kids in play? why and why not?
  6. AH! this is my first time in a full suite on an Oasis class ship. So we won't be assigned a table in the main dining room at all, only coastal kitchen. interesting. Didn't realize that. Do you recommend keeping our dining pkg for specialty restaurants or is it better to stay in CK most of the week, and just do maybe one or two specialty restaurants?
  7. Hmmm! I'm interesting in hearing how this plays out... We're also in a 2BR GS. keep us posted.
  8. I never realized this. We have a noon assigned time at Port Everglades. So we could show up at 11am? I would think people from the previous weeks' sailing would still be meandering off.
  9. Where do you like to dine? We booked a 3 night specialty dining package, usually are fans of the main dining room, and we will have access to Coastal Kitchen too. I'm realizing now that dining pkg may need to go.... seems like too much. I love having servers in restaurants that get to know us, and there's no way I can do that with all these different venues. Did your kids do ok in Coastal Kitchen? Was main dining room your home base?
  10. So we were on one of Adventure's first cruises out of Nassau. Everyone onboard vaccinated, so there were no mask issues to weigh in on. Like others I was stressed about whether we would get our tests back in time, but once on ship everything melted away and it was a great cruise. What I missed: the theater, there were so few people inside that you couldn't hear applause, there was no audience laughter or reaction and it just changed the feeling/dynamic of the experience. We weren't allowed to congregate at the bar, which was tough and annoying. But everything else, was just normal for us, with a crew so happy to be there, and served us royally. I would do it again in a heartbeat, in fact I am, in a couple months. 🙂
  11. So funny, Richard is my absolute favorite CD of all time. I hate that he's gone, I loved his schtick. We each have our own, yeah he's a favorite in my circle.
  12. just saw the other thread. sorry!
  13. Can't find online --- what are in the internet benefits for diamond plus members?
  14. I've always been a fan of the drink pkg, just not to have to worry about racking up bills. My understanding is this is 6 free drinks a day, and they're only used if you ask to use your voucher. (i could be wrong just what i read someplace) I was thinking about buying the refreshment package instead of the deluxe..... it would cover water and coffees and juices and then the vouchers for the times I want alcohol which I doubt would ever be more than six a day for me. On Adventure this summer, I went hard, day 2 in coco cay I probably hit 12- 13 drinks that day. I was just so happy to be out of the house and back on vacation. but after that crazy day, I probably averaged no more than 3 the rest of the week, because that first day reminded me I'm not as young as I used to be. I'm thinking we may do a refreshment package and vouchers on one cruise we have coming up. Then do one with just the vouchers.... and then we'll have a better idea of our plan going forward. My guess is we'll wind up with the pkg again out of simplicity. But who knows
  15. I have. I will admit, I'm a big fan on the dining room dinners. I still get super dressed up on formal nights. So windjammer for dinner is a waste for me. I like the pomp and circumstance. BUT.... yes I have had dinner there and you're right it's a notch above lunch for sure. I just felt on my recent cruise on Adventure, even lunch and breakfast was much better than usual. (besides the bacon being cooked WAY TOO CRISPY) lol
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