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  1. Thanks so much for the pics and further info. I'm totally reassured. I get it --- outside of the ship needs painting. Inside while dated (brass & older decor) is still up to RCI norms. It's funny Explorer, & Adventure always looked a little rusty when I saw them in port, while other ships were pristine while. When we were on Independence they were painting the side of the ship in twice, the very next week we were on another ship and saw Independence again in port several days and they were painting the same spots I had seem them paint the week earlier. I guess some crews are super on it, and other's aren't. Like you I think we will love EOTS. We adored Vision and since moving to Texas have had no desire to sail Liberty. Freedom class ships are crowded in general. I can't wait for Adventure as I think the Voyager class ships are the sweet spot of big vs. small. The photos helped but clarity on rust location did too. Appreciate the input and those of you going on her soon, I hope you post a review as well!
  2. Enchantment is a smaller older ship, so there are not a variety of eating options like most RCI ships. Remember she was built in the mid 90's so its fair to compare Enchantment to like the Carnival Sensation, not any ships news than that. So on this class ship there's really just the main dining room, the specialty dining, a cafe, and the buffet. Now the cafe in the solarium is a spot that isn't hit up very often, and has sandwiches, salads, and late night snacks. No comedy club, shows will just be in the main theater. I will tell you on my recent 7 night cruise on vision there were 3 or 4 comedy shows, and the rest of the nights were the production shows and big bands. We had plenty of comedy offerings. There is an app, download it and it will load everything up for you. RCI will give you a suggested time to come, but typically anything after 11am is fine and Galveston is an easy port for such a small ship.
  3. Laundry isn't that expensive on RCI. They have specials too. I tend to just pack a ton of t-shirts and shorts and i'm good
  4. This review is so helpful thank you. We are RCI big ship sailors --- we love Oasis class and it's usually our go to. We saw a great deal on Vision this year and snagged it and were so worried about the ship size, age, and lack of amenities. It ended up being one of our favorite cruises largely because of the staff onboard, the ease of navigating the ship, and yes no trouble around the pool. It was like a totally different experience. We loved it so much that we went ahead and booked a second on Enchantment in a few months. I've been nervous about her. Mainly when I told several staff members we connected with on Vision that we were going on Enchantment most didn't speak highly. One person was polite and said, "she's not maintained well at all, I don't know why, but the maintenance on that ship is nothing like Vision" Another said, "well you know that ship is only for short cruises, so it's just not well taken care of, can you switch?" Words like RUST, OLD, kept coming up. Again this is from RCI staff onboard the same class ship. Reviews online kept saying the same thing.... RUST, WORN CARPETS. I am kinds shocked RCI lets this ship be so rusty and worn, I've never been on a RCI ship that is poorly maintained. Quite the contrary they're always painting and cleaning and refinishing. I rarely felt Vision was old or felt old, despite knowing she was a 20 year old ship. I would have said she was 10 years old. It sounds like Enchantment is a totally different beast. Were in a suite so i'm not worried about cabin space, or the layout of the ship. But I don't want to be on some rusty ship. So..... while I can still get a refund I've really been going back and forth on whether we should cancel. Your report gives me some faith to stick around! Thank you. I'd love it if you have any photos you can post, it's rare to see photos of Enchanment.
  5. I have some friends who have a few Carnival cruise under their belts and are going on their first RCI cruise on Vision. They asked me what they should know about RCI that's different than Carnival. I am a one and done Carnival guy, after that one sailing I knew they weren't for me. But differences --- i don't know. Any advice.
  6. I read somewhere that they're also only on 7-night cruises. We booked a 5-night recently and was disappointed to learn we may not get lobster.
  7. Yes!! I was looking at the March 13, 2020 We went with Adventure instead though lol Thanks!!
  8. Ours is on Adventure in 2020 also. The Panoramic suite was $480 less than the JS for our family of four. I don't remember the dates on Mariner, I'm sorry.
  9. Actually have another question about these rooms. I know that whole section up front was an add on --- does it connect to the jogging track or is it a self contained area? For example, If I walk out of the room and walk aft, past the elevators, and continue aft will there be a set of doors leading straight out to the jogging track? Or will I have to go down a flight of stairs to access the rest of the ship? Any ideas?
  10. I saw it on several. We were looking at Mariner to the Bahamas and Adventure to Mexico. The Mrs. actually approved the balcony-less room so we booked it.
  11. double points, less money than a JS, and lots of space.... it's definitely got my attention. But my wife will likely hate it --- she's never not sailed in a balcony, and she loves her morning coffee there. I better just stop looking now... 🤣
  12. Interesting -- on this sailing I'm looking at it's cheaper than the JS. Thanks for the info.
  13. Looking at the Panoramic suite ---- decent pricing Does it get double C&A points? It looks like it's a lower category than JS.
  14. Cecy Del Razo is the cruise director on Vision not activity manager. I believe the activity manager is named Palo.
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