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  1. Fortunately no smoking is allowed on the flowrider. At least I don’t think so. Hmmm. Maybe if it’s set up with two lanes and you are on the starboard side....
  2. You are supposed to dress like a chef; hence the name. Duh. I’d be a bit formal and wear a white chefs jacket and poofy hat.
  3. I booked a specific room. It got changed, then moved to guarantee. Covid or something I guess. But me, but I wouldn’t count on getting any specific room, and I certainly wouldn’t pay for a higher service class just to get a particular room. If you want room service maybe get the higher package, other join us losers down in Bella.
  4. Deluxe Beverage Package included for everyone. So those coupons are worthless. Once again, RCI is screwing over its most loyal passengers. And, yes, that’s sarcasm.
  5. Nope. All passengers will be required to show a negative test for lung cancer before boarding.
  6. LOL. Foreign restrictions are as restrictive as the CDC’s , if not more so.
  7. Now I’m thinking it’s literally going to be a cruise of a lifetime. With a Hotel California theme.
  8. Though be sure to get at least a few pics with the masks on. These are going to be cruises to remember.
  9. On the one hand, no cruise ships currently dock in Petra.
  10. Lifetime Channel coming to in-cabin tv’s.
  11. The section of the Windjammer normally labeled “Chinese Food” now just labeled “Food.”
  12. Keep in mind ships can impose additional restrictions on their passengers above and beyond what the country requires.
  13. Even before the pandemic I was using a lot of alcohol. But we may be talking about different things.
  14. There is a cruise line out there for every one. If you want to eat dinner surrounded by formally dressed folks, there are several wonderful lines for you. But RCI ain’t one of them. Meanwhile, song break:
  15. So you don’t want I should ask whether we have to wear a formal mask to the MDR or if the basic blue disposable mask is ok...
  16. This may come as a shock, but not 15-year olds are the same. I’ve taken 15-year olds that were given free reign on ship and in port. I’ve taken others that need constant supervision. If a parent says hers falls into the latter category, I believe her.
  17. Yes, sarcasm. Sorry for the confusion. I remember a story about a company where someone slipped “possession of your immortal soul” into the T&C. It was weeks before anyone even noticed. Meanwhile, people had been clicking I Agree all along.
  18. My travel partner wants to sail an Oasis Class ship. I want to see some of the Lesser Antilles. For example, some of the island’s on the Explorer’s itinerary of San Juan, St Thomas, St Kitts, Antigua, Barbados, St Martin. As far as I can tell, no Oasis class ships sail to those islands. Is this a size of the dock issue? Or just that RCI chooses to sail it’s biggest ships to the most popular ports. In other words, do I hold out hope that someday there will be such a cruise?
  19. If there are mass shortages of testing kits and a meaningful number of passengers can’t get tested, I have to believe RCI would implement some sort of dockside testing. Then again, I believed in the Easter Bunny well past an appropriate age, so don’t take my word for it.
  20. Every ship *could* need to use the lifeboats. But almost none - including the Viking Sky - do. This was not a case where the muster drill was needed, even though it’s a good idea.
  21. Just be sure the new price is actually cheaper. RCI has been known to use fuzzy math where 30% off isn’t cheaper than 20% off.
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