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  1. But just using your credit card for your onboard account does NOT have any surcharge. I still have the pdf of my last two bills and there's no surcharge. I think as Bob mentioned, that's only if you take cash off your credit card for the casino.
  2. 10% surcharge for a credit card account??? you mean in the casino or in general. I don't gamble, so maybe that's it. But I have never been paid a surcharge, i check my bill all the time, and never had any weird issues after i got off the ship. i dunno. but do what works for you
  3. We're looking for a new beach club to visit... we've done Chankanaab and Nachi. Family of 4.... parents late 30's and 2 low key girls 5 & 10. Here's what we want 1)upscale beach club 2) crowd free beach time 3) quiet 4) great service 5) authentic food. We loved the national park for food, and great service... but hate the rocky deep water beach We loved the beach and crowd size at Nachi but service, food and drinks were awful. Mr. Sanchos and Playa Mia look like a crowded party atmosphere. we don't want anything like that at all. have any other suggestions, something calm, quiet, relaxing, with great service and a beach where kids can safely wade into the water.
  4. Is there a schedule out there for when the ships which don't have the app might get it? Seems like it's been a while and several ships are still "app-less"
  5. I would actually love to hear the reasons everyone uses cash accounts. I never have, to me it's just simple, put your cc on file and you get one bill and it's handled automatically. I always see long long lines of people at guest services, particularly on the last day dealing with their cash accounts. I'd love to hear why you prefer this method.
  6. Whether you book for them, or pay for them, they don't get any perks and neither do you for buying an extra cabin. When my wife and I got married on Independence we paid for the cabins for 25 of our relatives... all on my one bill. I still got my 14 cruise points for my suite and that's it. lol
  7. I've already convinced my wife that if she divorces me, she looses her status. shhhhh!!! i can't let her find out she would keep it! j/k! lol
  8. We're booked next year... After years of sailing new ships and mega ships, we were super nervous to book Vision of the Seas earlier this year. Not only did we love that old ship, we booked Enchantment which we're going on in a few weeks, and Rhapsody next year. Sure she's old, i expect some things to look bad, but RCI usually does a great job keeping up their ships. Like another poster, i'm eager to read all reviews and see all thoughts, but would be surprised to hear it was so bad. Can you share some photos from your trip? We'd love to see her!
  9. Couldn't agree more to this... I'm 41, and my wife is (late 30's.... that's as specific as i think i can get without getting in trouble) We're about to hit diamond plus. We have been diamond for what seems like FOREVER, definitely the past 10 years. We typically sail once a year, if then, because, yes, we work. I get 2 weeks vacation, 1 week to cruise (or something else) and the rest i use to take more time off during the holidays. That's been the case my entire adult life. We went in the diamond lounge for the first time ever on Vision of the seas THIS YEAR. I went inside to have the concierge help me with a billing issue. He was helpful and I popped in maybe 2-3 other times during the cruise for other little random things I could have him help me with rather than go to guest services. During the day there was a lady in there knitting, and 1 guy reading, and another sleeping or it was empty. It was silent. Just wasn't for me. I just have no interest in sitting in a quiet room. If I'm going to read or sleep or if I knitted, I'll be on my balcony taking in the sea air or by the pool. Had the same conversation with a couple we met on board another ship. They were, in their 30's, in a suite and they were diamond plus. I asked how was the suite lounge and despite it being day 5 of our 7 day cruise, they said they hadn't been in there yet. Despite the fact they were diamond plus (earned themselves... took first cruise in college) they had never been in the lounges either. We all laughed when we said neither had we. I just don't think it has the same appeal to a different generation. I love my status! We're super excited to hit Diamond plus next year. Why? The freebies I get from RCI. Not for the lounge. I love all the coupons and discounts and little extras. I think the lounge is crowded because more people are sailing, i just don't see the 20 -somerthings who love thrill seeking and adventure flocking to that quiet room. And once you're my age and have kids, you travel with your kids and many of us are not going to take them into the lounge. You're by the pool! We also do early dinner, so it's get back from the island, quickly bathe kids and change and pray you get to dinner in time. After, it's find 1 or 2 activities before you have to get the kids back to the room and begin bedtime routines. When we do our kid-free cruise to the med --- maybe we'll try to pop in more -- but we'll probably have a drink package, and I again think i'd much rather be out where the action is.... Hit me up in a few years and maybe I will be complaining about all the people in the diamond lounge. 🙂
  10. Excellent work you two! Adventure is ship that doesn't get a lot of love.... it's awesome to see such a great tour. My last time on a Voyager class ship was the Inaugural season of Mariner, so it's great to get another look before our upcoming cruise.
  11. I think Empress is the only RCI ship that meets that.... I'm hoping they wait until the new cruise terminal is built on the mainland to kick everyone over to the commercial dock.
  12. We're doing a wedding in Florence pre-cruise. Going to take the train in the afternoon before the ship departs, light walking around and what not before sailing out the next day. Also planning to stay in Venice the day we get back and flying out the next day. Arriving by train, and leaving by air with limited time I'd love some hotel suggestions too. I normally HATE airbnb's but they seem much cheaper than hotels here and I'm actually considering one. Anyone have any experience?
  13. We're booked on her next year, please come back and let us know what you thought
  14. Saw interviews with scientists on CBS News , read articles in various news outlets. but I digress. As I said earlier, i know we'll be fine, it's just the 5 and 10 year old I worry about. thanks for the insight.
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